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Bree Haze – Film Story 2
Released: December 29, 2015

Nubile blonde Bree Haze is slightly kinky, and she is aroused by the feel of tight plastic wrap surrounding her body. Sitting in a window ledge high above a busy city street, Bree caresses her body through the plastic. Finally she gives in to the throbbing ache of her nipples, and uses a razor to set them free of the pliant restraint. Fingers trembling with desire, Bree then makes her pussy more accessible. Her soft moans are interspersed with the crinkling sound of plastic as her fingers rotate furiously. Bree feels free and wild, and as she lets go of her remaining inhibitions, a stream of pee releases. That serves to further stoke the fires of her arousal, and she alternates between ass play, pussy smacks, and sweet touches before her orgasm crashes over her.