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Brandy A – My Truth – Beginnings 2
Released: June 14, 2015

‘My Truth,’ a major new series, is a must-see for everyone who’s ever wanted to know a little more about the beautiful girls of TLE and what inspires them. In the haunting opening to episode one, ‘Beginnings,’ Assoli muses on the experiences that have helped to define her. We see her watch from the next room as Brandy A, dramatically lit, strips seductively and begins to masturbate. Assoli strokes herself through her pantyhose as she listens to Brandy’s moans and then, overcome with lust, rips them open so she can caress her bare ass cheeks and finger her pussy. She looks wild and abandoned as she writhes against the wall, sinking into a squat and tasting her own sweetness from her fingers; meanwhile in the other room, Brandy is equally lost in her own self-pleasure. Assoli is first to reach climax, Brandy fingering herself in doggie position until she crashes to her own orgasm. Assoli is still stroking her juicy pink slit, more frantically now, climaxing again but unable to resist the urge to continue until she is utterly satiated. There are no explanations needed, and none given; but you’ll want to see what happens in the next episode, for sure…