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Becky Berry – Pussy Pump 2
Released: November 11, 2016

Becky Berry, a cute and kinky hottie with caramel-brunette curls, is dressed in a black PVC lace-up bikini and spike-heeled pumps. She’s sitting on a chair in a stark white room, running her hands over her body and getting increasingly horny. She sucks her fingers in deep then slides the spit-wet tips inside of her top and bottoms and begins to masturbate. Moving to kneel on the floor, she slips her panties down to her knees, revealing peachy ass cheeks. We also see her toy, previously hidden behind her on the seat – a black, cock-shaped latex dildo with a pump attachment. She begins to suck and deep-throat it, wetting it with saliva, fingering her shaved pussy with her free hand. After peeling off her panties, Becky squats on the chair, thighs splayed wide. Then, after teasing her clit with the head of the dildo, she slides it in her pussy, wet enough to take its entire length in one quick thrust. She works it in and out, moaning with pleasure – suddenly, it slips out and she squirts on the chair. Immediately, she resumes screwing herself hard, squirting repeatedly and pausing only to taste her own cum from the latex shaft. The pump-bulb is being squeezed in her hand, gradually inflating the mock-cock, intensifying her pleasure. She ends the movie with her fingers in her snatch, teasing out every last spasm as she blows the toy, saliva dripping from her lips…


Size: 397 MB | Duration: 11 min | Video: 1920×1080, 5041 kbits/s | Audio: 44100 Hz, ‎95 kbits/s