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Avri Norwood – The Wine Thief 2
Released: September 6, 2015

American starlet Avri Norwood makes her TLE debut here, and it’s clear from the outset that this is no shrinking violet, as she straddles a wine barrel and sucks on the eponymous ‘wine thief.’ The busty brunette is already naked and horny, and as she eases the huge glass appendage into her furry pussy, the sticky sounds of her arousal can be heard. She sucks her own juices from the ‘wine thief,’ then slides it back into her pussy, thrusting faster and deeper, gasping with pleasure. Her free hand working busily on her clit, she fucks herself to a noisy climax that leaves her shaken and genuinely stirred. Be sure to watch through to the very cute postlude! Director Sam Bruno specializes in finding original and highly stimulating locations for TLE, and this is sure to find favor with connoisseurs of fine wine and fine women…