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Assoli & Lindsey Olsen – My Truth Secret Tape 2
Released: July 28, 2015

In this instalment of the atmospheric TLE series, Assoli learns that her friend Lindsey gets turned on by taping herself having sex, and then masturbating as she listens to it. Lindsey looks gorgeous in a black lace corset and stockings – no panties – as she begins to touch herself, uncovering her breasts and squeezing them. She removes the corset and slides a hand down to rub her pussy, stroking her fingers over her delicate folds and then pushing a couple right inside. She rocks her hips to ride her fingers as they thrust in rhythmically, banging herself more vigorously as the soundtrack of her own pleasure excites her. Fingers shiny with her juice, she turns on her knees, spreading her ass cheeks and pushing her fingers back into her pussy, her gasps ringing out over the sexy sounds of the tape. When she’s on the brink she lies back, rubbing her clit with one hand as she penetrates herself with the other, having a powerful orgasm in unison with the noisy climax on the tape.