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Assoli & Lindsey Olsen – New Beginnings 2
Released: August 4, 2015

Director Charles Lakante’s ambitious series for TLE reaches a climax as gorgeous Assoli – until this point primarily an observer – becomes an eager participant in the lesbian exploration she has been witnessing. She and sexy blonde Lindsey Olsen are already naked as we join them, Lindsey binding Assoli’s wrists with rope. Lindsey begins to spank Assoli’s rear with firm strokes, then thrusts a finger deep inside her pussy. Assoli watches as Lindsey straps on a dildo, and they kiss passionately before Assoli goes down to suck on the mock cock. After a lavish blowjob, Assoli straddles the dong and rides it, her ass bouncing and hips undulating as Lindsey sucks her stiff nipples. Lindsey breaks off to lick her juiced-up pussy, before moving her into doggy position and thrusting the strap-on back into her. Lindsey’s hips pump as she slams into Assoli’s creamy slot, then lets Assoli mount her again so she can control the pace. Assoli slides up and down vigorously until the powerful pleasure overwhelms her. Now Lindsey removes the strap-on and Assoli uses it to fuck her, before eating her hungrily. The ending suggests Assoli’s mind has been opened to a whole new world of possibilities.