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Angelina – Isolation 2
Released: November 6, 2016

Angelina, a gorgeous, petite-but-curvy brunette with hazel eyes, full lips, golden skin and big breasts, is alone in a dungeon-like room. She’s naked apart from silver jewelry and spike-heeled sandals and seems to be bound to the ceiling with ropes, but soon frees herself. However, when she tries the door, it appears she is locked in. With her back to the rough stone wall, she begins to run her hands over her body, cupping and kneading her tits, and stroking her pussy. As the camera homes in on her crotch we see it’s shaved, with plump labia. Her body moves sinuously as she humps against her hand, then she squats down as her fingers probe deep. Standing up again, she gives us a beautiful rear view of her rounded ass, her moans getting louder as she frigs her wet snatch. Finally, reaching back to finger herself from behind, she cums, teasing out every last shiver of pleasure before moving back to cling to the ropes.


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