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Alta – Vinyl Is Back 2
Released: June 28, 2015

The first glimpse we get of Alta – making her TLE debut here – is her pretty feet in skyscraper heels, descending the staircase. As she sits and slips off her shoes, we discover that the title of the movie is a tease, referring not to her apparel but to old-school vinyl records instead! Alta caresses the shiny black surface, and inspired by the memories they stir up, pulls down the top of her dress and plays with her breasts. She squeezes them together and traces a wet finger around her nipples, then removes her dress to reveal her impressive tattoos. Bending over, she tugs her panties aside and spreads her pussy open, then peels them off and starts to rub herself, her fingertips gradually sliding deeper inside her hot hole. She moves into doggy position, and then onto her back again, squirming with arousal, her moans growing louder as she strokes her clit while she fingers herself to a ferocious orgasm. Her final smile leaves us in no doubt that she has enjoyed making her own sweet music…