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Alta B – Ex Lover 2
Released: July 17, 2015

Alta B takes a walk on the wild side as she stabs a voodoo doll of her ex-lover with a pin. But as she holds the little doll, her thoughts turn to sex, and she unzips her kinky vinyl dress and squeezes him between her breasts. Lying back, she rubs the doll against her crotch, then tosses him away and pulls her panties aside so she can spread her pussy lips open. She tugs her panties down around her thighs, turning onto her knees so she can stuff her fingers into her juicy hole, her hard nipples rubbing against the sofa. Moving into a squat with her thighs spread wide, she plunges the fingers of one hand into her pussy while she rubs her clit hard with the other. She enjoys a powerful orgasm, then returns to torturing the doll, now she’s shown him exactly what her ex-lover is missing…