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Alexis Brill – Forgiveness 2
Released: April 14, 2015

As Camille A composes a heartfelt letter to her distant lover, Alexis Brill, she is in a sombre and reflective mood. But in her reminiscences we see a more intimate time, the two beautiful girls sharing a tender and deeply satisfying encounter. In deep shadow, the lovers are seen mainly as sensuous silhouettes, entwining and caressing one another passionately. Camille’s amorous recollections reawaken her lust, and she begins to touch herself, sliding her top down to reveal her shapely breasts, and then starting to rub her pussy, still seated at her writing desk. When she can’t contain her horniness any longer, she climbs up onto the desk – the revelation of her sexy panties coming as a delightful surprise – and masturbates in several highly arousing positions, including a delicious doggy that shows off her superb body to maximum effect.