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Alexis Brill & Assoli – My Truth The Call 2
Released: June 26, 2015

Episode four of ‘My Truth’ finds gorgeous Assoli reminiscing about the moment when a new girlfriend came into her life. We see Assoli topless, approached by seductive Alexis Brill, and bound to her chair with silk scarves. Alexis then kisses her, squeezes her breasts and treats her to a very arousing lap dance. Assoli squirms in her seat, unable to respond as Alexis sucks her toes, then exposes her own lovely body. She caresses her breasts and begins to masturbate, spreading her pretty pussy open for Assoli to see. She gasps with pleasure as she strokes and penetrates herself with her fingers, maintaining sexy eye contact with Assoli the whole while. Turning onto her side to show Assoli her perky ass, she finger-fucks herself harder and deeper, rubbing herself to fever pitch and then moving even closer to Assoli as she frigs to an intense climax. What will happen next between these two beauties?