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Angel Wicky – Accidental Luxury Whore
Released: October 3, 2016

Some days are not all fun and games. We drove around for awhile and just pulled off the side of the highway. Just mapping out where we should hunt next when a ditzy blonde with HUGE tits looking like a luxury hooker just lets herself into the van. Sits right in the back with Figi while checking her cell phone messages. Wendy and Mea are both like “Who the fuck is this?” It turns out she thinks we’re a local car service, little does she know, she hopped in with the car-sex aficionados. Figi says fuck it and starts touching the blonde named Angel. She’s got the look of a horny devil though and is quite combative! Her Big juicy tits become the topic of conversation and a hard dick greets her from Figi’s shorts. She agrees on a kiss to the tip of the dick, followed by the full cock in her mouth, tits with Pierced nipples out and then suddenly agrees to a fuck! Tasty luxury bitch gets her hairy pussy pumped in spoon and doesn’t even moan once! Missionary she’s smiling but Reverse cowgirl hits the buttons with her tits


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