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Backstage Bangers – Amirah Adara & Virus Vellons


Amirah Adara & Virus Vellons – Backstage Bang Brats: Furious Females Fuck For Fun!
Released: November 15, 2016

When you’ve found your true fuck-mates in the midst of a wild party sometimes you just gotta step aside from all the mega madness and create your own sexy fun! MILF Virus Vellons, cutie Amirah Adara, and another absolute cutie babe are all in need of some pussy pleasing, licking and fingering each other until they all get off hard! These face sitters are shaking and working their stuff, whatever it takes to get the job done for these backstage freaks! Check out these pros as they poke and prod their way to lesbo orgasmic glory!

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Fully Clothed Sex – Virus Vellons & Alyssia Loop

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Virus Vellons & Alyssia Loop – Pounding Her Fully Clothed Property
Released: August 1, 2013

Alyssia Loop is showing her sexy client Virus Vellons some nice property, but Virus ends up being much more interested in getting familiar with Alyssia, and she came well equipped for the job! Being the pornstar slut she is, Virus just always seems to have her strap on with her, which barely fits into her tight pants, complimenting her sexy, orange satin blouse. Alyssia is wearing a black top that matches her freshly jet black hair, and some tight pink pants that really show off her thin legs and amazing booty, and that turns on Virus so much that when they get to an outdoor living space in the backyard she bends Alyssia over, pulls out that big strap-on, and pounds Alyssia from behind! This may be a fully clothed lesbo scene, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be any hardcore pussy pounding going down! Alyssia can’t get enough of that thick cock, sucking it down and taking it deep, and when her pink hole underneath her pink pants has been fucked raw she starts eating Virus out, sure to return the pussy pleasing pleasure! These fashionable freaks are happy to get down to some seriously sexy fully clothed lesbo business!

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All Wam – Virus Vellons & Adel Sunshine

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Virus Vellons & Adel Sunshine – Caught In A Messy Checkmate
Released: June 6, 2013

Satin clad Eurobabe beauties Virus Vellons and Adel Sunshine are playing a game of chess on this lovely spring day, but of course they can’t play normal, “sophisticated” chess like anyone else…they have to add their own whipped cream covered element to this competition so that they’re sure to both end up completely covered as one big mess of cream by the end of this match! Hey, porn babes are fun loving freaks, so you had to know they were going to keep things interesting, and you might even say this game was all an excuse to get fucking messy, but hey, we’re cool with that, and clearly they are too as they eventually forget all about the chess board and start spraying each other down in whipped cream, rubbing their sexy asses, dresses, and of course getting their faces and hair totally slopped up! Now this is a game we can definitely get involved with, and you’ll be making your own creamy mess by the end of this Eurobabe mess game!

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Slime Wave – Virus Vellons

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Virus Vellons – You Can’t Clean A SlimeWave Mess!
Released: May 27, 2013

If silly, sexy Virus Vellons actually thought she was going to clean a massive cum drenched floor in her club bathroom today she was all wrong! She very quickly discovers the source of the problem, a cock sticking out of a gloryhole in the wall, and when she goes to investigate, because she can never keep her hands off of a hard, phallic shaped object, she quickly realizes she’s going to end up as the messiest thing in the room! This pornstar is looking fantastic in her pink, satin blouse that shines brightly, but by the time she starts getting bludgened by the SlimeWave she finds herself totally white and opening her mouth and pussy lips so that she can feel the warm blast of jizz all over her slutty self! You can’t keep this chick away from cock, and the more cum the better, so while her cleaning plans may have just been postponed and now worse than ever, she’s in totally ecstasy as she takes her cum shower and gets herself off hard! Watch Virus get nasty and add your own mess to this insane mix!

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Pornstars At Home – Virus Vellons, Leony Aprill & Jenna Lovely

Virus Vellons, Leony Aprill & Jenna Lovely – Lesbian Sex Messy Public Sex Wet and Messy
Released: May 25, 2012

The Miss Best Girl Czech Republic 2012 battle is still on, and hey, we all know it’s just an excuse for these crazy Euro-chicks to get nice and sloppy with each other! Leony Aprill, Mischelle, Virus Vellons, Dina, Jenna Lovely, Barra Brass, Donna Joe, and Megan Promesi are all out to show us who can get the nastiest, covered in gel and rolling around outside in one big lesbo pile of bikini babes! They’ve got toys, nastiest to slop around in, and of course some water to pour down their bikini bodies and wash them all off in some wetlook action! Barra Brass may win the crown for her freaky ways, but all of these babes deserve the title of amazing Czech babes! See all the sloppy lesbo action!

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Pornstars At Home – Virus Vellons, Barra Brass, Donna Joe & Megan Promesi

Virus Vellons, Barra Brass, Donna Joe & Megan Promesi – Miss Best Girl Czech Republic 2012
Released: May 22, 2012

You’ve gotta love the Czech Republic, where a group of hottie friends come out to the park on a nice day and throw their very own “Miss Best Girl Czech Republic 2012” and get crazy with it! Leony Aprill, Mischelle, Virus Vellons, Dina, Jenna Lovely, Barra Brass, Donna Joe, and Megan Promesi have all come out to get this first annual sexy started, with many of them stripping down to their bikinis and all of them being all about the photoshoots, proudly displaying their sexiness and going for the prize! However, unbeknownst to them, a creepy Peeping Tom is jerking off to the sight of all these hotties from a nearby bush, and he shoots his load right into the suntan lotion, which is the main event for this beauty pageant as they all rub each other down in crazy amounts of gooey cum infested lotion! It’s a sunny day, but damn do these girls go hard with the lotion, getting every crevice of their bodies filled up, even busting out the dildos and showing us all who the real winner should be. Stay tuned!!

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