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Veronika Snezna – Veronica Raw
Released: April 22, 2016

Returning from a brisk walk in the snow, Veronica Snezna gratefully returns to the warmth of her hotel room. Red-cheeked from the chill, she begins to warm up by running her hands over her supple thighs. Veronica then shows us that she has been a naughty girl by revealing that she has nothing on under her thick winter coat. Splaying her legs, the tips of her manicured fingers gently spread the lips of her pussy. Emboldened, Veronica sheds her coat and relaxes on the couch in nothing but her high heeled boots. With delicate moans spilling from her throat, she plays with her pussy and clamps her nipples. More clamps are added to her inner thighs and she dances the line between pleasure and pain.

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