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Fitness Rooms – Terra Twain & Victoria Pure

Terra Twain & Victoria Pure – Mature gym teacher and student
Released: April 24, 2017

Blonde babe Victoria Pure has the biggest crush on her MILF gym trainer, Terra Twain. The mature hottie’s touch makes Victoria’s pussy tingle with forbidden desire. She can hardly wait for their weekly workouts together! So, today, you can only imagine the Czech chick’s delight when Terra leans in for a surprise kiss. Soon their spandex outfits are littering the floor, as the sexy lesbians begin a sweaty sex-a-thon of pussy-eating, tribbing, and finger-banging. Then a pink vibrator emerges! Victoria and Terra take turns playing with each other’s puffy clits, until collapse from the wet, juicy orgasms.

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Mom XXX – Terra Twain & Yenna Black

Terra Twain & Yenna Black – Mature lesbian couple make love
Released: April 12, 2017

Even after many moons together, Yenna Black and Terra Twain’s love glows with a fiery passion at night. This evening, Terra calls Yenna over with a come-hither finger. That tiny gesture is all the mature brunettes need to reignite their lesbian desires. As Yenna kneels down to eat Terra’s ass, they both moan with horny delight, as their pussies tremble in juicy wetness. Moving to the bed, Terra spanks Yenna’s bubble butt, before treating her to a Doggystyle licking and rimming. After bringing her lover to climax, it’s Terra turn to board the orgasm train, as she rides Yenna’s face with her wet clit. After all, when it comes to lovemaking, these two sexy MILFs are experts in the field of muffs!

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Lesbea – Terra Twain & Kira Zen

Terra Twain & Kira Zen – Innocent brunette has Fem Dom sex
Released: April 2, 2017

MILF dominatrix Terra Twain is planning a special treat for her sweet submissive, Kira Zen. When the younger woman arrives at Terra’s sex dungeon, she discovers a set of leather lingerie on the bed. Eagerly slipping into the sexy garments, the innocent Kira is ready for Fem Dom playtime. After Terra treats Kira’s bubble butt to a round of spanking and ass worship, it’s time to begin the X-rated fun. Taking control, the mature hottie gives her lesbian lover a rough fingerbang, before bringing out a pink vibrator for some more intense, clit-quivering orgasms. When Terra is done with Kira’s juicy pussy, the beautiful brunette is blissfully breathless–and already daydreaming about round two!

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Fitness Rooms – Erica Black, Kira Zen & Terra Twain

Erica Black, Kira Zen & Terra Twain – Cute gym girls and teacher 3some
Released: March 27, 2017

In Terra Twain’s lifting class, gym babes Erica Black and Kira Zen can’t keep their hands off each other. Their flirty giggles attract the teacher’s attention and she’s less than pleased! Don’t these two naughty minxes know that working out is serious business? But Kira and Erica have a plan to soothe Terra’s hurt feelings. Staying after class, the two brunettes seduce their instructor for a lesbian threesome that begins with a double pussy-licking in Piledriver!

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Mom XXX – Terra Twain & Daisy Lee

Terra Twain & Daisy Lee – Sweet blonde teen and older woman
Released: March 1, 2017

When lesbian couple Terra Twain and Daisy Lee come together to make love, their passion lights up the night. Arriving back at Daisy’s apartment after a hot date on the town, these two babes are dressed to the nines–and ready to 69! Kissing deeply on the plush bed, Terra wastes no time in getting Daisy undressed. Once the blonde vixen is naked, her foxy MILF lover goes down on Daisy’s tight teen pussy, giving the younger women an amazing climax. Then it’s Terra’s turn for twat-tingling pleasure. As Daisy finger-bangs her lover’s G-stop, the sexy sensations send Terra into an orgasmic euphoria!

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Mom XXX – Davon Kim & Terra Twain

Davon Kim & Terra Twain – Lesbian Milfs have sensual orgasms
Released: February 15, 2017

Raven-haired lesbians Davon Kim and Terra Twain don’t even have to take their panties off to have a sexy good time! Tribbing their tender clits together through their black lingerie, the foxy MILFs tease themselves to the edge of orgasm. Then Davon slides down to Terra’s lovely leg, rubbing her quivering muff there until she moans out in an euphoric climax. Now it’s time for the real fun to begin! Treating each other to a sensual pussy-eating, Davon and Terra know exactly the best spots to lick and finger, bringing both mature hotties into the satisfied afterglow of multi-orgasmic bliss.

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Mom XXX – Terra Twain & Vanessa Paradise

Terra Twain & Vanessa Paradise – Mature experienced Moms making out
Released: January 30, 2017

Dressed to the nines in knee-high stockings and black lingerie, lesbian lovers Terra Twain and Vanessa Paradise are ready for a hot night-in. They’ve been waiting all day for this delicious slice of time together. With sexual energy running through their silky bodies, these Euro MILFs makeout passionately on their pillowy bed. After showering her brunette girlfriend’s thighs in kisses, Vanessa takes off Terra’s lace thong with her teeth! Beginning a wild, energetic round of pussy-licking and finger-banging, the mature hotties work each other’s juicy pussies into intense G-spot orgasms, until they collapse into a breathless embrace.

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Mom XXX – Kira Zen & Terra Twain

Kira Zen & Terra Twain – Older woman eats hairy teen lesbian
Released: January 2, 2017

Bored with lesbian lovers her own age, raven-haired teen Kira Zen invites Terra Twain over for a playdate! Knowing this sexy MILF will get her tight twat dripping, the two ladies get down to business on Kira’s leather couch. Their silky bodies drawn together like magnets, they waste no time in pulling off their lush lingerie, licking and tasting each other’s juicy pussy with their greedy tongues. Dominatrix Terra demands the first orgasm, but after Kira’s able finger-banging delivers one, the XXX spotlight is all on the younger woman. Bending Kira over, Terra rubs her lover’s G-spot over and over until the pretty Czech climaxes in a body-shaking, clit-quivering finale!

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Kiera & Terra Twain – Cute Girlfriends First Time Fisting
Released: November 5, 2016

When Czech beauties Keira Albina and Terra Twain relax in their panties by the crackling fireplace, their conversation turns to naughty things. Today, Keira wonders if she can fit her whole hand inside of a wet, waiting pussy, and horny Terra is more than happy to play her sultry test subject. These knockout brunettes take turns filming as they lick and suck each other towards ecstasy, until Terra is warm and slippery enough to try something rougher. Keira slides a finger into Terra, then two, then three. With her hand fully enveloped in Terra’s dripping snatch, Keira works Terra into an earth-shattering fisting orgasm that leaves the pair surprised, breathless and giggling for more.

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Fitness Rooms – Kari & Terra Twain

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Kari & Terra Twain – MILF Gym Teachers Fit Teen Student
Released: September 30, 2016

With a hot natural body like hers, Kari doesn’t need much help at the gym, but a little careful observation from an experienced athlete never hurts. It’s Terra Twain’s job to make sure that every last one of her student’s muscles is getting the optimal workout. Kari gets sweatier and sweatier as she moves through the motions with her sexy trainer. Her thirst builds, so Terra leans forward and gives her a drink from her own mouth. That’s when these stunning lesbians abandon their fitness routine in favor of a nastier, dirtier, sexier workout- one that involves clit licking, pussy fingering, and titty twisting.

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Lesbea – Izzy Delphine & Terra Twain

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Izzy Delphine & Terra Twain – Cute Blonde Teen Loves Older Woman
Released: August 14, 2016

A brunette MILF and a blonde teen are kissing on a bed- sounds like the perfect recipe for a hot and steamy lesbian sex scene. Terra Twain climbs on top of Izzy Delphine to give her fresh-faced lover a lesson in pleasing women. She fingers her pussy until Miss Delphine is ready to try something a little more advanced: tribbing. They scissor their legs together and rub their clits against each other, trying out position after position on their way to orgasm heaven. After learning a thing or two from her sexual mentor, Izzy takes the lead, riding Terra until they both cum long and cum hard.

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Mom XXX – Terra Twain & Eva Ann

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Terra Twain & Eva Ann – MILF To MILF
Released: July 6, 2016

With double the MILFs on the docket, Sexyhub members are in for double the trouble and double the fun. For one night only, Terra Twain and Eva Ann share the secrets of their erotic experience, creating one of the hottest lesbian sex scenes on the internet. These two gorgeous cougars begin by slowly undressing, smiling with excitement as they slip out of their tight outfits. Once they’re totally naked, Eva and Terra assume the 69 position and lick each other’s pussies, fluttering their tongues almost as fast as their eyes flutter when they hit wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

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Mom XXX – Cayla Lyons & Terra Twain

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Cayla Lyons & Terra Twain – Lusting After You
Released: March 30, 2016

Cayla needs to get her hands on this older woman, this saucy housewife. Terra Twain recently moved in the neighbourhood and her highly sexualised garden apparel is setting it on fire. Terra has had her eyes on Cayla too, shes a hungry bisexual and desperate to show off her mature experience by giving her a superior finger fuck and leaving her soaking wet. This is swiftly followed by a tongue fucking and an intense orgasm and their mutual lust satisfied.

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Mom XXX – Terra Twain & Annie

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Terra Twain & Annie – Sapphic Intimacy
Released: March 17, 2016

A sweet young teen and her experienced older lover. There’s nothing sweeter than the sapphic intimacy shared between two confident women with a desire for romantic sex! Annie and Terra are smiling and giggling throughout this sensual encounter as they share every inch of their beautiful bodies.

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