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Box Truck Sex – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Box Truck Sex
Released: May 27, 2017

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Golden Shower Power – Sweet Cat & Samantha Johnson

Sweet Cat & Samantha Johnson – Business Babes Power Pissed At The Gallery! Makin’ It Rain Money and Piss!
Released: April 18, 2017

Sweet Cat and Smanatha Johnson are always dressed to the max at their art gallery, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the sale…including some all-out piss action with a potential client! These bloused up beauties are afraid to get messy, and they’re ready to go anytime, anywhere, so right in the middle of the art gallery a watersports threesome unfolds! With pussies getting pumped and plenty of streams of piss, there’s plenty of nasty fun for everyone, and when this guy’s out of piss he busts his nut all over their slutty faces! Now how about that painting?

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Stranded Teens – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Damsel in Distress Deepthroats
Early Release: April 15, 2017

Hot blonde Sweet Cat was stranded, in an argument with her BF, and wet from being splashed by a car when a hero appeared! To show her thanks, the curvy babe sucked his cock as he drove, then let him fuck her tight pussy while he filmed!

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VIPissy – Sweet Cat & Claudia Macc

Sweet Cat & Claudia Macc – Camerawoman
Released: February 27, 2017

Stunning blonde Claudia Macc takes on the role of camera woman in our latest update on ViPissy. She gets to photograph the gorgeous Sweet Cat who is posing in a tight latex dress. Sweet Cat strips naked quite quickly and leans on the edge of a glass table before catching a stream of golden piss in a glass. This turns on Claudia so much that she decides to join in. Dipping her fingers in Sweet Cat’s piss, she gets Sweet Cat to taste it. The girls kiss and Claudia gets the golden juices poured over her blouse, turning it see-through. Now Claudia is naked too and bends over to let Sweet Cat catch her piss in her mouth before getting treated to some pussy licking action. They swap places and Sweet Cat gets her pussy treated too then suddenly releases even more of her piss over Claudia’s face and into her mouth. Both girls enjoy tasting their juices which have been caught in a glass and then Claudia gets onto the floor ready for some messy golden showers! After even more piss play, these horny babes get hold of a purple dildo and take turns using it together. Finally, they decide to get even more soaked and treat each other to face pissing where they end up with pee soaked hair!

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Pissing In Action – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Pissing In Action
Released: February 10, 2017

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Viv Thomas – Paula Shy & Sweet Cat

Paula Shy & Sweet Cat – Enjoyment
Released: February 3, 2017

Busty beauty Paula Shy attempts to read in her native Czech from an erotic novel, as episode four of “Vox: Reloaded” begins. But naughty blonde Sweet Cat does her best to distract the Asian hottie by holding a vibrating wand between her thighs. Paula’s voice wavers and she loses concentration as the tremors begin to drive her crazy, finally succumbing to a powerful orgasm. The girls kiss hungrily, Cat getting naked and sitting astride Paula in reverse cowgirl to ride her fingers to another climax. She kneels and peels off Paula’s pretty panties, eating her shaved pussy as Paula removes her bra to unleash her big natural breasts. Paula orgasms around Cat’s probing fingers, then licks and fingerbangs her friend again, before straddling her lap and grinding to another climax of her own.

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We Like To Suck – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Blowjob Marathon
Released: February 2, 2017

We are excited for the arrival of pretty blonde Sweet Cat on We Like to Suck and she starts this horny scene in a black lace minidress as she teases us by running her hands all over her body. She soon starts to strip and reveal her sexy lingerie and not only pulls her panties up inside her pussy lips, but gets completely naked before our well hung stud enters the room. He already has an erection which he is using as a towel holder and Sweet Cat gets straight to work on his long cock by stroking it through the towel. She gets onto her knees on the footstool and sucks his dick, licking his tip and using her hands to work his balls. It’s clear to see this hot babe has done this before many times! Moving into POV view, she continues to pleasure his dick using her mouth and once she is back on her knees (but this time on the rug) she gets face fucked and takes his cock into her throat as far as it will go! He even holds her nose at one point! The cock sucking and handjob action continues until this frantic babe strokes our guys cock so fast that he cums in her mouth, all over her tongue and she continues to lick the tip of his cock, playing with the sticky white spunk!

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Relaxxxed – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Hot Czech blondie Sweet Cat enjoys erotic massage and sensual fuck
Released: January 21, 2017

George Uhl makes Sweet Cat relaxed with his oiled up naked massage. They’re in for a hot sensual fuck, finished with cum all over her sweet cunt.

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Viv Thomas – Nikita Bellucci & Sweet Cat

Nikita Bellucci & Sweet Cat – Impede
Released: January 20, 2017

Episode three of “My First: Reloaded” follows sexy brunette Nikita Bellucci into a beautiful Mediterranean apartment that seems to be completely empty. However, it transpires that blonde babe Sweet Cat is in the bedroom, eyes closed, headphones on, stroking her body softly through her clothes. When Nikita discovers her, she watches, her hand drifting inside her blouse. Cat opens her eyes and surprises her audience; Nikita shies away but Cat leads her into the bedroom. Nikita is clearly nervous, pressed up against the door, not daring to move as this horny blonde kisses her. But soon, she is caught up in the passion, her tongue snaking its way into Sweet Cat’s mouth, her hands clutching at Cat’s ass. Sweet Cat undresses, smiling at her new lover, peeling her panties down over her tanned ass. She takes Nikita’s hands and places them on her perky tits, kissing her forcefully. Cat undresses the first timer, massaging her breasts. She slides down to eat Nikita’s pussy, lapping at her clit, sucking on her own fingers to wet them and sliding two into Nikita’s willing slit. Cat’s expert touch brings Nikita to a loud orgasm, and the gorgeous Russian eagerly repays her, finger fucking Cat’s wet pussy to a shuddering climax. Nikita is eager for more, rolling onto her stomach and having Cat eat her out from behind, sinking her fingers up her tight pussy once again. Of course she needs to make Cat feel the same overwhelming pleasure, to conclude this beautiful encounter filled with tenderness, lust and powerful sexual awakening.

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Massage Rooms – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Juicy ass blonde has orgasmic sex
Released: January 19, 2017

Muscly masseur Max Dyor’s new client, Sweet Cat has a flirty habit of moaning during her massages. Hearing her pleasure as he works warm oil into her gorgeous body, the Czech hunk begins fantasizing dreamily about the sounds she’d make in bed. As if reading his dirty thoughts, his blonde client rises to her hands and knees, moaning even louder than before. Max realizes, at last, that Cat has wanted a XXX rub down this entire time! Slipping his fingers into her dripping twat, the Euro stud plays with Cat’s G-stop until she’s crying out from climaxing. But one orgasm isn’t enough for this cheeky minx! Unleashing Max’s massive cock, they start a rough pounding in Doggystyle, moving into Missionary and Spooning sex, until Cat finally drains his balls in a sloppy blowjob!

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Viv Thomas – Nataly Von & Sweet Cat

Nataly Von & Sweet Cat – Joyful
Released: January 13, 2017

Gorgeous blonde Sweet Cat continues her wicked teasing in episode three of “Vox: Reloaded.” This time her willing victim is sexy Nataly Von, who attempts to read from an erotic novel as Sweet Cat torments her with a vibrating wand. Nataly squirms as the vibrations course through her body, Sweet Cat smiling naughtily and turning up the speed until her girlfriend can no longer continue reading as her orgasm sweeps through her. The girls kiss and caress each other through their pretty summer dresses, and Nataly slides a hand inside Sweet Cat’s panties to stroke her to a climax. They get naked, rubbing their beautiful slender bodies together, and Sweet Cat spreads Nataly’s shaved pussy open and licks it hungrily in doggy position. The slender brunette comes hard with Sweet Cat’s fingers stroking her clit and thrusting into her wet pussy. Sweet Cat lies back for Nataly to eat and finger her to another intense orgasm, then moves into spoons to reciprocate.

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Dane Jones – Sweet Cat

Sweet Cat – Shy blonde neighbour afternoon sex
Released: January 10, 2017

Turns out that Ricky’s shy neighbour Sweet Cat wanted to borrow more than a cup of sugar! Coming by his condo under the pretense of baking a cake, the pretty blonde soon found herself canoodling in bed with her next-door crush. From there, things started heating up and the batter of their new romance rose rapidly! When Ricky takes off Cat’s clothing piece-by-piece, his big cock hardens in his jeans as he sees the lingerie she wore to seduce him. As a “thank you” for her thoughtfulness, the Euro stud kisses down on his timid playmate, eager to lick and taste her sweet pussy. Then, something magical happens! Transforming from shrinking violet to vivacious sexpot, Sweet Cat gives Ricky the randiest fucking he can remember, letting him spray his cumshot across her lovely twat.

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Fake Taxi – Sweet Cat & Cristal Caitlin

Sweet Cat & Cristal Caitlin – Angels fuck santas little helper
Released: December 22, 2016

I thought I was imagining things when Sweet Cat and Cristal Caitlin hopped into my taxi wearing skimpy angel costumes. Then again, it was the holidays! As I drove them home, Cristal started to lick Sweet Cat’s pussy, even pulling out a ribbed dildo. It was getting very hard to concentrate on the road, so I pulled over. This didn’t bother the lesbian lovers in the least, they even invited me to join….

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Viv Thomas – Noemilk & Sweet Cat

Noemilk & Sweet Cat – Vox Reloaded Episode 2 – Forbidden
Released: December 16, 2016

Ebony beauty Noe Milk looks and sounds irresistible as she reads aloud in Spanish. But her concentration is sorely tested by the huge vibrating wand that pretty blonde Sweet Cat is holding against her pussy. Noe gasps as Sweet Cat increases the vibrations, the sensations building until she is unable to continue reading and her orgasm overwhelms her. The girls undress, Noe sucking Sweet Cat’s stiff nipples and kissing her way down to her pussy, fingering and licking her until a climax wracks her slender body. Cat licks Noe’s puffy clit skilfully, thrusting a couple of fingers inside to stroke her to a rapid orgasm. Noe lies back so Cat can straddle her face and ride to another powerful climax.

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Viv Thomas – Nikita Bellucci & Sweet Cat

Nikita Bellucci & Sweet Cat – Summer Memories Episode 1 – Recollection
Released: December 2, 2016

Episode one of “Summer Memories” finds tattooed French fox Nikita Bellucci letting her mind wander back to warmer days spent by the pool with hot blonde Sweet Cat. As she daydreams, Nikita’s hands creep down her dress and lift the hem until she can slip one inside her panties. She’s remembering how sexy Czech beauty Cat was in the pool, naked and horny, playing with her ass to turn Nikita on, splashing water over her lithe body. Nikita’s memories stir her passion, her gentle fingering of her own clit spurring her on. And what a memory it is. On the bed, Nikita strips Cat and sucks on her small, tanned tits, rubbing her shaved pussy. Nikita’s tongue dances over Cat’s clit, strands of saliva hanging from her lips, a wet connection between mouth and pussy. Nikita has Cat gasping and moaning as she guides a finger into her pussy hole, adding a second finger as Cat begins to buck and thrust against her, cumming on her hand. Perhaps it is the memory of Sweet Cat’s hand between Nikita’s thighs, fondling her snatch and feeding her own juices to her from her wet fingers, that makes Nikita so hot. After Nikita’s been coaxed to climax by Cat’s busy tongue, she flips Cat onto all fours, using her fingers to toy with Cat’s throbbing clit, her thumb tapping up against Cat’s asshole. That does it for Sweet Cat, who comes back at her lover, fingering a frantic orgasm out of her – Nikita was so horny that day! Looks like she’s just as horny today, because her memories have driven her to orgasm, with a final taste of her own juices from her fingers to remind her of good times had.

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