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Sandra Luberec – Cybersex
Released: August 14, 2013

Multi-talented model-performer-producer-art director, Ariel Piper Fawn, wrote the screenplay for this sensual and surprising science fiction fantasy, and director Andrej Lupin has deftly created a world where two realities — virtual and actual — collide with pulse-pounding consequences. Marcus Dupree plays a bachelor hungry for female companionship. After spec’ing and fine-tuning his ideal mate, he employs the magic of virtual reality to summon Sandra Luberec from cyberspace. The special effects are clever and skillfully rendered, and when Luberec — in her very first SexArt appearance — emerges from the ether she’s simply beautiful, not at all synthetic, completely nude, and ready to enjoy. Their time together is limited — a fact underscored by a digital timer superimposed in a corner of the screen — and Dupree doesn’t waste a cyber-second before savoring the flavor of Sandra’s glistening delights. Luberec responds vocally and powerfully to Dupree’s attention, moaning with unrestrained ecstasy as she climaxes repeatedly, and she’s generous with her mouth as well as lending a hand to assist her lover’s explosive orgasm. First pictures, then movies, then live cams…then live girls? Who knows what future technologies will provide? But “Cybersex” presents a tantalizing vision of the future that’s ready to enjoy in the here and now.

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