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Female Fake Taxi – April Paisley & Roxi Keogh

April Paisley & Roxi Keogh – Lesbian Sex Toy Orgasms in UK Flat
Released: July 20, 2017

Estate Agent April Paisley was on her way to get a flat ready to be viewed, and it just so happened I was looking for a place in the area. April agreed to let me have a peek and I took my camera to record what work needed doing, then I found a stick-on rubber dildo on the bathtub! April said it must have been Lucy at the office, but I figured since we found it, we might as well have a little bit of a play! The pretty blonde was on board, so we got naked and had some delicious pussy-licking fun, then tried that dildo out! It was all going great until we were interrupted…

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Female Fake Taxi – Barbie Sins & Roxi Keogh

Barbie Sins & Roxi Keogh – Sexy Orgasms with Redheads Sex Toys
Released: July 6, 2017

Busty blonde Barbie Sins was on her way to the strip club for an audition, but she said she’d much rather be home with her wand in this weather! I wasn’t sure I heard her right, but Barbie said yes, her wand, you know–playing with herself! Barbie told me she didn’t know how she was going to get along dancing for men, she much preferred women! I told Barbie I understood, and that sometimes it gets boring in the taxi, too. When she asked what I meant, I showed her my collection of front-seat sex toys! Barbie was the first person I’d showed my toys to, and I suggested we find a quiet place to play before I dropped her off! An afternoon of pussy licking and dildo fucking is sure better than an afternoon with sweaty men in a strip club! We had the best time, and the best orgasms, and to return the favor for our sexy tryst, Barbie invited me to come round her flat and play with her wand sometime! Now that’s an appointment I can definitely keep.

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Cum Perfection – Roxi Keogh & Roxxy Lea

Roxi Keogh & Roxxy Lea – Sharing My Boyfriend
Released: May 11, 2017

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Pure CFNM – Holly Kiss, Jesse Janye & Roxi Keogh

Holly Kiss, Jesse Janye & Roxi Keogh – Prank Apology
Released: April 21, 2017

Max has been in the bathroom so long that when he comes out Roxi pulls a prank on him and steals his towel, exposing his cock to Holly. Later she feels guilty and goes to apologize but seems more interested in having another look than saying sorry. She is soon wanking his cock – just as Holly walks in!…

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Female Fake Taxi – Roxi Keogh & Tindra Frost

Roxi Keogh & Tindra Frost – Busty Babes in Backseat Orgasms
Released: April 16, 2017

Sexy Scandanavian Tindra Frost wanted to go to an Italian restaurant, but as soon as I saw her, I had my own ideas about what she’d be eating this afternoon! I let her take advantage of the London taxi tradition to show her tits for a free ride, and she had a cracking pair on her: big, natural, and near perfect. Tindra said it made her horny to flash me her tits, and I told her it made me just as horny to see them, so we decided to dip off and have a little lesbian fun and work up her appetite. Those nice big bouncy…

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Female Fake Taxi – Alexxa Vice & Roxi Keogh

Alexxa Vice & Roxi Keogh – Multiple Orgasms for Horny Lesbians
Released: April 6, 2017

Had just finished a workout and was heading home to clean up, when amazing Alexxa got in my taxi with her sexy little outfit and her big red lips, and offered to wash me off! You should have seen this chick! She was covered in tattoos, and hot as fuck. It usually takes a little more work than that to get my sweaty bits licked. What’s hotter than two busty chicks with wild hair and tattoos getting naughty in the back of a parked taxi? Not much, let me tell you. Once we both got our tits out and did some kissing, we took…

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Female Fake Taxi – Honour May & Roxi Keogh

Honour May & Roxi Keogh – Redheads tongue makes posh lady cum
Released: March 16, 2017

This posh chick, Honour, got in my cab today, and started complaining straight away! I didn’t pull up close enough, she snagged her stockings on the door getting in, the backseat smells like piss and pussy–ridiculous! I told the posh tart that she could walk to the train station if she wanted, but Honour insisted she wasn’t stuck up, and to prove it, she stuck her legs in the air and flashed me her cunt! On her request, I hopped into the back to see how dirty this chick could be. I made her pretty posh pussy cum and…

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Female Fake Taxi – Brook Logan & Roxi Keogh

Brook Logan & Roxi Keogh – Steamy Lesbian Cab Sex Session
Released: March 5, 2017

I picked up one of the shaky phony babes today! When Brook Logan jumped in my cab on the way to the pub, I knew I recognized her from somewhere, then I remembered. I’d fantasized about that hot slut from the TV a thousand times! I just couldn’t believe I’d seen her pussy, and here she was sitting in the back of my cab! Since I’d already seen her naked, Brook said she might as well have a little jack off as we drove. I could barely concentrate on the road! Then she invited me into the backseat, begging me to lick her…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ella Dearest & Roxi Keogh

Ella Dearest & Roxi Keogh – Driver Wanks As Sexy Lesbians Fuck
Released: February 12, 2017

Ella was happy to get in the cab with a hot chick instead of a dirty old pervy taxi driver–until John poked his nose in! She was showing me her incredible pussy-licking skills when John opened the door, demanding the car back so he could start a shift. I could tell he was pretty turned on by what he saw, so I suggested a compromise: John could watch and wank in the corner, so we could finish our fun! John was mesmerized by Ella’s booty, but the pretty lesbian wouldn’t let him touch her. He had to settle with watching…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ella Dearest & Roxi Keogh

Ella Dearest & Roxi Keogh – Horny Redhead Licks Passenger Pussy
Released: February 9, 2017

Ella was surprised to get in my cab and find a pretty woman instead of a fat, pervy taxi driver. She said she’s always being asked out for dates by drivers, and it’s totally awkward. I joked that if she jumps in all cabs looking that sexy, she shouldn’t be surprised at the attention, but Ella told me she actually prefers women to men. That got me curious, for sure! When I said I should try and pick her up, she told me there was no need to try, that I was gorgeous, and she was happy we met each other. Soon enough, she…

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Pure CFNM – Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne & Roxi Keogh

Holly Kiss, Jesse Jayne & Roxi Keogh – Smile Please
Released: December 16, 2016

When Jack loses a bet to Holly and has to pose naked for some photos he has no idea she plans to invite two of her girl friends as well! He reluctantly strips off and the girls get him to pose as they snap away with their phones. They take group selfies with his cock to send to all their friends and…

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Euro Girls On Girls – Roxi Keogh, Kitana Lure & Amber J

Roxi Keogh, Kitana Lure & Amber J – Hot Euro MILF’s Tongue Tango – Poolside Pussy Eating
Released: December 18, 2016

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Lady Voyeurs – Roxi Keogh

Roxi Keogh – Porn Addiction
Released: December 7, 2016

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Female Fake Taxi – Angel Long & Roxi Keogh

Angel Long & Roxi Keogh – Outdoor pussy licking and fingering
Released: December 1, 2016

I was scheduled to take out the taxi today, but when Roxi Keogh wouldn’t give me the keys I knew there was only one way to solve the problem. If she gave me multiple orgasms, I would gladly let her pick up clients. And was that a good bargain, because this fiery-haired babe licked and finger-banged my wet pussy until I was quivering in delight! Having her take care of me like that made me even hornier, so I put her on the bonnet and fucked her shaved snatch with two hands. Roxi was totally worth having a day off for!

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Female Fake Taxi – Jimena Lago & Roxi Keogh

Jimena Lago & Roxi Keogh – Euro babe offers her pussy as fare
Released: November 20, 2016

It’d been such a slow day I almost didn’t see Jimena Lago hailing my taxi! As this sexy Latina hopped into the backseat, she asked if she could pay in Euros. What a silly question, we’re in England, love! But before I could kick her out, she offered to lick my pussy as payment. Now that’s definitely worth more than any other taxi fare! I promptly climbed into the back seat, pulled out my big tits, and spread my legs wide enough for her to dive directly into my shaved British cunt. Jimena was clearly an expert at eating pussy, but still, I didn’t want to stop until I tasted her sweet Spanish snatch. Putting her on top, we 69’d until we climaxed together with a couple of mind-blowing orgasms.

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