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Lorena Garcia & Natalie Gold – Lucky Exchange
Released: January 6, 2016

Natalie Gold and Lorena run into each other – literally – on the way to the bathroom of their luxury hotel suite. In the mix up, they pick up each other’s clothes. Natalie smiles to herself as she tries on Lorena’s frilly red satin panties, and lying back on her bed, dozes off. Lorena comes to Natalie’s room to return her bra, and manages to remove the panties without waking her; but then she is so turned on by her beautiful naked body that she wakes her with a gentle caress. They kiss, and Lorena takes the lead, sucking Natalie’s nipples; but Natalie quickly gets aroused and begins to finger and lick Lorena’s pussy, making her orgasm. Lorena pushes Natalie onto her front and straddles her, rubbing and tonguing her until she’s gasping with pleasure, then flips her onto her back and finger-bangs her to an explosive climax.

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