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Nubile Films – Alexis Crystal, Morgan Rodriguez & Aislin

Alexis Crystal, Morgan Rodriguez & Aislin – Passionate Threesome
Released: June 30, 2017

A glass of wine shared between friends is just the start of a sensual evening for Morgan Rodriguez, Aislin, and Alexis Crystal. The three coeds soon take things inside where they can get comfortable on the couch and really indulge in long, lingering kisses. It’s not long before they have all gotten their hands in on the action, caressing one another’s silky soft skin and moving their clothing out of the way. Morgan is the first to have her thong peeled off and her miniskirt flipped up, but clothes are flying everywhere immediately after. Soon all three girls have removed their clothes so that they can fully indulge in the pleasure that is on offer. Alexis finds herself with Morgan’s hand between her thighs, fingering and rubbing her bare twat. Meanwhile, Aislin drops to her knees so that she can enjoy a mouthful of Morgan’s snatch. As the trio moves on to something a bit more erotic, Alexis lays on her back with her bottom cradled on Morgan’s boobs. That puts her slit in perfect pussy licking position while freeing her up to go to town on Aislin’s fuck hole. Aislin can even lean over to join Morgan in pleasuring Alexis for a double delight of excitement. One final shake up ensures that all three girls get every bit of pleasure that they deserve. Morgan finds herself kneeling on the couch with her slit hovering over Aislin’s talented mouth. Meanwhile, Alexis is on her knees below the couch so that she can use her fingers and soft tongue to drive AIslin wild. Their lesbian threesome only ends when all three girls are satisfied. With a final exchange of sweet kisses, they return to the couch to cuddle and enjoy the afterglow of great sex.

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Fitness Rooms – Isabella Chrystin, Morgan Rodriguez & Foxies Gold

Isabella Chrystin, Morgan Rodriguez & Foxies Gold – Interracial Threesome in the Gym
Released: June 26, 2017

After all those squats and planks and pelvic lifts, hot ebony babe Isabella Chrystin is feeling tired and bored, and ready to hit the showers! Thankfully, Morgan Rodriguez has the perfect plan to get them through the rest of their sweat session: finding a room of their very own for a private three-way workout with sexy blonde Foxies Gold! After some delicious kissing, Isabella’s perky tits become the focus of a pre-fuck warmup that evolves to pussy rubbing and stripping. Increasing intensity, the horny fitness freaks help Morgan to the floor and out of her panties for the beginning of the pussy licking portion of the workout, with Foxies taking her seat on Morgan’s face. In turn, each woman is licked and fingered to a sweaty orgasm, and in the end, the trio leaves, satisfied with their relaxing, cunt-stretching fuck session, and eager to meet again at the Sexyhub Gym!

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Hot Legs And Feet – Caroline June & Ornella Morgan

Caroline June & Ornella Morgan aka Morgan Rodriguez – Business Man’s Favorite: Foot Fetish Gusto With Two Bombshells
Released: May 23, 2017

Today’s DDF Network episode of Hot Legs & Feet is a foot fetish gusto with two bombshells. Ornella Morgan aka Morgan Rodriguez, a gorgeous redhead from Eastern Europe, enjoys some lesbian moments with her close friend and playmate Caroline June from Russia. The two can’t wait to make out on the bed and enjoy licking their toes. Suddenly, business man Thomas Stone returns from work earlier as usual and catches the two hotties in the act of sucking their nylons on the bed. He joins the horny lesbians and immediately receives a tantalizing blowjob extraordinaire. The foot fetish lover crams his mouth with their toes and feet while working their wet pussies with his hard rod. Enjoy today’s premium threesome porn and look a little closer, when he fucks that redhead doggy style while she’s sucking her brunette sapphic friend’s tasty toes! They ride his enormous dick in reverse cowgirl style and massage his dick with their smooth hands before rubbing that long john until he blows his cum on Ornella’s feet. Caroline licks off his sperm and looks straight at the camera as she sucks that jizz down her deep throat!

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Sex Art – Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan Rodriguez – Unexpectedly
Released: May 17, 2017

Sexy Morgan Rodriguez is masturbating in the bathtub, soaping up her breasts and spraying water over her clit, when Michael Fly walks in “Unexpectedly,” oblivious to her sexual heat. Morgan asks him to rub some shower gel onto her back, then surprises him with a kiss, yanking him into the tub in his underwear. Michael makes no protest, returning Morgan’s kiss passionately as she frees his hard cock and starts jerking him off. She stands over him and pulls his face to her shaved pussy; he licks and kisses her clit, stroking his tongue between her pussy lips, opening her up. She sucks on his fingers and has him slide two inside her, finger-banging her fast and hard, his mouth pressed up tight against her clit. Morgan pushes Michael back into the water, grabbing his dick with two hands and sucking on the wet tip, licking him up and down, taking him deep in her hot mouth. She clambers astride him, sliding her pussy down onto his rigid shaft, riding him energetically, the water splashing between their humping bodies. Stepping out of the tub, Morgan kneels on the bathroom floor to suck Michael’s cock again, then bends over the sink for Michael to eat her from behind, moaning lustfully with each probing thrust of his tongue. Wet and ready, Morgan’s pussy takes Michael’s cock deep as he fucks her slow and hard. As their mutual excitement builds he slams into her faster and harder, until they reach a climax together, Morgan’s pussy filled with Michael’s hot seed, both of them highly satisfied with the unexpected interlude.

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Nubile Films – Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan Rodriguez – Erotic Beauty
Released: May 4, 2017

High heels and a sheer top are just the icing on Morgan Rodriguez’s lush figure. With a big smile, the seductive redhead peels off her top so that Nick can enjoy the view of the red bra and thong that hug her incredible curves. From there, she can’t wait another moment before pressing her lips to Nick’s and feeding at his willing mouth with loving kisses. Nick does his best to remain patient with Morgan’s slow pace, allowing her to set the tone as she slips her bra off. Once he’s had a taste of her nipples, though, he can’t wait another moment. Gently easing Morgan back onto the couch, Nick relieves her of her thong and heels so that he can bury his face in her soft bare twat. The long, slow laps of his tongue are just what Morgan needs to grow extra wet and pliant for her lover. Turning the tables on Nick, Morgan urges him to take a seat so that she can pull out his stiffie and go to work with her puffy lip mouth. Slurping and sucking, she takes as much of Nick’s cock as she can as she sucks him in to deep throat. Backing off, she continues to lick at the head of his dick, teasing him as she turns him on even more. Nick could cum just watching Morgan as she sucks him off, but he knows that Morgan wants something a little bit more hardcore. Helping her up onto her hands and knees, he drives into her from behind to the chorus of her gasps of excitement. Morgan can’t get enough of her doggy style pussy pounding that is so fast and furious her small boobs sway, especially as Nick grabs a handful of hair and holds on to those makeshift reins as he ups the pace even more. When Nick flips Morgan onto her back, one look into his eyes is practically all that Morgan needs to explode in ecstasy. Her whole body quivers as Nick continues to work her greedy snatch with long strokes. Soon Morgan is right back at the precipice of desire as she massages her breasts and lets Nick take her home once again. Morgan’s pulsing pussy walls are more than Nick can handle. As his need overwhelms him, he pulls out of her sweet warmth. Taking aim, he strokes himself off all over Morgan’s boobs and belly until he is totally replete. Morgan takes a few moments to play with the evidence of Nick’s love, rubbing her fingers in his cum and spreading it everywhere as she comes down from their heated lovemaking.

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POV Bitch – Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan Rodriguez – Tall, young & fuckable
Released: April 19, 2017

Today we had a young tanned girl (not from Ipanema though) who came here looking for a proper pussy pounding – and she got it. She came in dressed in just a bathrobe that did not take long until it was thrown away and revealed her beautiful young body. What followed was a balls draining mix of blowjob, missionary style fucking, doggy style fucking and it all climaxed into cum on that tanned pussy.

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Babes – Ani Blackfox & Morgan Rodriguez

Ani Blackfox & Morgan Rodriguez – Modern Muse
Early Release: April 3, 2017

Pacing in front of her empty easel, Russian artist Ani Blackfox is feeling totally uninspired, until she invites Morgan Rodriguez to pose for her. In the presence of such a voluptuous beauty, Ani’s pencil flies across the canvas, eagerly capturing the Czech model’s big blue eyes, flawless curves, and porcelain skin. When Ani finishes her masterpiece, she’s filled with passionate gratitude for Morgan’s help. Rushing over, the sexy Slav embraces her new friend in her excitement–and a current of lesbian desire passes between them! Suddenly unable to resist each other, the Euro babes throw their clothes to the floor for a festive finger-banging and pussy-licking . As their orgasmic moans of pleasure fill the studio, Ani thinks to herself: Morgan is truly my perfect modern muse!

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Relaxxxed – Vanessa Decker & Morgan Rodriguez

Vanessa Decker & Morgan Rodriguez – Sensual oily massage and FFM threesome with gorgeous Czech babes
Released: March 25, 2017

Vanessa Decker & Morgan Rodriguez are two lusty Czech chicks who enjoy an ecstatic massage experience with Kristof Cale. They’re in for a steamy oiled up FFM three-way.

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Fake Taxi – Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan Rodriguez – Voyeur Catches Sexy Couple Fucking
Released: March 23, 2017

How can someone get in a taxi with no money? Morgan was smokin’ hot, but I couldn’t help think she was silly when she asked me to stop at an ATM–then got back in to tell me her card was eaten by the machine! Typical. Since she was so attractive, I decided to offer her a deal: if she showed me her tits, I would waive the cost of the ride. Morgan agreed pretty quickly, and flashed me her big natural…

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Dane Jones – Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan Rodriguez – Thick cock creampie for curvy angel
Released: March 21, 2017

When it’s time to make love, sexy couple Morgan Rodriguez and Michael Fly tease each other until they can’t stand the sexual tension. Tonight, romance fills the air more than ever before. After indulging in a sensual makeout session, Michael strips off Morgan’s ivory sweater to shower her tits in little kisses. Moving down to her pretty pussy, he gives the redheaded minx a passionate clit-licking. Then, crawling onto her knees, Morgan returns the favor by sucking her lover’s thick cock. Both totally ensnared by their desires, Max and Morgan can’t resist any longer, and entangle their bodies in a slow sultry fucking.

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Sinful XXX – Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan Rodriguez – Sinful XXX
Released: February 8, 2017

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Strassenflirts # 86: Leipzig

Cast: Coco Kiss, Morgan Rodriguez, Pina Deluxe, Scarlett Scott

Geile Anmache in Leipzig. Coco Kiss versucht mal so zu machen wie sonst immer Conny Dachs, also stellt sich Coco Kiss auf die Strasse und schafft es tatsächlich einen jungen Mann zu überreden als Unterwäschemodel zu stehen, doch in der Unterwäsche bleibt er nicht lange!

Morgan eine junge Touristin fragt nach einem Hostel, doch leider ist sie mit dieser Frage an Conny Dachs gegangen, er lässt die Gelgenheit nicht aus und zeigt ihr sein eigenes Sofa inklusive Extras!

Am Hauptbahnhof trifft Conny die geile Pina, dort macht er auch Produkt Test aufmerksam und gibt der Pina gleich einen Vibrator in die Hand. Pina findet es geil und schiebt sich diesen gleich zwischen die Beine und danach den großen von Conny.

Am Abend möchte Conny noch ein Mädchen abschleppen und trifft dabei Scarlett. Sein Vorwand wäre eine Leggins Kollektion, wobei er sie unbedingt braucht, doch Scarlett kennt Conny schon aus diversen Videos und so erspart sich Conny das weitere und kommt gleich zur Sache.

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Car Trouble # 2

Featured image

Cast: Stacy Snake, Morgan Rodriguez, Bree Haze, July Sun

More gorgeous European girls hitching a ride, more hot sex, more TROUBLE! These hotties know what they want, and how to get it. The only question is could you handle it?

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Karups PC – Morgan Rodriguez

Featured image

Morgan Rodriguez – Hardcore
Released: October 27, 2016

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Fake Agent – Morgan Rodriguez

Featured image

Morgan Rodriguez – Shy Amateur Loves Sucking Cock
Released: October 22, 2016

The best move to ease new talent like Morgan Rodriguez into the adult industry is to fire up their imaginations for the fun of being on set for a big American television shoot. Since I was casting a body double in an epic fantasy series, and she’d need to appear nude in softcore scenes. Since Morgan was going to have to spend the day lounging around naked in front of strangers, I asked her to disrobe …

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