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Scoreland – Morgan Leigh

Morgan Leigh – Holiday Hooter Hump
Released: July 4, 2017

Morgan Leigh said she would do an on-camera tit-fuck and hand job once and only once. For the first and last time, Morgan put on her star spangled banner bikini and went to the beach to do a P.O.V. Tits & Tugs. If Morgan sauntered over to you and offered you a hand party, would you decline? As her target drove his skin tanker through Morgan’s titty tunnel, her masterful cock-milking finally makes his balls brakes go out and his load of man-juice overturns, soaking her surrounding hills. Not surprising. A man would have to have iron balls to resist the handiwork of a babe as slim-n-stacked as the great Morgan Leigh. As we mentioned before, this was it for Morgan so keep this remastered scene in a safe place. It wasn’t easy to “pull off” on the beach.

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Score Videos – Daphne Rosen & Morgan Leigh

Daphne Rosen & Morgan Leigh – Busty ‘N’ Wet
Released: March 1, 2017

Daphne Rosen of America met Morgan Leigh of England in Busty ‘N’ Wet to give credit to the gorgeous faces and giant pairs of tits behind longstanding US/UK relations. It was a successful summit meeting. When Daphne and Morgan did the deed, Daphne was pleasantly surprised that Morgan sucked on her tits the same way a guy would. During the ride to the location of this greet, meet and eat party, they chatted. “When you’re fucking, have you ever had them clapping together?” Daphne asks Morgan. “Mine will start jiggling around” Morgan replied. “If you get really sweaty or you’ve got lube on them or cum or whatever and they really start squelching around, it’s so funny! There are some funny things you can do with big tits, can’t you?” After licking each other’s pink cunts under a waterfall, Morgan stuck a dildo in her own pussy and tit-banged Daphne with the other end. That’s what breast friends and bosom buddies are for. They never met again but their foxy fling can be jacked to for years to cum.

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Score Land – Morgan Leigh & Summer Sinn

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Morgan Leigh & Summer Sinn – Sweater Stretchers
Released: October 4, 2016

Summer Sinn and Morgan Leigh were at the SCORE studio at the same time for different shoots. They got on famously and compared their big ole titties while they were trying on tight sweaters and tight tops. Summer tells Morgan that she’s gotten horny from looking at her and from the feel of the fabric rubbing against her nipples. She asks Morgan to walk with her to the warehouse where one of the regulars, JMac, is unloading boxes of magazines for a few extra bucks. Summer hits him up and asks him if he wants to fuck her in the studio. Summer wants Morgan to stay and watch. She’ll orgasm harder having Morgan in the same room while she’s being fucked. And Summer wants to suck Morgan’s nipples and have Morgan suck her nipples while she gets a cock to stroke and fill her cunt. Even though she’s never fucked on-camera before, Morgan agrees. She’s never seen another woman fuck in person before, just in pictures and videos.

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