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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel, Mina Thorne, Kendra James & Alexandra Snow

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Lexi Sindel, Mina Thorne, Kendra James & Alexandra Snow – Legendary Ballbusting 2
Released: June 11, 2016

When four legendary Dominatrixes get together to bust some balls just one pair will not suffice. Mistresses Lexi Sindel, Mina Thorne, Kendra James, and Alexandra Snow have a blast taking turns kicking and kneeing the first poor slave, laughing as he crumbles to the ground again and again. Once he has been broken, the second slave is pulled out of his cage and subjected to being kicked and ball stomped until he too is lying on the floor, clutching his broken nuts. But these cruel Mistresses are far from done with their unfortunate slaves; the Dommes order their bitches to lock their arms together to keep them upright for even more ball kicking abuse. Even when on the ground in agony, these slaves are not safe from a vicious kick to the nuts from these sadists. The two poor slaves are left in a heap on the floor, balls broken and ordered to “cuddle” together for the Domme’s amusement.

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Femdom Empire – Alexandra Snow, Kendra James, Lexi Sindel & Mina Thorne

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Alexandra Snow, Kendra James, Lexi Sindel & Mina Thorne – Premature Orgasm Ruiner
Released: February 8, 2016

Mistress Lexi Sindel rewards her slave with a hand-job, Mistress Mina Thone rubs her ass on his face while Lexi begins to stroke. The eager slave gets so excited that he blows his load in 30 SECONDS! LOL Without her even touching his cock. The girls decide to thoroughly ruin his orgasm! The Premature ejaculator is punished by having his legs flipped over his head and they milk the remaining sperm into his mouth. Next his sensitive post orgasm cock is stroked ruthlessly while he struggles and squirms to get away. Then they being tickle torture digging their claws into his ribs making him really struggle and squirm. His belly is left with deep red scratch marks.

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