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Candy Sweet & Meg Magic Arousal – Sex Lust & VideoTape Episode 2 – Arousal
Released: October 7, 2015

Candy Sweet checks her appearance nervously in the bathroom, before starting a video interview with Meg Magic that has her opening up about her sexual experiences. As she confesses that she has often imagined having an encounter with another girl, she starts to get aroused, stroking herself sensuously. Meg grabs her for a kiss, and they begin to undress and suck each other’s nipples. Meg lies back so Candy can sit on her face, rocking her hips as she gets eaten expertly. Candy then goes down to lick Meg, thrusting her tongue deep and then sliding her fingers inside to increase the horny sensations. Candy goes face down, ass up and Meg licks her pussy hungrily and then switches to her asshole. Candy fingers Meg to an orgasm and then sits astride her to get rubbed to a climax of her own.

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