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Blacked – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – How To Train A Housewife Part 2
Released: April 30, 2017

Makenna has been having affair with her personal trainer, Jason, while her husband is at work, and she is still craving more. She has a fantasy of being with two men at the same time, and when she tells Jason, he says he can make this happen for her. He brings along a good friend of his and she is so excited about the prospect of what is to come. She gets to his house and meets up with the two guys, obviously equally as eager to enjoy this experience. At last, she is on the cusp of making her ultimate fantasy a reality.

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New Sensations – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – Makenna Has One More Need In Mind
Released: April 5, 2017

Makenna luckily has a great neighbor like Logan, to help around the house while her husband is away on business. She decided to fuck him for all his help, with approval from the hubby and quickly wraps her mouth around his cock filling her hot mouth. Her pink pussy was a little too tight but Logan had no problem pounding away for her final need of a facial bath.

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Private Casting X – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – Cutie agreed to fuck for cash
Released: February 16, 2017

Makenna is a shorthaired cutie with a charming smile and a great body. She works at a coffee shop and wants to be a music video model, but I got a different offer for her today. I got 1000 dollars to spend and I wanna fuck a hot chick for my personal video collection. This line always works for me and this kitten agreed almost too quickly. It must have been that month without a bf that made sex for cash seem like a good idea. Was a great fuck tho!

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Mano Job – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – A Little Bit of Tease
Released: January 2, 2017

She’s blonde. She’s got an ass that won’t quit. She’s quiet. She’s sexy. She’s a tease. She’s Makenna Blue, and she’s brand new to (not only) Porn Valley, but our family of sites as well. If Makenna’s sultry gaze won’t do it for you, perhaps her beautiful body will. Sure, she doesn’t say much, but when she does, it’s hot. Makenna’s a world-class cam girl, which means she’s gonna kill it for ManoJob today. Makenna’s familiar with working for a load, although it didn’t take much for Stunt Cock to unload once she dropped to her knees for The Grand Finale!

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Kinky Family – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – Kinky Family
Released: January 21, 2017

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ATK Girlfriends – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – She felt like having a creampie in the morning
Released: January 15, 2017

Makenna looks so cute sleeping with her little short hair. She wakes up smiling when you play with her nipples, and moaning when you dig your face in between her legs. You can’t believe you’re getting to fuck that curvy body. It’s hot watching Makenna spread her pussy open so your cock can penetrate her deeply in reverse cowgirl. Finally it’s time to cum, and you get to push out a good creampie.

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Blacked – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – How To Train A Housewife
Released: December 31, 2016

When Makenna moved to LA she started to workout to keep in shape. Her trainer comes over three times a week, pushing her to the limit with an added bonus that he is really hot. There is a lot of sexual tension between them, but the problem is, Makenna’s husband is always around – until this weekend. After her session with Jason she begins to flirt with him, getting him to run his hands over her newly toned body. He can’t resist her advances and takes their professional relationship to a completely new level.

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Innocent High – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – Shy Yet Seductive
Released: December 19, 2016

Makenna has had some immense troubles staying focused in class. Not only that, but its also been tough for her to make friends, so she consults her guidance counselor on how to handle the situation. The counselor comes to the conclusion that Makenna is just shy, and should probably try to open up some more, but how will she do it? Makenna thought a great way to start would be pushing her sexy counselor against the wall and letting him fuck her. She couldnt be serious, but as soon as his cock went down her slutty throat he knew she meant business. To help her become more outspoken, her counselor also rammed her pussy roughly to make her speak up. She screamed out for more, and he could tell there was hope for her yet. Judging by how receptive she was to his massive load, it looks like Makenna might be making big improvements this semester!!!

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Tease POV – Makenna Blue

Makenna Blue – Tease POV
Released: December 2, 2016

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Punish Teens – Makenna Blue

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Makenna Blue – Punish Teens
Released: September 26, 2016

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