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Hard Tied – Maggie Mead


Maggie Mead – Rosebud
Released: January 16, 2013

PD went to the store and he almost left thinking they didn’t have anything to keep him busy for the night. Then he saw Maggie Mead in the parking lot and knew he had to have her. She didn’t have a price tag so PD just packed her up, threw her in a cart and brought her home. Now it is time to give this new toy a test. How slutty is this hot redhead? Well, her ass can take Mr. Pogo with hardly any resistance. All her holes readily accept whatever PD decides to shove inside of her. It may be better when it is just a dildo, but when he starts to hook up the electrodes she will wish her body made it a little harder. If all PD was interested in was fucking he wouldn’t be taking girls home wrapped up in tape. PD wants to violate and humiliate Maggie. He wants her to resist it, at first, to struggle and scream. And ultimately he wants to break her spirit and her body. The truth, though, is that if Maggie didn’t want those things too, she wouldn’t be letting men take her home wrapped up in tape.

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Infernal Restraints – Maggie Mead


Maggie Mead – Cangue
Released: January 4, 2013

That block of wood around Maggie Mead’s neck has a special name and an interesting history. It is called a cangue. Prisoners in some cultures would be forced to wear one as a public display of the shame their crimes had brought them. It is heavy, unyielding and unwieldy. Even the act of feeding herself is impossible for as long as it is attached. What it doesn’t do, though, is just as important. It does not, for instance, inhibit her tormentor in any way. PD has unfettered access to her body. He can put castration bands around her nipples and tie them to the cangue. He can cane her tits and ass freely. He can even attach her knees to the corners of the device, keeping them spread apart so that she cannot protect her pussy.

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Real Time Bondage – Maggie Mead


Maggie Mead – Maggie Meat
Released: November 24, 2012

Maggie Mead is a smart mouthed little tramp that is going to learn her place today. Every time PD or a member asks her a question you can be sure she is going to give the most wise-ass response she can think of. That kind of behavior lands her in exactly the kind of trouble that she loves. Her nipples are not just clamped, there is electricity running through them. She is tasked with holding a weight in her pussy and the frequent shocks mean that muscle fatigue is the least of her worries. Amazingly enough, when they add even more weight she still holds on tight. Her body is twitching from the strain but she does not drop her charge. You would think that the experience would teach her some humility but she is as ungrateful as ever in minutes. We want to feed her lunch and this bitch rejects our gift like it is beneath her. If it is good enough for the other pets it should be more than good enough for her. We will just have to think of some other means of giving it to her.

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