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Euro Sex Parties – Sharon Lee & Luna Corazon

Sharon Lee & Luna Corazon – World Class Pussy
Released: March 26, 2017

Sharon came back for another dick-down and this time she brought along her sexy friend Luna. The ladies made themselves comfortable by sensually kissing while undressing each other. Tony watched from the sidelines with his cock in hand ready to jump in the action but the ladies made him wait. They tongue and finger fucked one another and after a few minutes, they grabbed Tony’s hard cock. Sharon and Luna took turns sucking and riding the dick. Eventually, Tony shot his load all over them.

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Viv Thomas – Katrin Tequila & Luna Corazon

Katrin Tequila & Luna Corazon – The Seduction
Released: March 8, 2017

Brazilian star Luna Corazon arrives at the studio ready to shoot with director Sandra Shine, as episode four of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” begins. The ebony beauty puts on a robe, ready for slender blonde make-up artist Katrin Tequila – making her Viv Thomas debut – to attend to her. Of course Luna can’t resist flirting, and when Sandra is called away, she takes her chance to seduce Katrin, who responds eagerly to her advances. They grope each other avidly as they move to the bedroom, and Katrin undresses and straddles her new friend, letting Luna suck her stiff nipples. Sandra returns with the second model for the shoot, but where is the make-up artist? She’s sitting on Luna’s face, getting her pussy eaten! Luna long-licks Katrin’s clit skilfully as she rubs herself inside her panties. Katrin spins around into a sixty-nine, licking Luna’s slit while Luna begins to frig Katrin’s pulsing clit, finger fucking her and sucking her hungrily. When Luna’s expert stroking has pushed Katrin over the edge into an orgasm, she kneels between her naughty partner’s thighs to eat her out, Luna’s bright pink pussy slick with her own juice as Katrin laps at her. Luna rocks her hips up to grind against Katrin’s mouth, cumming hard. But insatiable Luna’s not done yet, and goes down to eat Katrin again, as her partner for her scene sits and waits impatiently…

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Viv Thomas – Luna Corazon & Stella Cox

Luna Corazon & Stella Cox – The Dancer
Released: March 1, 2017

As episode three of Sandra Shine’s hot movie “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” begins, Brazilian beauty Luna Corazon runs into her busty girlfriend Stella Cox in the street. Luna takes Stella to her dance studio, where she shows her some sexy pole dance moves. As Luna persuades Stella to try it, she confesses to having a crush on her. Stella is attracted to sexy Luna too and they kiss, Luna baring Stella’s big breasts and sucking them enthusiastically. They rub their hard nipples together and Stella hangs onto the pole as Luna peels down her tight yoga pants and rubs her through her lace panties, then tugs then down too and licks her shaved pussy. Luna leads Stella to the sofa, lavishing attention on her huge natural tits again before going down to eat her pussy. Stella lifts her hips to rub against Luna’s mouth and fingers. Luna moves into scissors, grinding her hot pussy against Stella’s making the curvy blonde lose control and cum hard and loudly. Now Stella spreads Luna’s succulent pussy lips open and slides her tongue deep inside. As she eats voraciously, Luna closes her eyes and grabs her own tits. But the ebony goddess wants more, so as Stella starts to double digit frig her, she brings her own hands into action on her distended clit. When she’s approaching boiling point, Luna rolls over with her ass in the air, so that Stella can lick her sodden pussy from behind, before using her fingers to take her over the edge into a powerful orgasm. Exhausted and satiated, the girls cuddle before returning to their impromptu dance class.

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Viv Thomas – Liona Levi & Luna Corazon

Liona Levi & Luna Corazon – The Blackout
Released: February 22, 2017

As episode two of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” begins, insatiable Luna Corazon is face down in cute Liona Levi’s pussy. Ebony beauty Luna is hidden by the bedcovers as she licks her girlfriend hungrily; but she stops abruptly when she realizes that naughty Liona has answered her phone! The next day, Luna is browsing through MetArt (every girl’s favorite nude site) when she has the idea of disconnecting the internet, so she will get Liona’s full attention. When Liona gets home, Luna is waiting for her in sexy underwear, ready to apologise, secretly knowing there will be no distractions this time. Luna massages Liona’s feet and then undresses her, kissing down to her sweet small breasts, sucking each nipple until it is stiff between her lips, stroking Liona’s crotch through her pants. Yanking Liona’s pants down to her knees, Luna uses two fingers to pleasure her shaven pussy. She sucks and licks on Liona’s dark pink pussy lips and clitoris with much love, licking her pussy juices out of her hole and spreading them around. She finger bangs her girlfriend skilfully, sucking her clit into her mouth with lips tightly pursed, working her pussy, eager to make her lover climax. But the Brazilian babe is also eager for her own sexual satisfaction, and straddles Liona’s face in a sixty-nine, riding her tongue as she licks and fingers Liona’s pussy even harder. She turns around so she can see Liona’s pretty face as she gets eaten, tweaking her own nipples and grinding over Liona’s face. She moves into spoons to finger Liona again, kissing her passionately. Luna is so relaxed by the make-up sex that it’s not until the next morning she remembers the disconnected internet…

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Viv Thomas – Frida Sante & Luna Corazon

Frida Sante & Luna Corazon – The Translator
Released: February 15, 2017

As episode one of “Luna’s Heavenly Bodies” begins, we see sexy director Sandra Shine in a cameo role, lecturing her translator, Luna Corazon, about being professional and not flirting. Ebony beauty Luna is bored, until she sets eyes on gorgeous Mexican brunette Frida Sante, who looks hot in her business attire. Naughty Luna translates into Frida’s native Spanish, but adds a few extra touches of her own, making sure they close the deal over a drink, and Frida ends up having to stay at Sandra’s place. Later that night, Luna is woken from an erotic dream about Frida showering by a knock at the door. It’s Frida, dressed in sexy lingerie. They take to the bed immediately, kissing noisily through moans of lust. Frida kneels between Luna’s spread thighs, sucking her nipples hard and kissing her way down to Luna’s waiting pussy. With a sensual delicacy, Frida tastes her new lover’s honey, licking her through her panties, making Luna cry out for more. Frida tugs Luna’s panties aside, finding her shaved pussy so wet and parting her dark labia with her tongue. Sensuality gives way to raw lust, Frida thrusting her tongue deep. Luna sits up to suck and squeeze Frida’s fantastic tits; then slides two hands under her ass and lifts her hips from the bed to eat her glistening pussy skilfully, talking dirty to her in sexy Spanish. Frida sits on Luna’s face, the hot tamale stuffing a couple of fingers into her own pussy as Luna tongues her clit, while the horny Brazilian babe is so aroused she plays with her own soaked slot too. The girls give each other intense orgasms before Frida creeps back to her room; but in the morning she has a surprise for Luna…

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Mike’s Apartment – Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon – One Nigth of Fun
Released: February 15, 2017

Ever wondered what a hot catalog modeled looked like naked? I picture lots of women naked so maybe it’s just me. Regardless, this chick is super fucking sexy, even if you’re not into skinny chicks this beauty is some serious eye candy. Her name is Luna Corazon and for those of you who failed spanish class, it literally translates to Moon Heart. Pretty slick name that I can wax poetic about but I’ll save you guys some time and just point you to hit that play button and check this super model for yourselves.

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21 Naturals – Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon – Interracial Lust
Released: January 28, 2017

Luna Corazon is idly browsing her smart phone when Toby arrives, randy and ready for sex. She has the same thing on her mind, as we see her nipples harden on her small perky breasts. Toby bows down to worship his goddess, softly licking her tender wet pussy. The cunnilingus drives her wild, and she soon returns the favor and sucks his cock deepthroat. Toby takes her missionary on the couch while she cries out with pleasure. They then switch to doggy-style, cowgirl and then reverse-cowgirl for a full set of sexual position exercise. Filled to the brim with such love-making, Toby finally unleashes his spunk all over Luna’s delicate perfect breasts. A sensuous start to the day.

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Digital Playground – Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon – Sky High
Released: January 28, 2017

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Exposed Casting – Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon – Hot Brazilian ebony babe Luna Corazon gets fucked in juicy POV casting
Released: January 24, 2017

Beautiful black babe Luna Corazon gets banged by David Perry in this enticing casting. He’ll cum all over her beautiful shaved pussy.

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Pix And Video – Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon – Interracial Office Orgasm
Released: January 20, 2017

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Fitness Rooms – Terra Swain, Bianca Bennet & Luna Corazon

Terra Swain, Bianca Bennet & Luna Corazon – Gym milf and students threesome
Released: January 16, 2017

Gym trainer Terra Swain doesn’t accept any nonsense in her aerobics classes. So, when misbehaving students Bianca Bennet and Luna Corazon sneak off to makeout, the fit MILF takes matters into her own hands. After the workout session ends, Terra makes them both stay behind for a rough spanking. But the lesbian ladies are enjoying their punishment a bit too much! Soon, spandex shorts and sports bras start coming off, and the Euro beauties set their hearts racing in an energetic, interracial threesome. Face-fucking, finger-banging, and pussy-eating until they’re all out-of-breath and dripping with more than just sweat!

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Lesbea – Luna Corazon & Bianca Bennet

Luna Corazon & Bianca Bennet – Black babe and hot blonde make love
Released: January 15, 2017

Hot interracial couple Luna Corazon and Bianca Bennet don’t even need to take off their lingerie to have a sexy good time! As X-rated foreplay to their lesbian lovemaking, the girlfriends rub their panty-wearing pussies together, tribbing until they both orgasm loudly. But they don’t stop the pleasure train there. Blonde babe Bianca rolls things along by undressing her ebony lover, teasing her pretty innie pussy with her fingers and lips, before letting Luna return the XXX favor. Climbing atop her lover, Bianca rides Luna’s face in a final twat-wetting climax, dripping her sweet juices onto Luna’s lovely mouth!

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Dane Jones – Luna Corazon

Luna Corazon – Ebony office babe hot for coworker
Released: January 6, 2017

Ebony beauty Luna Corazon is used to turning heads at the office with her skin tight skirts and sky high heels. But handsome co-worker Max Dyor never seems to notice her. Baffled by his lack of interest, Luna decides to make a play for his attention. But all her cute attempts to catch his fancy seem to fail. Well, until she makes a sexy photocopy of her tits in lingerie! When Max catches sight of Luna’s lacy bosom, he sees his foxy college with fresh eyes. Clearing his desk with a dramatic sweep of hand, the horny Euros now have a perfect place to enact their dirtiest work fantasies! Moaning and cumming through their X-rated tryst, Luna rides Max’s thick cock in Cowgirl until he jizzes a creamy cumshot all over her mocha pussy!

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Viv Thomas – Kira Thorn & Luna Corazon

Kira Thorn & Luna Corazon – The Stalker
Released: January 4, 2017

As episode one of Sandra Shine’s “Adrogynous” begins, an ominous figure in a hoodie strolls along a train track, kicking a can, face obscured. The figure stops on the bridge, and pretty blonde Kira Thorn – making her Viv Thomas debut – glances nervously as she walks past in her short skirt and high heels. After a moment, the watcher follows Kira, tracking her along the street. Kira speeds up nervously, but by the time she reaches her front door, her predator has caught her – and removes the hood to reveal it’s not a man but a gorgeous girl, Luna Corazon! Kira lets Luna kiss her, and then leads her inside; she is hesitant at first, but soon returns the Brazilian beauty’s kisses passionately. Kira is happy to be dominated by the ebony stunner, who throws her down on the bed, undresses to reveal her wonderfully athletic body, then straddles her and sucks her hard pink nipples. Luna licks Kira hungrily through her lace panties, then rips them apart and eats her skilfully, spreading her puffy lips to get at the wet pink interior. Thrusting her fingers into Kira’s pussy, she works her to fever pitch, then rolls her into spoons and frigs her ferociously, her fingers soaked as Kira comes hard. Luna stands over Kira to get her own pussy eaten, rocking her hips as she grinds on her mouth, then lying back for Kira to lick her to an intense orgasm. Luna leaves her new lover mystified, but utterly satisfied.

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Mom XXX – Angel Wicky, Kim & Luna Corazon

Angel Wicky, Kim & Luna Corazon – Naughty Ebony and Asian Babysitters
Released: December 28, 2016

As soon as busty MILF Angel leaves the house, hot babysitters Davon and Luna kick off their shoes to go explore. After finding a strap-on dildo and pretty pink vibrator in the bedroom, randy Davon strips off her jeans to pleasure herself, then suggests they put the toys back where they found them. But sneaky Luna has a better idea. The horny duo wait until Angel returns, then confront her with the plastic dicks, demanding to know what they’re for. When Angel asks what she can do to keep them quiet, the dominant teens have the flustered mama eat their tight pussies. In the steamy interracial threesome that follows, Angel strap-on fucks each of her enterprising employees, her big natural tits bouncing with every thrust, until she makes them cum so hard she knows they’ll keep her naughty secrets.

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