Bombshell & Linet Slang – Funky And Fancy Fashion Fuckers
Released: March 1, 2013

Bombshell and Linet Slang are both looking amazing in this Fully Clothed update, with Linet looking pretty in her pink blouse, black skirt, and pantyhose, and Bombshell wearing some super cool, ass tight pants with an electric blue stripe running down them that exposes her kinky side beneath her love of looking good! This fancy and funky duo are going to do everything they can to get their man out of bed, acting lazy, and if it takes rocking his world than so be it! As you might expect, this guy is very much up to the task once this duo blows his cock to rock hard status, and from there it’s up to him to take these two sexy freaks to town, ripping Linet’s pantyhose and ripping a fuck hole in Bombshell’s funky pants as well! All this dude needs is a whole to slide into his well dressed fuck partners, and when he’s destroyed them both right there in his bed he blows his load right onto Linet’s pussy! Nothing like a fully clothed fuck combo with two different and totally hot fashion styles!

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