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VIPissy – Dido Angel & Lexi Dona

Dido Angel & Lexi Dona – VIPissy
Released: April 17, 2017

Gorgeous blonde Dido shows off her long legs to raven haired hottie Lexi Dona as they both sit on a sofa fighting over a potential modelling job. They start to strip each other from their bikinis and their frustration turns into passion as they touch each others pussies with their hands. While their respective hands are touching each other, both girls spray a stream of their piss over the wooden floor and Dido immediately gets onto her knees to lick Lexi’s pussy. Lexi sprays another stream of her piss into Dido’s mouth, letting her taste her juices and then it is Lexi’s turn to get on her knees and return the favour. These horny girls still have a lot of tension and end up spitting piss into each others faces before a bit of hair pulling takes place! These naked European babes sit pussy-to-pussy and piss again, making sure their toned bodies are covered in golden pee! Once they are finished they kiss each other with their pee soaked bodies and messy hair on full display!

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TMW VR Net – Nedda & Lexi Dona

Nedda & Lexi Dona – Hot lezzies use a double dildo for double pleasure
Released: March 24, 2017

It is getting hot in a bedroom shared by two sexy babes! Blonde cutie and her brunette girlfriend share everything including sex toys. This time they try a new double dildo that can fill both shaved pussies already pouring the sweet female juice. Passionate scissor fuck with a dildo and double cunnilingus make these babes cum few times. Great VR porn clip with hot lesbian girlfriends playing hard!

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TMW VR Net – Lexi Dona

Lexi Dona – Hottie’s usual morning
Released: March 14, 2017

They say that a bow-tie is a gentleman’s attribute and that not a single woman should wear it. Nowadays this stereotype is dead and some hotties risk wearing bow-ties. For example, this cutie believes that pink gauzy skirt and bow-tie is the best morning outfit. She claims her mood goes up when she poses and even orgasms in it.

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Teach Me Fisting – Lexi Dona & Katy Sky

Lexi Dona & Katy Sky – Full Anal Fisting Orgasm
Released: March 13, 2017

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VIPissy – Lexi Dona & Nedda

Lexi Dona & Nedda – Best Friends
Released: March 6, 2017

Beautiful brunette Nedda is sleeping when her gorgeous girlfriend Lexi walks in, wearing blue lingerie and black lace stockings. She is in the mood for some fun so she pulls Nedda’s panties to one side and places her hand on her already juicy pussy. Nedda seems to be quite a heavy sleeper so Lexi decides to stand above her on the bed and pull her own panties to one side before spraying her in golden showers! After waking her up, Lexi also sprays into Nedda’s mouth and treats her to some pussy licking as she kneels up in the doggystyle position. Nedda is seriously turned on now and starts to strip Lexi before laying her on her back and licking her pussy too. Lexi fires a stream of piss up into the air and hits Nedda’s mouth. Lexi then fingers Nedda and enjoys a mouthful of her piss too as she sprays towards Lexi’s mouth. Nedda decides to use a purple speculum on Lexi’s pussy as she bends over and together they create a fountain of piss. These girls certainly love their watersports! Lexi bends Nedda over so that she can attempt to piss over her own pretty little face before both girls take turns to pleasure each other with a purple dildo! Finally, these naughty babes lay on the bed and while naked, fire piss streams over each others bodies, making themselves and the bedsheets drenched in piss!

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Fister Twister – Delphine & Lexi Dona

Delphine & Lexi Dona – Fister Twister
Released: March 2, 2017

Petite babe Lexi Dona gets her hands on pretty blonde Delphine in this update on Fister Twister as this pair start as they mean to go on with complete nakedness! They kiss and Lexi starts to touch Delphine’s pussy before laying her back and working it some more. She fingers this eager blonde and gapes her pussy apart before letting Delphine taste her juices. Using a metal speculum, Lexi inserts it into Delphine’s pussy and stretches her hole even wider then slides a couple of fingers inside her at the same time. After removing her speculum, Lexi works her way up to a big sex toy which she inserts into Delphine’s pussy while she positions herself into the doggystyle position. This scene is slightly different to normal as Lexi is in the mood for some pleasure too so enjoys getting her pussy licked! The fisting fun starts and Lexi slides her whole hand up inside Delphine’s pussy while we capture the whole thing on film. Moving from doggystyle to a laid back position, Delphine toys her pussy with an Hitachi Magic Wand at the same time to really ramp up her pleasure!

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TMW VR Net – Taissia & Lexi Dona

Taissia & Lexi Dona – Two bisexual babes fuck using a guy instead of bed
Released: February 25, 2017

Sweet brunette vixens do some mischievous stuff near a swimming pool while a horny guy watches them. They play dirty by licking pussies and drilling wet holes with dildos making a real cock hard as a rock. Aroused lesbian babes decide to add a real cock into their girl-on-girl game and make out right on guy’s abs. After passionate threesome naughty girls beg a guy come on them.

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Fister Twister – Daphne & Lexi Dona

Daphne & Lexi Dona – Dildo Surprise
Released: February 23, 2017

We have two gorgeous raven haired hotties for you today on Fister Twister with Lexi Dona and Daphne making an appearance. Lexi can’t wait to get her hands on Daphne and straight away these two stunning naked babes kiss and get intimate with each other. Lexi stretches Daphne’s pussy apart with her fingers and inserts a couple into her hole while showing us close-ups of Daphne’s pussy. Daphne doesn’t want Lexi to feel left out so she bends her over and licks her pussy before Lexi treats her to the same action and gapes Daphne’s pussy apart using her hands. Holding a monster sized dildo near her pussy, Lexi forces Daphne to suck it and dominates her before inserting it into her pussy stretching it even more! Soon, Lexi moves onto her fist and treats Daphne to some lesbian fisting fun as her whole fist slides into Daphne’s pussy and at one point Lexi gets two hands into her hole with ease! Once she has finished fisting her, Lexi makes Daphne taste her own pussy juice and both girls look very happy with their efforts for today’s scene!

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TMW VR Net – Taissia & Lexi Dona

Taissia & Lexi Dona – Cute Brunette Plays with Her Lesbian Friend Near P
Released: February 14, 2017

The eye-catching brunette Taisia with long hair and white skin undresses and rides a horny lesbian girlfriend near a swimming pool. The tanned beauty Lexy is very pleased with the cowgirl pose. She moans while naughty Taisia licks her wet muff and drills her hole with a tender finger. Both beautiful girls reach climax after passionate scissor fucking.

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Viv Thomas – Lexi Dona & Nataly Von

Lexi Dona & Nataly Von – My First – Reloaded Episode 4 – Steamy
Released: February 8, 2017

Nataly Von is working out in tight yoga pants and leotard as episode four of “My First: Reloaded” begins. Raven haired babe Lexi Dona comes in and lies down on the couch beside her, while Nataly pumps weights, totally unaware of her friend masturbating behind her. Later, Lexi is on her laptop when Nataly saunters in, her yoga pants riding low. She takes a swig of water and deliberately spills it all down herself. Lexi helps her out of her pants, running her hand over Nataly’s fit body as she pours water down her chest, soaking her leotard, making her nipples jut out visibly. Lexi is quick to fondle her small, perky tits. Nataly straddles her sexed up friend and the lovers kiss passionately, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies. Lexi sucks Nataly’s nipples fully erect and the gym bunny thrusts her pussy at Lexi, needing to feel her touch. She spreads her legs to let Lexi kiss her way down until she is kneeling at her feet and twirling her tongue over Nataly’s wet, glistening pussy. Nataly’s moans grow louder as Lexi inserts two fingers between her labia, finger fucking her fast while she tweaks her clit and tongues it eagerly. Nataly cums hard and Lexi wipes a trail of Nataly’s pussy juice up over her flat stomach and rises to kiss her again. Nataly undresses her bronzed friend quickly and switches positions to grind her hand over Lexi’s tight pussy and finger her wet hole. Lexi’s so hot for it that she thrusts herself up off the table, slamming her pussy hard against Nataly’s hand, grinding her clit with two fingers as she cums loudly. Nataly bends over the table, rubbing her clit hard as Lexi laps at her hole from behind, her nose buried between Nataly’s firm ass cheeks. Nataly’s body shivers with pleasure as she cums on tiptoes from Lexi’s experienced touch. Time for Lexi to feel the delights of being eaten out from behind, and Nataly excels; her hands cannot stop groping Lexi’s snatch, and she stands to grind her hand hard and fast over Lexi’s clit, the two of them bringing her off with fiery intensity.

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Let’s Try Anal # 21

Cast: Blondie Fesser, Sophia Torres, Lexi Dona, Kaylee Banks, Ava Campos

First Time Ass Fucking!

Ava has a tight anal ass.

Lexi gives anal for the holidays.

Curvy Latina blondie gives you anal.

Sophia flashes the film class.

Kaylee makes homemade anal porn.

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Viv Thomas – Lexi Dona, Nataly Von & Paula Shy – Insatiable

Lexi Dona, Nataly Von & Paula Shy – Insatiable
Released: February 1, 2017

As the final episode of “All About Me” begins, Nataly Von wakes and dresses, preparing to leave. Her memories take her back to time spent with Paula Shy and Lexi Dona, when these two sexy babes were Nataly’s audience for a very erotic striptease. Nataly dances for them and they help her out of her dress, pulling her panties down as together they begin to kiss her creamy thighs and flat stomach. Paula and Lexi are really into Nataly’s pale, slim body – they can’t stop themselves from touching her, and soon all three are kissing, Paula sucking Nataly’s nipples sensually in an orgy of groping hands. Before long the threesome are naked, Lexi sitting with Nataly leaning back on her as Paula licks Nataly’s tight pussy. Paula fingers Nataly as Lexi reaches down to strum her clit. Their experienced touch brings Nataly off fast and loud, much to their delight. But they’re not finished with her yet. As Nataly turns to kiss Paula, Lexi fingers her pussy some more, eating her out from behind. After a hot threeway kiss, Paula and Lexi sit back on the couch with their legs held high and Nataly eats both their pussies, rubbing her fingers over them and tasting their juices. She eases a finger into each ready hole, fucking them both with the same rhythm and making them come together in a crescendo of passion. As Nataly leaves she looks radiant, her sexual awakening complete.

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Fister Twister – Proxy Page & Lexi Dona

Proxy Page & Lexi Dona – Fister Twister
Released: January 26, 2017

Lexi Dona gets another contender for Fister Twister today in the gorgeous form of Proxy Page. This punk chick fancied her changes with Lexi Dona who immediately starts to grope her big tits and play with her nipple piercings. Soon, Proxy is naked and Lexi oils up her hands before sliding them between Proxy’s cleavage. She bends Proxy over and gapes both of her holes with her fingers. She then inserts a few fingers and suddenly slides her whole fist inside Proxy’s ass! Taking her hands out, she lets Proxy taste her own juices before going in for more fisting fun. A first on Fister Twister, Lexi manages to squeeze both of her hands inside Proxy’s ass, gaping it wider than it has ever been before! Fancying some penetration fun, Lexi shoves the thicker end of a bottle inside Proxy’s ready ass hole and gapes it wide apart before briefly going back to using her hands. Finally, this horny babe takes on a massive dildo and then licks it clean. She has proved herself a very worthy contender indeed!

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Teach Me Fisting – Lexi Dona & Lucy Shine

Lexi Dona & Lucy Shine – Lucky Lucy Sexy Lexi
Released: January 14, 2017

Lucy Shine and Lexi Dona are two lesbians set for some actions. Watch these two perfect babes kiss each other all over their natural breasts and tight bubble butts. This blonde brunette combo gets hot and heavy, as they licking each other’s pussies and eat each other out. Soon we want to get deeper, and the lesbian love combo goes fist-deep in their stretched out pussies.

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Lesbea – Lexi Dona & Paula Shy

Lexi Dona & Paula Shy – Curvy Asian and sweet little Czech
Released: January 8, 2017

It was supposed to be a quiet night-in for lesbian lovers Lexi Dona and Paula Shy. But these two frisky beauties can’t keep their hands off each other! Lounging together on Lexi’s lush pillowy duvet, romance was heavy in the air for the lovebirds. Slowly slipping off their lace lingerie, they proceeded to explore every silky inch of one another. Lexi spends extra time at Paula’s big pert tits, while her Asian girlfriend gives more loving to her tight, dripping pussy. Both ladies end the evening by seeing stars, as they rub their clits together in harmony, letting orgasm after orgasm ripple through them in a tender round of tribbing.

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