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Fitness Rooms – Katana & Lady Dee

Katana & Lady Dee – Hula Hoop Hotties Get Sex Physical
Released: July 24, 2017

Lady Dee can hula hoop like a pro, but her friend Katana doesn’t have the hip movements down. Today at the Sexyhub Gym, Lady tries to teach Katana how to gyrate her hips just so, even stepping in behind her for a two-girl hoop attempt, but being so close, the lovely Asians catch the scent of each other’s perfume, and start admiring each other’s bodies. Pulling their shirts off, they engage in a little nipple play before they begin to kiss, groping at each other’s perky tits, and pert gym-perfected asses. After fingering Katana to an orgasm, Lady rides her pretty friend’s face, kicking off a sweaty post-workout session that leaves both pairs of underwear and all the gym mats dripping with cum.

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Teen Dreams – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Teen Dreams
Released: June 28, 2017

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ALS Scan – Lady Dee & Lola

Lady Dee & Lola – Fair Trade
Released: June 28, 2017

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Wow Girls – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Every Inch Is Yours
Released: June 26, 2017

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TMW VR Net – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – High-heeled brunette masturbates till orgasm
Released: June 20, 2017

Some chicks are afraid of red clothes or red lipstick because they think it will make them look older. Hey, girls, don’t forget that red is a color of passion. This stunning brunette with a long ponytail adores red more than any other color. In fact, red turns her on to such a limit that she needs to take off her panties and play with her pussy.

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The Life Erotic – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Pheromone 2
Released: June 20, 2017

Lady Dee, a petite and beautiful Czech babe with long black hair and brown eyes, has spent the night with her lover, Lucy – but wakes up alone in Lucy’s bed. An affectionate note with lipstick kisses reassures her that Lucy will be back and tells her, “Missing your scent already.” Dee finds Lucy’s hot-pink thong on the nightstand and sniffs it, breathing in the sexy aroma as she caresses herself through her cute black teddy. Next, she grabs the cap of Lucy’s ornate perfume bottle – a golden cone with a clear glass ball at the top. She begins to nuzzle then suck on it, like she’s going down on it. She opens the snap-fasteners at her crotch, exposing her shaved, swollen pussy, which she immediately begins to rub with her manicured fingers. Then, after lubing it with saliva, she stirs two digits around inside of it. Her breath comes in deep, slow gasps, in time with her fingering. Using both hands she stretches and splays her snatch, then fingers it again, humping her ass clear of the bed. She strips naked, revealing a slender body, pierced navel and small, perfect breasts. She smears her nipples with saliva then plays the bulbous glass end of the perfume bottle against her clit, teases the entire length of her slit and slides it close to her pussy opening. Whipping her long hair, she kneels up and puts on Lucy’s robe, inhaling her scent from it. Then she lies back and continues to stroke herself with the bottle cap before finally slipping it into her snatch. It opens her up even wider, as she fingers her clit. As she nears orgasm she frigs herself harder, moaning. Then, she cums, her body writhing, and she clamps her thighs around her hands as her climax shakes her body. Watch to the end for a close-up of her pretty, blissed-out face, and a single drop of her cum dripping down the shaft of the bottle cap…

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Lady Dee & Terra Twain – Lesbian Pussy Pleasure on the Stairs
Released: June 10, 2017

When sultry Lady Dee slips off to the bath to spend some naughty time alone with her vibrator, her girlfriend Terra overhears her soft moans and sneaks upstairs to capture the moment on camera. The sight of the leggy, raven-haired beauty splayed out in a crotchless netted body stocking makes Terra’s pussy pulse, so she slips a hand to masturbate as she watches. Later, when she admits her sneaking filming, Lady offers to pleasure her as well, kneeling to lick Terra’s delicious outie pussy in the stairwell as she films. Then she uses her pink vibrator to bring Terra to a clit-quaking, leg-shaking orgasm that reassures her that Lady is hers, and hers alone.

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Lesbea – Lady Dee & Kira Zen

Lady Dee & Kira Zen – Sexy lesbian trib in winter cabin
Released: May 14, 2017

Vacationing together in Zurich, girlfriends Lady Dee and Kira Zen are taking advantage of April’s last chilly days at a stunning sky resort. As Kira admires her wintery surroundings from the balcony, Lady joins her for some outdoor foreplay. But a cool breeze is blowing through the pine trees, so the lesbian lovers move inside to warm-up–and strip-down! Leaving a trail of clothes to the bed, Lady and Kira get toasty with a round of pussy-licking and finger-banging. After they both have their share of oral orgasms, the beautiful Czechs rub their juicy twats together in a sexy tribbing. Glowing from their hot lovemaking, it’s time to explore the beautiful wilderness around them, and maybe have a quickie in the woods!

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Met Art Films – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Watching
Released: May 12, 2017

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Dane Jones – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Sensual shower sex for sweet lovers
Released: May 5, 2017

Bored of always having sex in their bedroom, Kristof Cale wants to get Lady Dee wetter than wet–in the shower! Using the faucet on his girlfriend’s pink pussy, he brings the raven-haired teen to orgasm, before she takes his thick cock in her mouth. After a sloppy blowjob, the lovers are ready to get riding! Lady climbs atop Kristof’s joystick in Cowgirl, but after showering for so long, they’re starting to run out of hot water. The couple decides to move into the cozy oasis of their bed, where they resume their tender lovemaking. But when Kristof pops his cumshot all over Lady’s pussy, maybe it’s time for another sexy washing-up…

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Wow Girls – Clover & Lady Dee

Clover & Lady Dee – Sex Connection
Released: May 3, 2017

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Nubile Films – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Down On You
Released: May 1, 2017

Lusty Lady D. is always up for a good time, even when it’s first thing in the morning. When she wakes to find Jorge still asleep beside her, she knows just what to do. Moving slowly, she runs her tongue up his hardon to give Jorge the type of wakeup he loves. After accepting an actual kiss from him, Lady goes back to work wrapping her puffy lips around his shaft to suck him off. When Jorge interrupts Lady’s blowjob to lay her down and lap away at the nectar between her thighs, Lady is happy to let it happen. The long strokes of Jorge’s tongue up and down her bare slit juxtaposed with the rougher touch of his lips as he sucks her folds in create an exquisite friction. Soon, Lady is whimpering her excitement and her need for something a little more hardcore. When Jorge kisses his way back up Lady’s body, she is happy to roll onto her hands and knees and lift her bottom into the air. That position exposes her perfectly to Jorge’s touch and opens her so that he can easily slide into her from behind. Those long languid strokes gradually speed up, especially as Lady works her way onto her knees so that Jorge is fucking her while pushing up on every thrust. That position hits many of the right spots, but flipping onto her back leaves Lady panting with sheer joy. Jorge knows just how to push all of Lady’s buttons until she is quivering and moaning from sheer joy as she grips the bed stand to stay grounded. It’s not long before Jorge joins his lover in ecstasy, pulling out with just a heartbeat to spare before he explodes his passion all over Lady’s mound.

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Dane Jones – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Petite girl in sauna and shower
Released: April 25, 2017

Ricky Rascal is chillin’ like a villain inside the sauna when Lady Dee saunters in. The two Czechs are already feeling pretty steamy, but everything is about to get a lot hotter! The raven-haired teen does have that seductive effect on men, and Ricky certainly isn’t immune to her charms. Soon he finds himself caressing the droplets of sweat off her petite body. Under his gentle touch, Lady opens herself up for a deep fingering and sensual pussy-licking, then gives Ricky a long, sloppy blowjob. Ignoring the rising temperatures, the horny Euros get frisky with a Doggystyle fucking, before moving to the shower for more sexy positions, a cum facial for Lady, and an intimate washing up. After all, you have to get dirty to get clean!

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Dane Jones – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Intimate couple romantic passion
Released: April 11, 2017

Wearing a flowery sun dress, Czech teen Lady Dee looks like summertime itself, and new boyfriend Dean Van Damme can’t resist her warm embrace. As the Euro couple canoodles on the bed, their cuddling soon turns into a passionate makeout session. With their clothes falling to the floor, Lady goes down on Dean’s big cock for a sloppy blowjob, before the tattooed Viking gives her a sensual pussy-licking. Both feeling overcome by horny arousal, their lovemaking is tender and intimate, as Lady’s orgasmic moans fill the bedroom. After making sure his lover is breathlessly satisfied, Dean pops his cumshot across the brunette babe’s perfectly flat tummy.

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Fitness Rooms – Lady Dee

Lady Dee – Two cocks workout for hot fit teen
Released: April 3, 2017

Steve Q might be useless at lifting weights, but teen trainer Lady Dee is soon to discover his other physical talents, especially when gym hunk Angelo Godshack decides to join in! During a mediocre training session with Steve, the fit spinner sticks out her perfect booty to demonstrate squats for the clueless chap. Well, Steve and Angelo both get an eyeful of Lady’s ass… and huge hard-ons in their shorts! Seeing the effect she’s had on them, the 19-year-old beauty decides to take matters into her own naughty hands. As Lady leads, a MMF threesome gets started with an amazing oral train. Once the guys have taken turns fucking her tight pussy, it’s time for a double cum facial!

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