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The Life Erotic – Kira Zen

Kira Zen – Watch Me 2
Released: April 21, 2017

Kira Zen is back, making Watch Me a must-watch movie. Petite and slender, with long, brunette hair, she’s looking her gorgeous best, barefoot in a cute, pastel-pink skater-style minidress. However, all is not well in her world – a cellphone conversation leaves her so angry, she throws the phone on the ground. Standing by a half-open, floor-to-ceiling window to cool off, she sees the mailman delivering letters. Posing seductively, she beckons him into her yard. He enters her home, climbing the stairs to join her in her living room, where she is sitting on a chair. We then get to watch the horny show she puts on, from his perspective. Kira raises her flared skirt to reveal a tiny pair of white-lace panties, and runs her hand over them. She unzips the top of her dress to expose a white-lace bra, and loses herself in pleasure as her fingers slide into her underwear. She pulls the crotch aside and strokes her juicing pussy. Next, she takes off her dress and then the bra, baring her beautiful small breasts and teasing her nipples with spit-wet, manicured fingertips. Finally she removes her panties, flaunting her ass as she reaches back to masturbate her partially shaved slit. As her hands rub and circle between her swollen pussy-lips, probing her snatch and edging close to her asshole, she moans out loud. Then, flashing a horny glance at her voyeur, she sits down on her chair again, thighs splayed wide, and continues to frig her pink. Soon, she brings herself to the brink of orgasm, then pure pleasure shudders through her entire body. As she relishes the afterglow, she shares another, more lingering look with her private audience – and, smiling with intent, stands up and walks toward him. Elsewhere, her cellphone rings, unanswered…

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Lesbea – Terra Twain & Kira Zen

Terra Twain & Kira Zen – Innocent brunette has Fem Dom sex
Released: April 2, 2017

MILF dominatrix Terra Twain is planning a special treat for her sweet submissive, Kira Zen. When the younger woman arrives at Terra’s sex dungeon, she discovers a set of leather lingerie on the bed. Eagerly slipping into the sexy garments, the innocent Kira is ready for Fem Dom playtime. After Terra treats Kira’s bubble butt to a round of spanking and ass worship, it’s time to begin the X-rated fun. Taking control, the mature hottie gives her lesbian lover a rough fingerbang, before bringing out a pink vibrator for some more intense, clit-quivering orgasms. When Terra is done with Kira’s juicy pussy, the beautiful brunette is blissfully breathless–and already daydreaming about round two!

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Fitness Rooms – Erica Black, Kira Zen & Terra Twain

Erica Black, Kira Zen & Terra Twain – Cute gym girls and teacher 3some
Released: March 27, 2017

In Terra Twain’s lifting class, gym babes Erica Black and Kira Zen can’t keep their hands off each other. Their flirty giggles attract the teacher’s attention and she’s less than pleased! Don’t these two naughty minxes know that working out is serious business? But Kira and Erica have a plan to soothe Terra’s hurt feelings. Staying after class, the two brunettes seduce their instructor for a lesbian threesome that begins with a double pussy-licking in Piledriver!

Download for Free » – Kira Zen & Cristal Caitlin

Kira Zen & Cristal Caitlin – Sexy brunette lesbian video diary
Released: March 25, 2017

Czech celebrity Kira Zen shoots the sexiest video diaries in Prague. Filming every moment of her weekend–from her booty workouts to steamy post-gym showers, and from her solo fingerbangs to naked dance parties–this gorgeous actress can sure sell a story. Once Kira’s amateur POV softcore goes online, there isn’t a man or woman in Europe who won’t lust after her! But this bisexual babe only has eyes for her pornstar girlfriend, Cristal Caitlin. Reunited at last in Cristal’s hotel room, the two lovers can’t wait to pleasure each other’s juicy pussies. Lots of licking, fingering, and face-fucking ensues, as Kira and Cristal enjoy their passionate romance that fame will never tarnish!

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Lesbea – Francesca DiCaprio & Kira Zen

Francesca DiCaprio & Kira Zen – Kisses and orgasms for sexy lesbians
Released: March 19, 2017

Romance is warming the chilly March air as new girlfriends Kira Zen and Francesca DiCaprio get ready to spend their first night together. Thrilled by the thought of finally having sex, they begin their lesbian lovemaking with lots of passionate foreplay. Kissing, caressing, and licking every part of each other’s gorgeous bodies, the brunette beauties are soon entangled in a naked embrace. Kira brings Francesca to orgasm first, playing lustfully with her pretty pink pussy. Then the curvy Italian pleasures her Czech lover’s twat, until they switch to a face-fucking 69, which makes both busty babes cry out in delicious climaxes!

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Babes – Kira Zen & Lena Love

Kira Zen & Lena Love – The Fairer Sex
Early Release: March 20, 2017

Download for Free » – Kira Zen & Naomi Bennet

Kira Zen & Naomi Bennet – Student roleplay strap on lesson
Released: March 11, 2017

Naughty schoolgirl Kira Zen hadn’t studied for yet another biology test, and this time, Miss Naomi Bennet isn’t putting up with her pupil’s nonsense. When Kira admits that she can’t find her own ovaries, the sexy teacher decides it’s time for a hands-on anatomy lesson. Slipping her fingers down her student’s shorts, Naomi shows Kira exactly how her tight teen pussy works! After a vigorous pussy-licking and finger-banging for Kira, it’s the slim brunette turn to go down on Naomi. Showing her teacher everything she’s learned, a satisfied Naomi then decides it’s time for Kira’s final lesson–how lesbians fuck with a sex toy strap-on!

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Lesbea – Kira Zen & Lady Bug

Kira Zen & Lady Bug – Girlfriends home alone 69 and trib
Released: March 5, 2017

“Check mate!” Kira Zen exclaims happily, as she wins at chess against girlfriend Lady Bug. The brunette babe may have taken Lady’s queen, but she has her heart too, and her enamored lover is secretly happy the game is over. Now they can have some X-rated fun! Starting out with pussy-licking and finger-banging, Kira and Lady treat each other’s pussies to a buffet of juicy orgasms. After they intertwine their gorgeous bodies for a face-fucking 69, and then finish their sexy tryst with a tribbing finale.

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Lesbea – Kira Zen & Sybil Kailena

Kira Zen & Sybil Kailena – Natural beauties pussy eating love
Released: February 26, 2017

Despite the February blizzards in Prague, Euro girlfriends Kira Zen and Sybil Kailena’s budding relationship has started to bloom into a beautifully tender love. Whenever the couple is alone together, they strip down to their lace lingerie and entwine their gorgeous bodies together in lesbian passion. Tonight in Sybil’s bedroom, Kira seduces the lovely Ukrainian by laying a path of kisses down her flat stomach. When Kira reaches her lover’s black thong, she pulls it away to bestow a sensual pussy-licking on Sybil’s juicy twat. After the brunette babe shudders into a blissful climax, it’s Kira’s turn–and Sybil has a sexy surprise planned! After she cheekily brings out a vibrator, Kira and Sybil massage each other’s clits with the sex toy, until they’re starry-eyed and breathless from cumming.

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The White Boxxx – Kira Zen & Lou

Kira Zen & Lou – Czech teens Kira Zen and Lou lick and finger each other’s soft pink pussies
Released: February 26, 2017

Kira Zen and Lou make sweet love to each other, taking turns caressing and licking their sweet shaved pussies and having intense, body-trembling orgasms.

Download for Free » – Bambi Joli & Kira Zen

Bambi Joli & Kira Zen – Hair tutorial becomes lez sex tape
Released: February 18, 2017

Girlfriends Bambi Joli and Kira Zen were filming a hair tutorial, but the brunette babes felt worried it wouldn’t get enough views online. So, Kira suggested they shoot it topless! As the half-naked Czech braided Bambi’s dark hair, she felt a stirring of lesbian longing as their warm bodies pressed together. So when they finished their softcore video, the horny Kira switched off the camera and seduced Bambi for some behind-the-scenes fun. Licking, fingering, and tribbing their way into pussy-shaking orgasms, these silly sweethearts would’ve gotten thousands of ‘likes’ if they’d just kept on filming!

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The Life Erotic – Kira Zen

Kira Zen – Woman
Released: February 17, 2017

Kira Zen makes a welcome return in Woman – and the sizzling-hot action begins immediately, as we join her on her couch. A gorgeous brunette, she’s fully dressed in a neat dark pantsuit and tight white tank, but her hands are already exploring her incredible slender body, and a huge, pink dildo lies on the cushion next to her. The initial source of her pleasure is a movie she’s watching on her cellphone – and we get a glimpse of two women kissing on screen. She undresses slowly, revealing boy-briefs, then peels off her top to expose and massage her small, perfect breasts. Her hands slip into her panties, then she grabs the dildo and begins to suck on it. The toy is double-ended and flexible, and bent at a sharp angle – so, when Kira slides one bulbous end inside of her briefs, stirring it in her trimmed pussy, it looks like a stiff cock jutting out, complete with balls bulging against the fabric. As she works it inside of herself, she licks her fingers, spit-lubing them, and slides them up and down the shaft like she’s jerking off – which moves the other end of the toy deep inside of her. When she takes off her panties, the illusion is over, but now we get to see the dildo in her wet snatch, as she squirms and humps on the couch. She pauses to suck on it then shifts position and reaches around to plow herself from behind, her cries of pleasure becoming increasingly loud until she finally cums. Then we linger with her as she relishes the afterglow, slowly licking and sucking on her juice-soaked toy.

Download for Free » – Yenna Black & Kira Zen

Yenna Black & Kira Zen – Brunette besties erotic audition
Released: January 28, 2017

Sexy brunette BFFs Yenna Black and Kira Zen are twice the trouble when they get together. Today is worse than usual because Yenna has schemed up an X-rated new career for the Euro besties! Suggesting they both answer an ad for erotic models, she says they should practice their lesbian love-making skills together on camera. Kira is, unsurprisingly, easy to convince! For someone who has never had a girl-on-girl experience, she’s a fast learner, quickly mastering the art of POV pussy-licking. And under Yenna’s capable tutelage, the duo are fingering, sucking, and rimming each other to multi-orgasmic bliss in no time.

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Met Art X – Kira Zen

Kira Zen – Lady In Red
Released: January 7, 2017

Sexy Kira Zen smiles as she drags her fingers through her luxurious long brown hair and caresses the erect nipples of her tiny breasts. The sultry expression on the Czech goddess’s face says she’s feeling exceptionally passionate, something echoed in her choice of clothing – a red dress. Staring at her reflection in a washroom mirror, she takes off the dress and massages her breasts through her black bra, before sliding her white pantyhose over her curvaceous ass. She leans against the tiled wall and rubs a hand between her legs to stimulate her shaven pussy. As she strums her clit, her bra slips off her shoulders revealing her tiny breasts. Suddenly the sexual electricity coursing through her body gets too much too handle standing up, so Kira crouches on her haunches to finger drill herself to orgasm.

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The Life Erotic – Kira Zen

Kira Zen – Play For Me
Released: January 3, 2017

Kira Zen, a very slender and petite blue-eyed brunette arrives home. She takes off her jacket to reveal a businesslike but sexy blue-black dress, worn with stockings and black high-heeled pumps. On a table in her airy, elegant home are a small bag and a letter. She opens the envelope to find crisp banknotes and a note that reads simply, “Play for me…” Then she opens the bag which contains a set of polished metal ben-wa balls. Following a brief black-and-white intro that gives a tantalizing taste of what’s to come, the action begins, with Kira sucking on one of the balls. She takes off her dress to reveal black mesh and lace lingerie, and hold-up stockings. She gives her pussy a little rub with her hands inside of her panties, which she then removes to bare a trimmed bush. For a while, she teases herself, moving the smooth, spit-wet balls over her small, perky breasts, flat belly, clit and pussy lips, then fingers herself, her moans muffled by the balls as she sucks on them again. She sits on a step of a large spiral staircase, legs splayed, then works them against her pussy. Her juices flowing, she at last begins to move the first ball in and out, dangles it over her mouth for a taste, then slips it inside. The second one soon follows, leaving the black cord and metal tag dangling out between her thighs. It pops back out as she plays with her tits and she clenches tight to hold the remaining ball inside. Finally, with both deep inside of her once again, she frigs her clit hard, her breathing heavy and cut with moans as she brings herself to orgasm. As each ball slips out, gently stretching her pussy, she gets an extra hit of pleasure. Then she sucks on the metal spheres, savoring the heat and flavor of her juices, before trailing them over her tender clit and slit…

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