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2 Chicks Same Time – Kimber Lee & Vanessa Cage

Kimber Lee & Vanessa Cage – 2 Chicks Same Time
Released: July 21, 2017

Vanessa Cage’s boyfriend is so good to her that it makes Kimber Lee sick with jealousy. Kimber’s man J is such a knucklehead that he was so busy playing video games he didn’t even remember their anniversary! To get revenge, Kimber has J sit on the couch while he’s forced to watch and not touch as Kimber and Vanessa make out, lick each others natural tits and eat each other out in a little girl-on-girl session! Try as he might, J has to keep his hands to himself in torturous fashion…until Vanessa sees him pull out his cock and starts salivating! She wants his big meat in her mouth so bad that she leans over and starts sucking on it, much to Kimber’s chagrin. But Kimber decides that enough is enough, and J’s learned his lesson, so why not a threesome?!

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Kimber Lee Live – Kimber Lee & Angelina

Kimber Lee & Angelina – Give You A Hot Footjob
Released: July 14, 2017

We LOVE playing with our favorite footboys. You are so lucky to be here with us and to watch us play with each others bare feet. Angelina rubs some ultra hydrating lotion on our feet. After our feet are all lotioned up, we can’t wait to have some fun with you! Look at our soft sexy soles and watch us tease you with our perfect toes. Finally, you get what you want.. Angelina and I give you an intense footjob until you shoot your sticky load right on the tops of our feet! Did this video make you cum? Tell me how much you love this video of me and Angelina Castro in my next LIVE show!! Check out Angelina’s website here !!

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Kimber Lee Live – I’ll Make You Cum But I Want Your Car

Kimber Lee – I’ll Make You Cum But I Want Your Car
Released: July 10, 2017

Hey bro I have the biggest favor to ask… Is there any chance that I can borrow your car for the night? Please bro, I promise I’ll take good care of it. I just need it to drive to my friends house, and then drive us to the concert and back home. That’s it! Please!? What do I have to do to get your car for 1 night? ..You want me to fuck you?? No way, I am not going to fuck my brother!! How about a handjob? Fine you win, I’ll blow you. But then I need your car asap!! Come play with me in my next camshow! FREE for all VNA members!!

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Kimber Lee Live – Keep Your Eyes On Me BJ

Kimber Lee – Keep Your Eyes On Me BJ
Released: June 30, 2017

Do you really think that I don’t know what you did? I know that you were checking out girls at the mall the other day. You’re supposed to have eyes for me! I can give you a great reason to stop checking out other hoes… I can suck your dick til you explode! But if I catch you looking at other girls again, you will face a very serious punishment! I tease the tip of your cock with my tongue, spit onto your shaft and slide your hard cock down my throat! I’m sure after this, you’ll only have eyes for me! Tell me how much you love my blowjobs in my next FREE camshow! I DARE you!! xoxo – Kimber

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Kimber Lee Live – Back Of The Club BJ

Kimber Lee – Back Of The Club BJ
Released: June 23, 2017

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Kimber Lee Live – Jerking Off Moms Husband

Kimber Lee – Jerking Off Moms Husband
Released: June 16, 2017

Mom has been up my ass about school and I’m about sick of it!! Today she crossed the line and took away my phone. She is such an idiot, I can’t believe she’s trying to ruin my life!! Well now I get my revenge and convince my step dad to help me out. I’m a young hot girl, so it’s impossible to resist me… I stroke off my moms hubby and get him to cum for me! He had such a huge load in him, I doubt mom has been fucking him. Poor guy has been in need of a release for a long time. Glad we could help each other out ;) I can’t wait to play with you in my next LIVE camshow! Free for all members <3 xoxo – Kimber

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Kimber Lee Live – I Want To Be Your Little Slut

Kimber Lee – I Want To Be Your Little Slut
Released: June 17, 2017

How bad do you want to grab onto my tight round ass? I know you love feeling my soft skin, and tease me through my panties… Being your little slut turns me on so much, I love doing whatever you tell me to! When you grab my hair and wrap your hand around my throat is so hot, that’s all I can think about right now. I need to feel you inside me so bad right now baby, treat me like your personal whore! Watch me finger myself and talk dirty to you, begging you to cum inside me! Does my voice turn you on? Tell me in my next LIVE camshow!! FREE for all members!! xoxo – Kimber

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Kimber Lee Live – Dildo Riding Solo

Kimber Lee – Dildo Riding Solo
Released: June 13, 2017

My pussy has been craving your cock all day but you’ve been at work. I know I can’t wait until you come home for me to fuck you. I need something to fill up my pussy asap! Watch my ride this suction dildo on my bed post. This is so naughty but I am so horny! I glide my pussy up and down on the dildo and lick up all of my yummy pussy juice! Tell me how much you loved this video in my next LIVE camshow!! FREE for all of my members <3 xoxo – Kimber

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Kimber Lee Live – Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee – Swallowing My Boss Load For A Raise
Released: June 9, 2017

After working a couple extra hours at work, I’m ready to go home and relax. I am so happy that my boss finally gave me the raise I deserve!! When my papers finish printing out, I step into his office to drop them off. Of course I drop my papers right in front of him, making me bend over and exposing my bottom. I wasn’t too surprised when I caught my boss checking me out. There had been some sexual tension between us for some time now.. I unbutton my blouse and strip out of my skirt and thong. He’s growing harder for me with each second that passes. I finally give in and suck him off!! After he shoots his big load of cum into my mouth, I thank him again for the raise. I love my job!! I can’t wait to play with you in my *members only* LIVE camshow!! See you soon ;) xoxo – Kimber

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Kimber Lee Live – Let’s Make A Deal

Kimber Lee Live – Let’s Make A Deal
Released: May 26, 2017

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Moms Lick Teens – Kimber Lee & Blaten Lee

Kimber Lee & Blaten Lee – College Mammaries
Released: May 30, 2017

College cutie Kimber Lee is recently out as bisexual, and it has created conflict in her friendship with her best friend, who slams the door in Kimber’s face when she comes by to talk about the time they kissed. Kimber really liked kissing another girl, but her best friend found it weird. So when Blaten Lee, Kimber’s friend’s stepmom, arrives home from work and sees Kimber upset, she asks her what’s wrong. As the MILF listens, Blaten reveals that she was in a similar situation as Kimber when she was in college. Blaten offers to lend a hand–and a tongue–to the younger sorority slut to show her how great sex with another woman can be! Kimber’s pleasantly surprised by how much of a slut her best friend’s stepmom has turned out to be! Blaten seduces Kimber as this sexy MILF relives her college memories by sucking on Kimber’s tits and clit! But will Blaten’s stepdaughter catch her in the act of finger fucking the cute, submissive Kimber Lee?

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Kimber Lee Live – Lovers Retreat

Kimber Lee – Lovers Retreat
Released: May 21, 2017

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Public Pick Ups – Kimber Lee

Kimber Lee – Post-Workout Treat for Gym Babe
Early Release: May 24, 2017

After busting her amazing bubble butt at the gym, Kimber is happy to show off her bod! When the pretty blonde meets a horny voyeur with money, she flashes her big natural tits, then heads to an alley to suck and fuck for fat cash!

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Kimber Lee Live – I’ll Blow You For My Phone Back

Kimber Lee – I’ll Blow You For My Phone Back
Released: May 20, 2017

I can’t find my phone anywhere, have you seen it in the house at all? I know I had it when I was in my room, then I went into the kitchen and I can’t remember where I put it… Did you take it? If you took my phone you have to tell me!! I have some pictures on there that would not be good for my brother to see. Well maybe if I help you with something, you can help me find my phone. Let me blow you like you’ve never been blown before! I’m really good, just relax. Watch me shove your cock deep down my throat, making me gag. That cock looks too good, I have to feel it inside my pussy! I can’t wait to get our hard on to explode for me bro!! Come play with me in my LIVE camshows *FREE for all VNA members* xoxo – Kimber

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Kimber Lee Live – Best BJ Ever

Kimber Lee – Best BJ Ever
Released: May 11, 2017

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