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Piss Deluxe 7 Golden Shower Power Party Pissing

Cast: Adel Sunshine, Angel Piaf, Kate Gold, Nathaly Cherie, Vanessa, Angel Diamonds, Leila Smith, Vanessa Decker, Kirschley Swoon

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Golden Shower Power – Kate Gold & Ornella Morgan

Kate Gold & Ornella Morgan – Pretty Piss Bitches! Car Wash Hos Go Totally Nasty With Their Unbelievable Golden Flows!
Released: January 17, 2017

Kate Gold was supposed to get a proper car washing from a totally sexy babe, but when she sees things aren’t going as well as she’d like she walks on over and lets out her frustration in a stream of piss! Many would run away in terror, but this babe has plenty of her own piss to fight back with, and before they know it these dolled up babes are golden showering all over each other, back and forth with the piss flows! Of course they then want to taste those pissy pussies in some hot car-side lesbo action! Instead of cleaning anything up they make the whole scene full-on nasty, but we’d have it no other way!

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Fully Clothed Sex – Keira & Kate Gold

Keira & Kate Gold – Fully clothed lesbo’s having fun
Released: November 17, 2016

Amazing babes Kate Gold and Keira are in their casual but sexy outfits and are looking for some lesbo fun today. These two lesbians love to kiss, but they especially love licking pussies. These beauties are pretty horny, they eat each others snatch like hungry animals. These chicks are going deep inside each other, acting nasty and really getting off hard as they enjoy their female curves. It’s good to be a clit licking lesbo, so they can show you what these freaks do at home behind closed doors.

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Golden Shower Power – Kate Gold & Isabella Livi

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Kate Gold & Isabella Livi – Swap This Piss & Share This Cock – Girls Get Wet And Make It Rock! A Pissy Tale For Lovers Of The Golden Shower
Released: July 29, 2016

These farm girls are gonna need their hard hats during this insane piss event, because it’s about to start showering down on with with fury! They may be out in the yard, but of course they still look ridiculously sex in their outfits, and when Isabella Livi gets high above them with the help of some machinery the golden shower watersports truly begins! With one lucky guy providing the dick, these chicks take turns getting off and pissing all over the place! Don’t miss these freaks in some outdoor piss heat!

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Fully Clothed Sex – Kate Gold

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Kate Gold – Incredible Looking Redhead Enjoys Fully Clothed Sex
Released: March 10, 2016

This beautiful redhead, named Kate Gold, is taking care of this guy and his nice huge cock, but not before he has finished licking her pussy until it’s dripping wet. Kate takes off the guy’s pants and you can watch her sucking and slurping on his dick. The real action begins when sexy Kate is gets fucked by the big meat stick. She only pulls her skirt up and moves her panties to the side, so he can insert his tube steak into her cunt. She ends up with a cumshot all over her velvet blouse and she doesn’t mind it at all.

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Golden Shower Power – Uma, Kate Gold & Vanessa Decker

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Uma, Kate Gold & Vanessa Decker – United Colors Of Pissomania – The Blonde, The Black and The Red-Haired Present: The Bitch Witch Project
Released: August 6, 2014

Kate Gold and Vanessa Decker are up to no good, looking sexy in their very short outfits but looking to cause some problems in the luxury neighborhood their wandering around in. When Uma catches them at her gate she’s obviously upset, but when you get the gift of kinky black and redhead babes like these, well, you gotta make the most of it! Leading them next to her pool, she demands to see Kate piss all over Vanessa through her pantyhose, and once Uma’s satisfied that these are true golden shower girls she unleashes a fury of piss all over them! From there it’s an all out lesbo watersports event you have to see to believe, because no ones leaving the property without a proper pissing! Three kinksters show us the power of golden showers!

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Fully Clothed Pissing – Kate Gold, Viktoria Sweet & Nicole Vice

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Kate Gold, Viktoria Sweet & Nicole Vice – Pissing Her Loyalty Away
Released: December 19, 2013

Nicole Vice is a fine piece of ass but a horrible girlfriend, which she proudly demonstrates in this as she chats with her boyfriend on the phone, pretending to be at work, while her secret girlfriend Viktoria Sweet comes down the stairs, goes under the table, and starts eating away at Nicole’s tight pussy while she’s still talking! Of course she then has to go, for “business purposes”, but really she’s just getting down to fully clothed business with sexy Viktoria, each taking turns spreading those pussy lips and sticking their tongue inside. Viktoria is also happy to take a dildo deep inside her snatch, and they’re both happy to be dolled up and looking fine as hell with their secret lesbo selves! Nicole’s working a skimpy top and some jeans for a ‘rustic’ look, and Viktoria is rockin’ a satin blouse and some leggings that show off her tight booty perfectly. Looking hot is only part of the action, however, as once those pussies are satisfied they go full-on piss nasty, with each babe taking turns to golden shower all over each other, and then their other secret girlfriend Kate Gold comes by and adds even more piss showers right on both very satisfied babes’ heads!

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Fully Clothed Sex – Kate Gold & El Storm


Kate Gold & El Storm – Fully Clothed Qualified For The Job
Released: January 31, 2013

El Storm has a job interview today, which involves little more than having Kate Gold and a fashionable dude examine her sexy self, squeezing that perfect little booty and making no apologies for treating her like a piece of meat, and when they decide they want her services, she decides that she wants some fully clothed fun first with Kate Gold, then with that cock! No problems there, and the hot, fashion focused lesbo action begins, but these cock fiends can only stay away for so long, so in no time they’re both sucking down that big, hard cock with passion and then pulling those panties aside to get their pink pussies penetrated. El Storm takes it down in the floor while Kate bends over on the couch and takes it from behind, and after proving just how qualified they all are, the chicks get down on their knees and take this guy’s well earned jizz load, getting splattered on Kate’s cute, black top! Consider this girl hired and expect lots more duties of this nature!

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Pissing In Action – Natural Born Pissers # 7


Cast: Katy Sweet, Sharka Blue, Luciana, Roxyn, Jenna, Monika Thu, Kate Gold, Daria Glower, Tatiana Milovani

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Slime Wave – Jenna Lovely & Kate Gold


Jenna Lovely & Kate Gold – Getting Spunk Nasty For The Job
Released: August 21, 2012

Kate Gold better fucking look out because her interviewer Jenna Lovely really puts her subjects through one hell of an interview process, and if you’ve scene Jenna in her style of SlimeWave strap-on action you know she goes as hard as any man, and she has liters more cum to squirt out, making her a fuck partner the likes of which these unsuspecting babes have never experienced before. Kate Gold really wants this job, so she’ll gladly let Jenna bend her over, spread her ass, and check out her pussy, even if it is a bit unorthodox, but she ain’t seen nothing yet, because as soon as Barbie babe Jenna thrusts that strap-on deep into her Kate knows she’s in for a crazy time, getting rammed in several positions right there in the interview chair! However, as this is SlimeWave you know Kate’s in for a whole lot more, and as soon as Jenna starts blasting her down in cum she knows she’s entered the realm of the insane and quickly finds herself completely drenched in that gooey, white goodness, especially when she discovers a gloryhole that also blasts her from the other side! With this much spunk being blasted around, Jenna herself can’t help but to get her blouse and face splooged to the max as well, and by the time Kate is nice and fucked up she’s pretty sure she’s got the job, but either way she and Jenna are exhausted and looking nasty as fuck SlimeWave style!

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