Celine Noiret, Kate Barra, Brass & Ferrera Gomez – When The Guests Become The Birthday Cake
Released: November 8, 2012

It’s Ferrera Gomez’ birthday and she’s going to party how she wants to! Celine Noiret has been giving her a hard time about how she should look and behave before party guests Barra brass and Kate, but as they already have plenty of cakes around and both guests bring another cake, Ferrera has had it and slams Barra’s cake right into her dress! Shocked, because she’s known Ferrera her whole life, the party quickly takes a turn for the nasty, and as you might expect in an Allwam scene all four of these well dressed Eurobabes start a massive cake fight until they all become the cakes themselves! Totally caked up and messy as hell, these beauties are freaks in WaM action and the party ultimately becomes more satisfying than they ever imagined! Check out this birthday party cake massacre!

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