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Scoreland – Jolie Rain

Jolie Rain – Redhead With A Rack
Released: February 10, 2017

“I can cum fast or slow,” said Jolie Rain. “If I’m doing it for him, I’ll take my time and do it easy. But if I’ve been watching porn all day, I’m like, ‘Come here!’ and be done in 30 seconds. I’m a pervert, like I said. I like to look at girls. I love natural breasts. I love just everything about big, beautiful breasts. I’d be really sad if I didn’t. Girls are fine.” Jolie was a bartender when she was told she should be in SCORE. That was great advice, in our opinion.

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Scoreland – Jolie Rain

Jolie Rain – Busty Drill Sergeant
Released: February 7, 2017

Busty drill sergeant Jolie Rain works your private parts over this point-of-view training session at boob camp. She makes sure you get an honorable discharge all over her big tits. Jolie is an actual veteran and served in Iraq. “I’m really bad in the bedroom,” said Jolie. That’s an understatement “I like hair pulling and biting. Talking really, really dirty. I’m kind of a submissive. I’ve done bondage and have done it quite a bit. But I also like good, hard sex. It’s so much fun.

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Score Videos – Jolie Rain

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Jolie Rain – From Geek To Freak
Released: September 17, 2016

Jolie Rain is a hot I.T. girl from the T.I.T. Department. She’s a brainiac who knows everything about hardware. However, she’s not too keen on software. A girl like Jolie doesn’t like anything soft, especially dicks. It’s a miracle that Jolie agrees to fix fellow employee Jag’s computer. He’s a bumbling, sexist idiot who doubts Jolie’s skill, which pisses her off to no end. When it’s all said and done, Jolie fixes his computer. But the drama he created stirs up her hormones.

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Score Land – Jolie Rain

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Jolie Rain – Picked Up and Fucked
Released: September 20, 2014

“I’m a pervert in a female’s body,” says Jolie Rain, about to get fucked by JMac. Jolie may be boasting but she’s honest and truthful. Besides, everyone knows that redheads don’t lie. Everyone enjoys seeing Jolie in any way, any time, either flying solo or riding the love-pole. And today, she’s suckin’ on the rod, feeling those good vibes. “I love to have fun.

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Score HD – Jolie Rain


Jolie Rain – Full-Time Coed Part-Time Hooker
Released: September 28, 2013

Jolie Rain was working as a bartender when a musician smitten with her good looks and big tits urged her to contact SCORE. “I hadn’t really thought about myself too much as being able to do this,” said Jolie. “I thought it had to be girls with so much going on, and I felt that I’m this little college girl trying to have fun. But he told me, ‘No, I have a friend who loves SCORE, and you are…

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My GF – Jolie Rain


Jolie Rain – Thanks For The Mammories
Released: October 2, 2012

What’s up freaks and geeks? Maaan, do we have one heck of a video for you today! So we receive this video from a guy bangin his ex chick, and boy does she have some MASSIVE titties! I mean, these things are HUGE! One of the nicest racks I’ve seen to be quite honest. Anyways, tits, boys does she have some tits…and a tight ass pussy! She moans with every stroke. You guys are gonna love this honey. Hit that play button and bask in the mammories. Peace and out! 

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