Cast: Asphyxia Noir, Brooklyn Lee, Jada FireMason, Moore, Skin Diamond

Jules and Ann are young married lesbians who run asuccessful tattoo shop in LA. Their two-year marriage isshowing some strain. Ann loves Jules and Jules loves Annbut there`s something missing, at least for Jules. One dayJim (Xander), Ann`s step-brother by marriage, comes back toCalifornia and to Ann`s life, after disappearing in NewYork and Paris for a few years. Ann`s history with Jim iscomplicated. Almost-sex-as-teens complicated… Annsublimates her feelings for Jim by focusing on Jules. WhileJules wonders what wonders might exist on the otherside…of Jim`s zipper for instance. Can Ann and Julessurvive a most dangerous liaison? Will Jim provide sexualhealing for Ann and for Jules? Let`s just say there arethree sides to every story, and it`s never been more truethan now

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