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A Girl Knows – Iris Amore & Barra Brass

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Iris Amore & Barra Brass – Smooth Cats Fight For Love
Released: March 30, 2016

Good friends with benefits, Barra Brass and Iris Amore get excited and lovely for the young smooth naked bodies, as they go along playing that funny game together. The girls are ready to change the name of the game, and as she feels her innocent fingers rubbing around her clitoris…

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Sex Art – Carrie A & Iris Amore

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Carrie A & Iris Amore – Rewarded
Released: August 7, 2015

Enigmatic and understated are both accurate descriptions of Andrej Lupin’s “Rewarded,” but neither trait diminishes the viewer’s enjoyment — indeed, the mystery and subtlety of the production are major constituents of its appeal. When Iris Amore comes home — we’re not told where she’s been or what she’s done — she receives a warm, casual greeting from Carrie A. After taking off her shoes, but leaving the rest of her outfit on, Iris climbs into bed where Carrie soon joins her. The lighting is warm and soft and the mood is relaxed and comfortable — this is an established couple. Carrie A then makes the first move and continues in the role of pleasure-giver for the duration of the feature. After helping Iris out of her bra, Carrie moves down her cream-complected body, pulls her black panties to one side, and begins to leisurely and lovingly kiss, lick, and suck her shaven pussy. Iris is responsive, but in a most muted and restrained manner. She expresses the feelings she’s experiencing with her face and her eyes and remains nearly silent, moving only minimally. But Carrie is both skilled and persistent, she knows she’s achieving the desired effect, and goes about her task with love and generosity. As Iris grows more aroused, so does Carrie, and soon she’s not only eating her partner, she’s also got a hand in her own panties as she begins to masturbate. Iris grows gradually more expressive, writhing in place and breathing more deeply. When Carrie inserts two fingers inside her, Iris moans with orgasmic delight, and the sight and sound of her partner inspires Carrie to slide two fingers into her own pussy and finger-pump herself to an orgasm of her own. Carrie then covers Iris with the duvet, dims the lights, and exits as Iris, exhausted and satisfied, drifts off to sleep. We may never know why Carrie A chose to pleasure Iris Amore the way she does in “Rewarded,” but it remains a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding viewing experience.

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Sex Art – Iris Amore

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Iris Amore – In Love
Released: July 12, 2015

A film’s title telegraphs the subject and story. And when director Andrej Lupin titled “In Love” he clearly stated his artistic intent: to present an interlude featuring a couple in love. But a title, no matter how clear, simple, and direct it may be, cannot carry the entire film and deliver the message on its own. If he’d cast a woman and a man without the necessary emotional connection, or the ability to at least pretend to be “In Love,” the finished work would falter. That is most definitely not the case here! Two newcomers to Sexart — Iris Amore and Erik Evil — play the lovers, and they do it with such spontaneous and genuine sincerity it’s difficult to imagine that they’re not actually lovers in “real life.” The sweet, gleeful, joyous interaction this twosome display here is a treat to witness, and it gives the action an engaging additional layer of believability and real intimacy. The setting is a day spa. The couple descend a staircase and enter a steam room. As they kiss, pet, and play with each other they murmur words of endearment and playful instruction. Soon they’re steaming up the tiled space with heat of their own — Erik lovingly strokes and then eats Amore’s pussy, and she takes particular pleasure in performing a teasing blowjob complete with enticing eye-contact. The smile on Amore’s face as they begin to fuck is sweet and sincere, but the scene doesn’t end here. After a quick — and apparently very cold! — shower they adjourn to a cozy private bedroom where they indulge each other in a variety of sexual treats. Iris comes absolutely unglued when Erik power-strokes her to a dazzling orgasm, and Evil vigorously fucks his joyous playmate until she grabs his rampant erection and milks it dry. The title tells the tale, but it’s the film’s utterly natural and completely convincing stars that make “In Love” so irresistibly entertaining, and, yes, lovable.

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Iris Amore & Aiko – Web Chat
Released: June 13, 2015

Two lovely young ladies lying on the bed in their undies chatting away with a friend via web cam. Girlfriends regular Anna is away on holiday and gets a catch up call from the incredibly cute pair of Iris and Aiko in this fun and intimate scene. The two get jealous when they hear about Anna’s new female friend and give her just a taste of what she’s left behind, showing off their beautiful asses and soft kisses. But the fun doesn’t end when Anna goes offline, Aiko & Iris are all warmed up and ready for some love so they strip off and pleasure each other’s perfect pussies until they are both groaning in ecstasy.

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