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TMW VR Net – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Sweetie orgasms in arm-chair
Released: May 23, 2017

Many girls love pink but this hottie is really obsessed with it. She puts on pink clothes, surrounds herself with pink things and pays a lot of attention to her pink pussy. When she feels very much excited, she takes off tiny shorts, shows firm butt, wet slit and moves on to caressing them with her talented fingers in arm-chair.

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Dane Jones – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Handyman Fucks Cute Girl Home Alone
Released: May 16, 2017

When Martin was hired to paint this house, he wasn’t expecting to find a cute, naked babe posing in the bedroom, but that’s exactly what happened! And when Elle Rose discovered the towering handyman watching her with his big cock in his hand, the tiny spinner did exactly the opposite that he expected, and took that dick in her mouth to see if she could fit it down her throat! Forbidden, yes, but what’s Martin to do? He pounded that teen pussy up against the wall, then took it to the bed to hit it again! And the only decorating he got done was to paint pretty Elle’s fresh face with his cum.

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Wake Up ‘N’ Fuck – Elle Rose & Gina Gerson

Elle Rose & Gina Gerson – WUNF 215
Released: May 8, 2017

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Fake Agent – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Skinny Model Makes Sex An Art Form
Released: May 2, 2017

Elle looked so young when she came in today, I had to ask her age right away to make sure she was legal! I was so happy when she said 20. She was stunningly beautiful! Long, lovely brown hair, an incredible smile and bright blue eyes–innocent like an angel! She’d already done some softcore art modeling, and admitted she liked to masturbate to porn, so we started taking pictures, then I asked Elle to show me how she touches herself for the camera. Elle has the perfect spinner body. Perky tits and a nice juicy ass, like some kind of dream. She easily made herself cum on the casting couch as I watched. And when I asked if she wanted to touch my cock, she said yes, and started giving me a blowjob. Elle said it was a very interesting lesson! I had to agree. I pounded her tight pussy, then I covered her perfect body with cum.

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Lesbea – Alexis Crystal & Elle Rose

Alexis Crystal & Elle Rose – Lesbians share natural chemistry
Released: April 23, 2017

Tiny spinner Elle Rose is certainly making her desires known! Climbing on top of Alexis Crystal, she showers the leggy blonde with kisses and affection. Well, Alexis can take a hint, and she pulls off Elle’s panties for a sexy pussy-licking. Then her petite girlfriend returns the pleasure with a Doggystyle rimjob and fingerbang. But their lesbian playtime doesn’t end there! The gorgeous Euros ride each other’s faces with their juicy pussies, then rub them together in an energetic tribbing. Will they be able to resist another naughty round?

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The White Boxxx – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Romantic fucking and cum in mouth with hot small-titted Ukrainian Elle Rose
Released: April 23, 2017

Beautiful skinny babe Elle Rose fucks lover Adam Black in the bedroom. They’re passionate and sensual, giving and receiving lots of pleasure. He cums in her sweet mouth.

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Public Agent – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Sexy jogger fucked in the woods
Released: April 21, 2017

I saw amazing Elle Rose jogging in the woods today, and her sexy body made me stop her! I told her I owned a modeling agency and maybe she could work for me, and she agreed to do a quick photo shoot casting with me in exchange for a small fee. I kept my camera trained on her tight little ass as we walked to find a private spot, where Elle stripped down to her purple lingerie and posed for me. When we were finished with the pictures, I asked if she would like to make more money, maybe by sucking my dick? Elle giggled at the idea, but when I put the money in her hand, she was very excited, and said yes! We shook hands on our deal, then Elle took my big cock out of my pants and gave me a very nice blowjob. Such pretty red lips! I could tell she was enjoying it. My dick was too big for Elle’s tight pussy, so she had to work on getting it deeper slowly, but once it was in, we fucked like rabbits! The gorgeous Ukrainian swallowed every drop of my cum, and I left with her pocket full of money. A good deal, for sure!

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Massage Rooms – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Loud orgasms from tiny teen nympho
Released: April 17, 2017

Ukrainian teen Elle Rose is visiting SexyHub’s spa for the first time, and her masseur Steve Q can’t believe his good fortune! Sitting back to admire his brunette client, the Czech hunk is struck by Elle’s undeniable beauty. Perfectly petite with little all-natural tits and a sweet pussy, this Slavic spinner is a real vision to behold! Steve can’t wait to get his hands all over Elle. And he does! Massaging and stretching her tiny body, Steve feels his cock hardening with lust, and to his amazement, the pretty babe is getting turned-on herself. After Elle reaches to take off Steve’s pants, he eagerly thrusts into her tight twat for a rough fucking, as the room vibrates with her loud orgasms!

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TMW VR Net – Elle Rose & Angel Wicky

Elle Rose & Angel Wicky – Casting for new cutie
Released: April 14, 2017

We all know it is hard to find a good assistant who knows what the boss needs. If you find that treasure, you should cherish it. This dude is lucky enough to find the best helper in the world. She is a porn star Angel Wicky and she knows how to please her boss. She does everything from making coffee to finding new models and organizing castings. Sure, the boss rewards her for good job.

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TMW VR Net – Nedda & Elle Rose

Nedda & Elle Rose – Japanese style massage
Released: April 4, 2017

There is something mesmerizing about Japan. Many people fall in love with the country and its culture. Sexy brunette babe fell under the charms of Japan. She invites her girlfriend over to her place to show things she mastered already. She starts with gentle massage and, when her lover’s pussy is oiled well enough, she moves on to licking it and teasing her clit with skilled tongue.

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The Life Erotic – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Organic DP 2
Released: February 19, 2017

Elle Rose, petite and pretty with long, sun-kissed brunette hair, is in her kitchen, rustling up a fresh salad – but her hunger isn’t for food. She grabs a zucchini and starts to run her hands up and down its smooth, firm length, then sucks the end, slowly and sensuously. The action – or is it simply her nasty imagination? – takes an even hornier turn as she heads to her living room couch with two zucchini. First, she teases herself with her hands, running them over and inside of her white, lace-trimmed top and blue-jean shorts. Then she sucks on a zucchini again, before undressing to expose her small breasts and shaved pussy. Elle works the thick, green shaft against her slit – it looks so huge next to her pink pussy but she’s wet enough that she’s able to take it. The movie flashes back briefly to the kitchen and we see her slicing the vegetable. Then we rejoin her on the couch as she fucks herself hard with it, moaning as she pumps it in and out of her snatch. She changes position, kneeling doggy-style so she can take it even deeper, her cute toes pointing as her pleasure gets more intense. She cums but, still unsatisfied, sprawls back and pounds the zucchini into her pussy once again… then she eases it inside of her tight asshole. Even this isn’t enough, so she slides the second zucchini into her pussy, double-penetrating herself. Crammed to the limit with these two organic dildos, she grinds and humps, erotic ecstasy written all over her face. Finally, she unplugs her ass, and plows her pussy so hard and fast that her hand is a blur, and she screams out loud as she orgasms. As the movie ends, we join Elle in her kitchen, as she enjoys her salad. From the dreamy look on her face as she tastes a mouthful of zucchini, it seems her meal may in fact be dressed with her own juices…

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The Life Erotic – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Sexy Silence 2
Released: January 15, 2017

It’s late at night, and Elle Rose – petite and pretty with long, golden-brown hair, brown eyes and full lips – is sitting on a large couch, elegant in a little black dress. On the table in front of her is a beautiful glass dildo – it’s as much an ornament as it is a sex toy. Elle caresses it then sucks on it, her hand straying between her thighs. She takes off her dress to reveal a black bra and thong, and a tattoo of a red rose. Her bra is soon removed to expose small breasts with stiff, prominent nipples, and then she peels off her thong. She fingers her shaved pussy to get her juices flowing, before playing the tip of the dildo over her clit and sawing the shaft against her slit. Next, she slides it between her tender, fleshy pink lips and inside of her pussy, sighing and with pleasure written all over her face as she pumps it in and out. As her moans get louder, they wake a female neighbor who, irritated rather than turned on, knocks on the dividing wall. Elle isn’t going to let the need for silence spoil her fun but, after failing to quieten her moans with three fingers in her mouth, straps on a leather gag with a black rubber ball between her teeth. She resumes playing with the dildo, fucking herself deeper, harder and faster, her pussy oozing wet as she stirs and grinds the toy inside. The gag makes her drool and she rubs her saliva on her tits. She splays her legs and we’re treated to a close-up of her swollen pussy as she screws herself mercilessly. She moves onto her knees, bending over the back of the couch to flaunt her ass, then reaches back to fuck herself from a new angle, her long hair streaming down her back. As her arousal increases, her cute bare feet kick and flex in response. Close to cumming, she sits down again, reaching around behind one smooth, slender thigh to pound the dildo in and out until she orgasms. As she climaxes, she bites down on the gag, which muffles her moans but does nothing to stifle or disguise her pleasure. She spits out her gag and uses her fingers to wipe her drool on her naked body as she relishes the comedown. Then she walks out of the room, leaving the dildo on the couch.

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Woodman Casting X – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Hard – Fucked by 4 men
Released: January 12, 2017

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The Life Erotic – Elle Rose

Elle Rose – Metal And Skin 2
Released: December 16, 2016

Elle Rose, petite and fresh-faced with big blue eyes and long blonde hair, is sitting at a table, gazing at herself in a small mirror. She’s barefoot and casually dressed in light-blue jeans and a sleeveless check shirt – but her wholesome look conceals her kinky nature. She opens an old-fashioned jewelry box, checking out how her traditional necklaces look – then she retrieves a chain leash. Immediately, she takes off her shirt, revealing a black bra and red rose tattoo underneath. Next, she loses the bra, exposing perfect small breasts with stiff pink nipples. She plays the chain over them and drapes it around her neck, then brings a heavier leash into play as she strips down to her black-lace panties then gets naked. After draping a third leash around her neck, she takes out another chain, decorated with spiked drops, that connects a pair of silver nipple clamps. She clips these to her breasts, enjoying the sensation as she rubs the heaviest chain against her shaved crotch – a prelude to slipping her pink-painted fingertips between her pussy lips. Legs drawn up and splayed, she moans in delight as her pleasure builds, the clamps tugging on her tender nipples with every move she makes. She kneels down over the chair, reaching back to finger her swollen snatch, fingers circling over her juice-slick clit. Then she sits back in her seat, rubbing harder and faster, the chains jingling as her tits quiver. At last she cums, head thrown back, eyes shut and an ecstatic smile on her face. Finally, shutting her jewelry box, she walks away, her naked body still draped with the chains…

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Anal Beauty – Elle Rose

Featured image

Elle Rose – Lovers make hard anal sex
Released: November 7, 2016

Cutie was reading a book in her cozy bed when her boyfriend joined her. He undressed the hottie, stuffed her pussy with his long tongue and fingers and moved them inside her body till she was ready to give him a blowjob. Of course, this was not enough for the naughty lovers and they moved on to making hard sex in a doggy position. Curious dude even didn’t forget to check the chick’s tight ass.

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