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Danielle & Ella Martins – Danielle Sits On Ella Martins Face Dildo
Released: November 14, 2015

Brunette Ella Martin is a little tied up at the moment, with a strapless dildo hidden in her pantyhose, underneath her tight leather skirt. That’s ok because she doesn’t have to do anything but submit to Danielle’s whims, and luckily, she loves everything they do together. Danielle stuffs a mouth dildo into Ella’s mouth and then rips her white nylons so she can sit on Ella’s now useful face. However, once Danielle releases Ella from her bonds so that she can use her strapless dildo, the tables are turned and Ella becomes the dominant lesbian, with Danielle riding the dildo and sucking on Ella’s face dildo at the same time.

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