Dolly Valentine – Winning Cock
Released: January 4, 2013

Dolly makes a bet that she’ll win a video game, but if she loses she has to show her friend her tits. She ends up losing the game, but wins a hot fucking nonetheless. Dolly’s friend starts off by suckling her tiny tits and teasing her nips till they’re hard like pencil erasers. Then he does the same thing to her clit! The alt babe loves the lapping so much that she returns the favor, giving her friend a nice, slow blow job. Her pussy is now ready for action, and she grinds and bounces her little slit on his rod, sticking her little tits in the camera while she does it. In the middle of fucking, Dolly unexpectedly asks to be fucked in the ass! She took everyone by surprise and obviously loved the…

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