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Daphne Angel & Kira Zen – Bubble Bath and Pussy Licking Fun
Released: July 22, 2017

Bath time is always fun in the Zen/Angel household. After a long day at work, Kira and Daphne like to get naked and soaped up and fantasize about being somewhere tropical. But it always leads to more. Today, Kira is turned on by the feel of Daphne’s big all-natural breasts in the soap foam, but she’s never seen her pussy underwater! Taking the small camera Daphne keeps for these sultry occasions, Kira plunges it into the bathwater to take a pic of Daphne’s perfect shaved pussy. And when Daphne rises from the bathwater, her curvy body covered in foam, those puffy nipples on display, Kira can’t wait to finger her to a breathless, wet orgasm.

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Lesbea – Daphne Angel & Lucy Heart

Daphne Angel & Lucy Heart – Jilted Blonde Fucks Hot Best Friend
Released: July 9, 2017

Lucy Heart is devastated after a brutal breakup, but her best friend Daphne Angel is always by her side to offer an ear, support, and even some hot lesbian love as distraction! After sitting around the house for a few days, Lucy is relaxing in her favorite chair when Daphne comes to check on her. The presence of the hot brunette makes Lucy feel safe, and she realizes though there are many men in the world, she has just one best friend! Leaning forward, Daphne kisses Lucy to comfort her, and soon their embrace evolves into a stripping, pussy-licking love-making session, helped by Daphne’s blue dildo, that leaves Lucy feeling satisfied and loved, having forgotten all about her broken heart.

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Lesbea – Daphne Angel & Lexi Dona

Daphne Angel & Lexi Dona – Big Tits Lesbian and Tight Czech
Released: June 4, 2017

Daphne Angel hasn’t met her exotic new neighbour, Lexi Dona, but in the mornings, she sometimes catches a glimpse of the dark-haired goddess enjoying the backyard sun in her teeny-tiny outfits. Usually Daphne masturbates to quell her desire for the tanned gypsy-like beauty, but on the morning she sees Lexi in a little see-through sports bra and cut-off jean shorts, she wants more. Liberating her big pillowy tits from her silk robe, Daphne begins to touch herself, pressing her puffy nipples against the glass, and enticing Lexi to her door. Lexi responds like a moth to a flame. Once she’s inside, Daphne peels off Lexi’s clothes and licks her shaved pussy and ass, eliciting soft moans from her gorgeous neighbor, and a gentle orgasm. And Lexi returns the favor, licking and fingering beautiful Daphne to a leg-shaking, clit-shattering climax.

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Lesbea – Daphne Angel & Lady Bug

Daphne Angel & Lady Bug – Natural body face sitting lesbians
Released: March 26, 2017

The sexual chemistry between Daphne Angel and Lady Bug would make any single person jealous. Cuddling together on the sofa, these two luscious lesbians have the same X-rated thought in mind. Then again, there’s no better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than indulging in some lazy, sensual sex. After a makeout session gets both Daphne and Lady’s pussies feeling juicy wet, the curvy Euros strip naked and take turns face-fucking each other’s tight twats. As their moans of delight fill the air, this boring weekend is suddenly feeling a lot more exciting!

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Daphne Angel & Naomi Bennet – Cute babes home video sex toy test
Released: March 18, 2017

Freshly back from the XXX shop, girlfriends Naomi Bennet and Daphne Angel are excited to show off their new sex toys. Using a webcam, the brunette babes start a home video for Daphne’s bestie, who is holidaying in Croatia. After holding up each hot pink dildo and vibrator for the camera, the pretty teens get a wicked idea. Wouldn’t it be a better if they tested out the toys? Hoping to make Daphne’s BFF green with envy, Naomi and Daphne take turns pleasuring each other’s tight pussies with clit-tingling orgasms. There isn’t a lesbian alive who wouldn’t ditch her vacation to come play in Prague with these beauties!

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Mom XXX – Bianca Bennet & Daphne Angel

Bianca Bennet & Daphne Angel – Glamorous Milf cheats with lez teen
Released: February 13, 2017

After a decade of wedded bliss, Bianca Bennet’s marriage has grown tedious. Bored by her vanilla sex life, the gorgeous MILF longed to feel the touch of a new lover. So, when teen dream Daphne Angel moved in next-door, Bianca couldn’t wait to innocently invite her over for a cup of tea. But instead of sitting down to chat pleasantly, these two naughty Euros let their Orange Pekoe cool in the pot and scurried off to Bianca’s boudoir! There, they got quickly got cozy on the bed, kissing deeply and fondling each other’s perky tits. And Bianca and Daphne didn’t stop at just foreplay! Peeling off their tight dresses, the bisexual babes explored their pretty pink pussies, moving delightedly from cunnilingus to tribbing and face-fucking 69.

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Massage Rooms – Daphne Angel & Davon Kim

Daphne Angel & Davon Kim – Asian babe’s intense lesbian orgasm
Released: January 26, 2017

Want to hear a secret about SexyHub spa employee, Daphne Angel? Her main motivation for being a masseuse is her foot fetish! Rubbing oil into women’s delicate feet fills Daphne with wild, erotic desire. So, you can imagine the teen’s delight when Filipina spinner Davon Kim came in for an appointment! After massaging every inch of Davon’s petite tanned body, the brunette Czech finally reached her favorite part. Gently caressing her client’s feet against her big natural tits, Daphne can’t contain her lesbian lust. She gets naked and slides her oiled-up ass across Davon’s back, then up and down her little boobs. As the pretty Asian moans her approval, Daphne finger-bangs her tight outie pussy until Davon is cumming intensely–again, again, and again!

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Massage Rooms – Amanda Black & Daphne Angel

manda Black & Daphne Angel – Brunette fucks tight pussy lesbian
Released: January 12, 2017

Raven-haired vixen Amanda Black is early to her massage appointment with Daphne Angel. Waiting patiently in her skimpy towel, Amanda sees something a bit naughty! Her pretty masseuse is getting dressed behind a sheer screen, and every curve of her tight teen body is silhouetted for Amanda’s viewing pleasure. “I didn’t know you were already here,” Daphne exclaims as she emerges, startled to see her client sitting on the table, her doe eyes filled with longing. The shy Russian quickly looks away, but the romantic mood has already been set. As Daphne oils up Amanda’s supple body, her hands slip to her client’s gorgeous pussy, and soon the two Euro lesbians are scissoring up a storm of moans, kisses, and orgasms!

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Massage Rooms – Bianca Bennet & Daphne Angel

Bianca Bennet & Daphne Angel – Bianca Bennet & Daphne Angel
Released: January 5, 2017

Busty blonde Bianca Bennet never keeps the towel on during a massage. Preferring to let it all hang out, this naked goddess gave masseuse Daphne Angel the full peep show! Not that Daphne objected to seeing Bianca’s big perky tits, bubble butt, and pretty outie pussy. In fact, as Daphne rubbed warm oil into her client’s gorgeous body, the pretty brunette found herself getting wet with arousal. She tried to ignore her forbidden desires, but the temptation proved too much! Leaning in to kiss Bianca’s ear, things heated up quickly between the Euro lesbians and they found themselves pussy-licking and finger-banging in a naughty round of 69!

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Massage Rooms – Daphne Angel & Nikita Ricci

Daphne Angel & Nikita Ricci – Big Boob Babes Tribbing Lesbian Sex
Released: December 29, 2016

Massage therapist Daphne Angel somehow manages to maintain her professionalism, despite having hot, naked women on her table every day. But when the stunning raven-haired Nikita Ricci appears on her table, Daphne finds herself completely entranced. After removing Nikita’s fluffy white towel, Daphne has the busty beauty stretch out on the table, and gets a chance to admire Nikita’s big natural tits and pierced nipples. As Daphne massages warm oil onto Nikita’s supple, round ass, she feels she can’t hold back any longer. Slipping her fingers inside the folds of Nikita’s perfect pink pussy, Daphne elicits heavenly moans from her horny client, who lifts her ass off the table to meet the masseuse’s touch. Once she has orgasmed, Nikita turns the tables on Daphne, stripping the horny healer nude and licking and fingering her to a wild shaking orgasm.

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Massage Rooms – Daphne Angel & Daisy Lee

Daphne Angel & Daisy Lee – Juicy orgasms for young lesbians
Released: December 15, 2016

Massages are incredible for relieving stress, and Czech masseuse Daphne Angel is damn good at her job. Her secret? Delivering her own special brand of physical therapy with a sexy twist! Daphne’s last client of the day is blonde teen Daisy Lee. One look at Daisy’s gorgeous spinner body and Daphne can’t wait to help rub out the tension from her pretty little tits, small ass, and lithe limbs. Things start innocently enough. But when Daphne drizzles warm oil over Daisy’s tight pussy, her hands find their way to her client’s clit! As Daisy moans in receptive pleasure, the two horny lesbians jump into action. Licking, touching, and fingering until they collapse into each other’s arms, spent and satisfied from their many juicy orgasms!

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Massage Rooms – Daphne Angel & Gina

Daphne Angel & Gina – Deep orgasm for petite lesbian babe
Released: November 24, 2016

Russian doll Gina G has been waiting all day to get blissful release from sexy Czech masseuse, Daphne Angel. As Daphne dribbles warm oil over Gina’s stunning spinner body, massaging her tiny tits and stroking down her legs, both are overcome with surges of steamy desire. Their eyes meet and, in that fateful moment, passion ignites! The two smokin’ Euro lesbians take turns licking and fingering each other’s tight teen pussies, until both ladies are dripping juicily onto the massage table. Daphne brings Gina to her knees, giving her a final body-shaking orgasm that has her begging to be booked for next week’s session…

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Daphne Angel & Foxy Sanie – Slim shaved pussy eating lovers
Released: October 29, 2016

Daphne Angel has set up a camera to catch her sexy tattooed girlfriend’s gorgeous slender body on film. Both of these beauties are rocking tube tops today, so it doesn’t take long for their titties to be out and bouncing. Foxy Sanie loves Daphne’s natural big tits, and she goes absolutely wild sucking on those nipples. She pops her cute ass up into the air to receive her lesbian lover’s tongue, but she’s distracted by a hidden camera pointing at her. This edgy redhead is thrilled by Daphne’s naughty idea, so she decides to put on a good show for her GF to masturbate to later.

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Daphne Angel & Katy Rose – Flirtatious lesbian lovers bathing
Released: October 15, 2016

Daphne Angel has big plans for this evening. She’s got two tickets to the cinema, and her girlfriend Katy Rose is on her way. In preparation for her woman’s arrival, this busty teen steps into the tub to shave her smooth, pale legs. When Katy comes into the bathroom, she’s in an awfully playful mood. She caresses her lover’s thighs and kisses her petite feet and ticklish toes. Picking up on her GF’s flirty vibe, Daphne pulls her into the tub for some bath time fun. Katy is soaking wet, but not as wet as she will be once Daphne has had her way with her.

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Lesbea – Daphne Angel & Katy Rose

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Daphne Angel & Katy Rose – Plump Juicy Pussy Of Teen Eaten Out
Released: October 9, 2016

As soon as Katy Rose lays eyes on Daphne Angel, she has one thing and one thing only on the brain: getting those big naturals out of that pink bra and into her mouth. Miss Rose gets right down to the business of licking and tickling her raven-haired girlfriend’s perfect teen pussy. Reveling in the feeling of Katy’s tongue, Daphne writhes and moans with pleasure, thanking the porno gods for giving her this beautiful blonde lover for the day. Not only does Katy lick clit like a pro, her luscious pussy tastes like sweet nectar. Crazy with lust, Daphne lies back on the bed, and taste her lover’s juices as they drip into her thirsty mouth.

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