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Viv Thomas – Ally Breelsen & Daphne Anbel

Ally Breelsen & Daphne Anbel – Body Worship Episode 3 – Breast Worship
Released: July 21, 2017

Daphne Anbel’s cute face lights up when she sees Ally Breelsen in nothing but sexy black lingerie, as episode three of Sandra Shine’s highly erotic “Body Worship” begins. Ally unbuttons Daphne’s shirt to reveal her voluptuous body, kissing and caressing her beautiful curves, squeezing her big breasts through her lace bra. She removes Daphne’s bra and cups her boobs, teasing the nipples, sucking them until they are stiff and throbbing. Ally pushes Daphne onto her back and straddles her, stroking their nipples together, then squashing her soft, pillowy tits in Daphne’s face for her to nuzzle and suck. The girls pleasure each other’s nipples in a sensual sixty-nine, before Ally sits astride Daphne’s tits, quickly getting off on grinding her clit against Daphne’s hard nipple. Now Daphne plays with her perfect-handful breasts as Ally goes down to eat her shaved pussy and rub her tits against it, flipping her over to eat her from behind and make her climax. Daphne straddles Ally to pinch and pull her nipples, then spreads the folds of her juiced up pussy open and eats her skilfully. Ally thrusts two fingers into her slot as Daphne sucks her nipples and strums her clit until she orgasms noisily. Inspired by a story from, this is a must-see for lovers of beautiful breasts.

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Sex Art – Daphne Anbel & Tracy Lindsay

Daphne Anbel & Tracy Lindsay – Remission
Released: January 27, 2017

Things get off to a fiery start in Andrej Lupin’s tempestuous “Remission,” with raven-haired Daphne Anbel in an argument with her lesbian lover Tracy Lindsay, who throws her phone on the bed and leaves. The mood lifts when sexy blonde Tracy returns with a gift and an apology. The girls embrace and kiss, and within moments Tracy has a hand between Daphne’s legs, rubbing hard at her pussy. Tracy continues to dominate, sucking hard and gently biting Daphne’s ample breasts. She crawls up Daphne’s beautiful body and they lock lips while she slips a hand inside her hot girlfriend’s panties. Tracy smiles as her slippery fingers drive Daphne almost to boiling point; she tugs off Daphne’s panties, parts her juiced-up, shaved pussy with both hands and licks her sticky slit. Daphne’s eyes close in ecstasy as Tracy feasts on her, concentrating on her clit, flicking her tongue around it like a humming bird drinking nectar, before bringing a thrusting finger into play. As Tracy’s tongue laps harder and her finger drills faster, Daphne loses control, her entire body going into ecstatic spasms. But Tracy’s not through with her yet. She rolls Daphne over into spoons, and with an arm wrapped around her neck double finger bangs her even more furiously than before. Daphne grabs Tracy’s hand and increases the intensity, until she has a super extreme orgasm. As Daphne lies there shaking, Tracy starts masturbating. Daphne watches, still dazed, then moves between Tracy’s legs to lap at her wet pussy. Tracy gasps breathlessly when Daphne slides two fingers alongside her tongue. She pushes Daphne back onto the bed, straddles her head and grinds her pussy hard against her extended tongue, climaxing explosively. As they share Tracy’s gift it’s evident their lover’s tiff is well and truly in “Remission.”

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Sex Art – Anie Darling & Daphne Anbel

Featured image

Anie Darling & Daphne Anbel – Powder
Released: October 14, 2016

A dramatic addition to his celebrated “Art Collection,” Andrej Lupin’s “Powder” opens with Anie Darling and Daphne Anbel kneeling in white panties, slow-mo whirling their powder coated hair in a visually arresting erotic dance. They send up great clouds that shower their bodies in a coat of fine white powder, like icing on a cupcake. The mood grows more intimate as Anie embraces Daphne in the powder pit, kissing her passionately and rubbing her fingers over Daphne’s shaved pussy. She massages her clit, making Daphne wet and ready for Anie’s finger to fuck her. Her reward is to play in the powder box alone, showering herself in more dust, until Daphne re-joins her, kneeling at Anie’s feet, licking her and fingering her where she stands. Anie cums hard, pulling her lover’s head into her crotch. The girls writhe together in the fine powder, their skin pale with it, the light catching every grain on their nubile bodies. Lupin cuts the scene with a generous amount of slow-mo playing, the girls having a ball in the dust. And when they’re not playing, they’re fucking. Daphne squats over a prone Anie, grinding her pussy into her face. Anie responds by plugging two fingers into her lover’s pussy, letting the brazen babe ride her hand and grind on her mouth. They finish in true style, coated in powder and scissoring themselves to a hard orgasm. “Powder” is a unique and beautiful study of the powerful sensuality of the female form.

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