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Fitness Rooms – Cristal Caitlin, Inna Innaki & Luna Corazon

Cristal Caitlin, Inna Innaki & Luna Corazon – Booty Shaking Threesome in the Gym
Released: July 17, 2017

Booty-toning class is always a challenge at the Sexyhub Gym but it’s no sweat for talented twerkers Luna Corazon and Inna Innaki! In fact, instructor Cristal Caitlin is shocked to see those experienced booty shakers show off their jiggle! When leading them through some floor exercises, Cristal sees that Inna is not paying attention, and tells the beauty Greek dancer to watch her ass for instruction. Luna and Inna move in to get an up-close look at the lovely blonde’s perky tush as it moves with the exercises, then Cristal’s clients reveal their true intentions. Ebony Luna propositions the fitness instructor to join her and Inna in a steamy interracial lesbian threesome–right there on the gym room floor–where they can all sweat it out for real!

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Female Agent – Cristal Caitlin

Cristal Caitlin – Agent Lusts After Bodybuilders Cock
Released: May 13, 2017

Ricci read our advertisement on the internet, and was interested in being an underwear model. He was handsome, and practically busting out of his t-shirt when he sat at my desk. I got horny right away! Ricci does fitness and though he has a girlfriend, he said she doesn’t mind him traveling. I asked to see his physique to see if he fit our expectations, and as soon as he took his shirt off, I felt myself go red in the face. I had to apologize. It had been a while since I’d seen such a fit man in my office! Ricci let me touch his muscles as he stripped down to his underwear, then he showed me how he could flex his penis! I know he was probably joking, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled his big cock out of his pants and started sucking on it, completely seduced by the superman. He pulled up my dress and bent me over the casting couch, then fucked me–slowly, I told him, I’m not trained! I loved it when he shot his load all over my belly. What a treat!

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Fitness Rooms – Cristal Caitlin & Gina Gerson

Cristal Caitlin & Gina Gerson – Girly buddies seduce gym instructor
Released: May 8, 2017

Girlfriends Cristal Caitlin and Gina Gerson have booked a personal trainer appointment with Dean Van Damme. Gina, who already visits the SexyHub gym, has a huge crush on the British hunk and she can’t wait for Cristal to see him! Tall, tattooed, and muscled as a Viking, both bisexual babes feel their pussies getting wet when Dean saunters into the room. After their instructor puts Gina and Cristal through a grueling workout, they decide it’s Dean’s turn to sweat! The Euro beauties easily seduce him for a raunchy threesome with a double blowjob. Once Dean’s big cock is all warmed up, Cristal and Gina take turns riding him into multi-orgasmic bliss!

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Lesbea – Alecia Fox & Cristal Caitlin

Alecia Fox & Cristal Caitlin – Ripe juicy soft pussy eating babes
Released: April 30, 2017

After a successful first date, Russian babe Alecia Fox agrees to come back to Cristal Caitlin’s condo. Once inside her bedroom, the blonde lesbians strip down to their lace lingerie. Their kisses and caresses are hesitant at first, but soon they’re making out frantically. Alecia sits in Cristal’s lap as the Czech vixen plays with her hairy pussy, then licks the teen’s wet clit in Doggystyle until she’s trembling with orgasms. Things get acrobatic after that, as Cristal bends her flexible body into wild, upside-down positions for Alecia to eat her out. After such spectacular first-time sex, these new girlfriends can’t wait for their second date in Prague!

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The Life Erotic – Cristal Caitlin

Cristal Caitlin – Vibrations 2
Released: April 25, 2017

Cristal Caitlin, a stunning Czech babe with long blonde hair and blue eyes, is in her bathroom, dressed in black-lace lingerie, fishnet stockings and garters. We see her run a caressing hand over the shaft of a safety razor. Pouting her lips as she checks herself out in the mirror, she removes her bra and massages her small, beautiful breasts and nipples with pink-nailed fingers. Next, she takes off her panties and perches on the edge of the tub, splay-legged, hands moving over her body and homing in on her crotch. Her pussy is slightly stubbled but full-lipped and moist and she splays it to reveal a prominent, swollen clit twitching with anticipation. She turns on the bathtub faucet, wetting her skin and washing herself down, then sits up on the edge of the tub again, thighs wide open. Next, she applies thick foam to her mound and outer lips and takes the razor – which turns out to be the vibrating variety. She sucks on the handle, then uses it to tease her clit a little before getting down to the business of giving her mound and pussy a close shave. Slowly and carefully, she runs the razor over her skin, her pleasure increasing and her body quivering with each stroke. When she’s done, and she has rinsed away the last of the creamy white foam, she continues to use the handle as a vibrator, playing it over her clit and plunging it in and out of her now-hairless pussy. As she buries it deep and stretches her lips wide, we are treated to a close-up of her snatch pulsing with pleasure. At last, she brings herself to an intense orgasm and, after dropping the razor into the tub, she continues to savor the smooth feel of her crotch. Finally, she slides back down into the tub and relaxes, enjoying the caress of the water and her own hands…

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Fitness Rooms – Cristal Caitlin

Cristal Caitlin – Personal trainer and flexible babe
Released: April 17, 2017

Who could resist a perfect booty when it’s stretching right in your face? At least, that’s how it was for trainer Angelo Godshack when Cristal Caitlin’s fine derrière was giving him an eyeful! His blonde client had been trying to seduce him since their first workout together. But Angelo was trying hard to follow the gym’s code of ethics–without getting hard, that is! Today, however, Cristal was making his job impossible. Feeling his shorts tightening from his big stiff cock, Angelo decided to give into the temptation of Cristal’s very flexible body. The Czech hunk takes out his dick for a sloppy BJ, before fucking his naughty student on the stairmaster. Then, moving onto the floor for a rough plowing, Angelo ends up giving Cristal’s pussy a balls-deep creampie!

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Sex Art – Cristal Caitlin

Cristal Caitlin – Rascal
Released: April 16, 2017

Nick Ross is the “Rascal” who walks in on sexy blonde Cristal Caitlin as she showers, filming her on his phone in a cute home movie style that creates an immediate sense of their intimate relationship. Nick keeps filming as they run into the bedroom and Cristal straddles him, play-fighting. She soon forgives him, rubbing her breasts against him and showering him with kisses. Naturally his cock stiffens in his briefs, so she pulls it out and starts rubbing her pussy along the shaft of it as she jerks it to full arousal. He impales her on it in cowgirl and she gasps as it slides within her wetness, bucking at a measured pace at first; but as her excitement builds she rides faster and harder, their bodies undulating in unison. Cristal clings onto Nick, thrusting herself on and off his hard cock as she climaxes, then keeps on riding to a second, even more powerful orgasm. Cristal goes down to suck Nick’s stiff cock, looking into his eyes as she takes the entire length down her throat. Nick throws her onto her back and feasts on her shaved pussy, driving her wild. As his tongue flicks in and out of her sodden slit, her body stiffens and she orgasms again, gasping for air. Nick drives his cock back into her soaked pussy, pumping relentlessly, his gaze moving between the ecstatic expression on Cristal’s face and her bouncing breasts. He flips her onto her front to do her from behind, making her come yet again before she jerks him to a sticky finish over her sexy body. They return to the shower, sated and glowing with mutual pleasure after their multi-orgasmic tryst.

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Sex Art – Cristal Caitlin

Cristal Caitlin – Late Again
Released: March 26, 2017

Gorgeous blonde Cristal Caitlin is “Late Again” for her rendezvous with Maxmilian Dior; but judging by the way they hug and kiss when she does show up, he’s not too surprised. Back at Maxmilian’s place after their date, they cosy up on the sofa; Maxmilian can’t keep his hands off Cristal’s beautiful breasts, and they are soon groping and stroking each other frantically. Cristal straddles Maxmilian in reverse cowgirl and eases his long hard cock into her shaved pussy. She gasps as it enters her, stretching her deliciously; once she’s adjusted to its girth she rides slowly and rhythmically. She spins around into cowgirl and Maxmilian holds onto her ass cheeks to intensify the depth of his thrusts as she squats to bounce on him. Cristal starts slamming down on Maxmilian’s cock harder and faster, her breathing becoming erratic, her body shaking as she climaxes. Still trembling, she leans forward and rocks back and forth on his cock, slowly at first, then accelerating until she rushes headlong into another orgasm. Dismounting, Cristal plants kisses on Maxmilian from his chest down to his cock, sucking and licking eagerly, then jerking him off into her open mouth and swallowing his hot load. As they sip their wine and gaze into each other’s eyes, you can tell Maxmilian doesn’t care if Cristal is always “Late Again” – sex this wonderful is worth the wait.

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Kira Zen & Cristal Caitlin – Sexy brunette lesbian video diary
Released: March 25, 2017

Czech celebrity Kira Zen shoots the sexiest video diaries in Prague. Filming every moment of her weekend–from her booty workouts to steamy post-gym showers, and from her solo fingerbangs to naked dance parties–this gorgeous actress can sure sell a story. Once Kira’s amateur POV softcore goes online, there isn’t a man or woman in Europe who won’t lust after her! But this bisexual babe only has eyes for her pornstar girlfriend, Cristal Caitlin. Reunited at last in Cristal’s hotel room, the two lovers can’t wait to pleasure each other’s juicy pussies. Lots of licking, fingering, and face-fucking ensues, as Kira and Cristal enjoy their passionate romance that fame will never tarnish!

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Fake Taxi – Cristal Caitlin, Gina Gerson & Lady Dee

Cristal Caitlin, Gina Gerson & Lady Dee – Hen party gets wild in Prague taxi
Released: March 12, 2017

Hen parties are the craziest! Just out of control. I picked up Lady D and her two friends as they celebrated Lady D’s upcoming marriage and as soon as they piled in the car, they got wild, flashing their tits and pussies, sticking their heads out the windows, and trying to get me to smell their dildos! When the bride asked if she could fuck me, I thought they must be joking, but they said if I didn’t show them my cock, they’d start yelling out the window that I have a small dick! At one point, the bridesmaids got out to pee and the bride told me to drive, fast, so we could play a trick–but she didn’t want to turn around to pick them up. Instead, she confessed she was very horny and wanted to suck my cock. I gave up. I couldn’t turn this beautiful brunette down on her last day as a free woman! I lifted that party veil of hers, and fucked her sweet pussy hard and fast as her friends wandered alone on a country road somewhere, then left her with a nice wad of cum on her cheek, to match her dress.

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Massage Rooms – Cristal Caitlin

Cristal Caitlin – Orgasmic foot job from sexy blonde
Released: February 16, 2017

During Johnny’s spa appointment with Cristin Caitlin, he felt stirringly aroused when the blonde masseuse offered to use her feet. His mind filled with all sorts of filthy fantasies, but no, Cristin couldn’t have meant a foot job! Little did he know, that’s exactly what the naughty beauty had in store for his thick dick. Sprinkling cold oil over Johnny’s muscular body, Cristin worked the knots from his sore back–before she began rubbing out the cum from his nuts! After stroking his shaft with her dainty feet, the gorgeous babe rode Johnny in Cowgirl, before letting him fuck her Spooning style. But Cristin’s specialty XXX foot massage wasn’t over yet, as she finishes their session by jerking off Johnny with her pretty toes!

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Cast: Kiara Lord, Eva Berger, Cristal Caitlin, Bella Blond, Jessica Manole

Beautiful woman-woman sex which is sure to excite you! Restless hearts search for that one perfect women. Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video.

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Fake Taxi – Sweet Cat & Cristal Caitlin

Sweet Cat & Cristal Caitlin – Angels fuck santas little helper
Released: December 22, 2016

I thought I was imagining things when Sweet Cat and Cristal Caitlin hopped into my taxi wearing skimpy angel costumes. Then again, it was the holidays! As I drove them home, Cristal started to lick Sweet Cat’s pussy, even pulling out a ribbed dildo. It was getting very hard to concentrate on the road, so I pulled over. This didn’t bother the lesbian lovers in the least, they even invited me to join….

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Sex Art – Anna Rose & Cristal Caitlin

Anna Rose & Cristal Caitlin – Illusion
Released: December 18, 2016

“Illusion” starts with gorgeous Anna Rose and Cristal Caitlin sitting opposite Maxmilian Dior discussing what they’d like to do to him sexually. As their fantasy takes flight, their body hugging outfits disappear, and beautiful brunette Anna pulls down Max’s pants, grabs the shaft of his already hard cock and sucks it vigorously, while Cristal looks on awestruck, stroking her shaved pussy. The babes pass Max’s cock between them like a meaty relay baton, the look in their eyes indicating that they’re savoring every suck. Cut back to the girls fully clothed and the sudden realization that the sex action is a manifestation of their naughty imaginings, with director Andrej Lupin bringing their fantasies to life. The “Illusion” resumes with Anna grinding her pussy against Max’s mouth, while Cristal watches and masturbates. Anna’s body undulates as Max’s tongue drills deeper into her wet slot. Pretty blonde Cristal slides closer, still frigging her pussy while giving Max a foot-job, as Anna sucks his cock. Now Cristal stretches her mouth around Max’s considerable girth, before straddling him so that Anna can guide it into her pussy. Flushed with arousal, Anna caresses Cristal lovingly, as her blonde fuckbuddy rides Max’s cock cowgirl, hard and fast, until her body is wracked with an intense climax. Cut to the babes discussing what to do next, before it plays out with Max cock drilling Anna from behind as Cristal sits legs spread, frigging her shaven pussy while Anna eats it voraciously. The trio move in unison, becoming more frenetic, to the point where Anna pulls away from Cristal’s cooze, and slams herself back onto Max’s thrusting cock until she cums. Max increases the speed of his thrusts, which drives Anna headlong into another orgasm. Max pulls out of Anna’s pussy and Cristal jerks his cock till he splatters Anna’s trembling ass with his cream. Cut back to reality; Max vanishes leaving the girls lip-locked and giggling, their “Illusion” having reached its gratifying climax.

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Female Agent – Foxy Sanie & Cristal Caitlin

Featured image

Foxy Sanie & Cristal Caitlin – Horny Agent Watches as Couple Fuck
Released: October 18, 2016

We don’t get a lot of couples in my office, especially not ones as sexy and open-minded as Foxy Sanie and her boyfriend Kony. They were a bit hard on their luck since moving to Prague, and wanted to do a bit of modeling to cover their expenses. I asked them both to get down to their underwear so I could see how they looked, and checked out every inch of Foxy’s tattooed body. Once these two told me …

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