Claire James – Remastered: Clair
Released: October 29, 2011

Welcome back to Bang Bus Remastered. We got another classic Dirty and Ugs episode for you. Anthony is back in this video as the Italian Fag Pimp. The boys do what they do and eventually come across Clair. She was visiting Miami from the Cali Vally. Little did she know she would get the full dirty tour in the Bang Bus! In no time, the boys had her showing the goods. Laid back, she spread open her fat n’ tasty innie pussy for the world to see. Unlike most girls though, this girl had a complete innie clit too!! No kidding. This thing was so small it was barely visible. With a taco like hers, you’d be stupid not to take a dive inside. Anthony did just that. He dove in and tore it up. He got so into it that he covered her face with his spunk. Little did he know that this was a sign of extreme affection to Clair. Feelings flared and a camera wound up getting broken!! Enjoy!

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