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Nubile Films – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Cream Filled
Released: July 21, 2017

Chrissy Fox and Michael Fly start off their afternoon by engaging in a chess match, but Chrissy isn’t really all that interested in the game. Snaking out her foot, she rubs her high heel along Michael’s thigh. Then she crawls into his lap so that he can feel the heat of her greedy twat beneath her miniskirt and panties. Taking things inside, the couple gets down to the business of pleasure. Chrissy draws Michael close for deep kisses as Michael allows his hands to start wandering. His touches gradually center on the heart of Chrissy’s need when his fingers slip beneath her underwear to fondle in her cum craving slit. When Chrissy invites his further attention by getting on her hands and knees, Michael relieves her of her panties to bury his fingers deep in her twat. His tongue takes on a life of its own, flicking out to caress her ass and even fondle her tight puckered anus. With such dedicated pleasure, Chrissy can’t contain her cries of excitement. Wishing to get Michael just as wound up as she is, Chrissy turns the tables on her boyfriend. She pulls out his stiffie and then settles between his legs, licking and sucking as her legs kick up behind her. She gets her hands in on the action to stroke Michael’s shaft as she continues to devour the hard head of his dick. Then Chrissy rolls onto her back and lifts one leg to accommodate Michael’s hardon as he slides it deep into her. His long strokes are just what she has wanted all this time, and she guides him with her soft hands and her loud moans. When her second leg comes up to join her first, Michael knows just what to do: flexing his hips with additional force, he delivers the bald pussy pounding that his redhead girlfriend needs. Resuming her doggy style position, Chrissy rocks back to meet each of Michael’s strokes as he dominates her delighted body. The depth and power of his strokes is nearly overwhelming, leaving Chrissy moaning her pleasure long and loud. After her first climax, she urges Michael into a seated position so that she can take him in a reverse cowgirl ride that she knows will do it for both of them. Chrissy holds nothing back as she rides her hot stud, alternating between slow strokes and thrusts that are hard enough to make her perky boobs shake. This position lets Michael reach around to stroke Chrissy’s clit in a motion that gets her off yet again. It’s also exactly what Michael needs to find his peak. As Chrissy is coming down from the euphoria of her climax, Michael pistons in and out of her welcoming sheath until he explodes inside of her, glutting her with a creampie of love.

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The White Boxxx – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Beautiful Slovak babe Chrissy Fox makes love and gets cum covered
Released: July 17, 2017

Sexy Slovak blondie Chrissy Fox masturbates when her lover Adam Black walks in. They’ll end up fucking each other with passion and he’ll cum all over her hot body.

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Sex Art – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Wild Chrissy
Released: July 16, 2017

As the second instalment of Andrej Lupin’s hot two-parter “Wild Chrissy 2” begins, sexy blonde Chrissy Fox is waiting at a snow-swept bus stop, alongside a flirtatious stranger. Chrissy comes in from the cold and lies in front of the fire, stroking her beautiful breasts and shaved pussy, fantasizing about the stranger, Thomas Lee. She sees him go down to eat her juiced-up pussy, his tongue darting up and down her slit and lapping at her clit, spreading her open and pushing inside. He adds a finger, sliding it hard and deep until she orgasms breathlessly. Still fantasizing and masturbating, Chrissy sees herself straddle Thomas’s face, grinding on his tongue as she leans forward to release his long, hard cock from his jeans and stroke it avidly. Thomas eats her from behind, then drives his cock into her, her ass cheeks rippling and breasts jiggling with each thrust. Glistening with sweat, the lovers fuck vigorously, Thomas’s steady strokes catapulting Chrissy headlong into an intense orgasm just as he shoots his load deep inside her pussy – which naturally triggers Chrissy’s real life climax. Gorgeous, horny and uninhibited, “Wild Chrissy” is aptly named for its sexy star.

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Sex Art – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Wild Chrissy
Released: July 9, 2017

As the first episode of Andrej Lupin’s scorching two-parter “Wild Chrissy” begins, sexy blonde Chrissy Fox is waiting impatiently for her lover, Nick Ross, to return home. Once Nick is back and relaxing on the sofa with his pants off, freckled cutie Chrissy pounces on him, fondling and kissing his rapidly stiffening cock through his shorts, then peeling them off and feeding his boner into her mouth. Cut to Chrissy strumming her pussy feverishly through her white panties, and the sudden realization that this sexual interaction with Nick is all in her mind, and she’s using it as stimulation to bring herself off. Back to her fantasy, and she’s rubbing Nick’s rigid cock over her beautiful breasts, teasing her nipples and licking the head avidly. As the action cuts back and forth between Chrissy’s fervid masturbation and her encounter with Nick, she jacks him off while diddling herself, then peels off her panties and squats on his prick. She strokes her shaved pussy along the shaft of his cock, then guides it inside, impaling herself and rocking her hips to ride it. She slides up and down on Nick’s pole slowly and deliberately, rubbing her clit, then picking up the pace, her ass cheeks rippling with each thrust. Chrissy rides right through her first breathless orgasm to a second, even more intense one, her cries of pleasure spurring Nick on to shoot his load deep inside her – just as she climaxes on her fingers in reality.

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Amy Red & Chrissy Fox – Romantic Pussy Eating in Stockings
Released: July 8, 2017

After a walk around the city, Chrissy can’t wait to get her hands on her lover Amy’s ass in those tight jeans. Stopping for a break before heading home, she grabs the lovely blonde’s ass cheeks in her hands, and kisses her tenderly. Back at the apartment, clothes fly off as the lesbian babes make their way up the stairs. Leaving nothing but their stockings, the horny beauties worship each other, nibbling on nipples, kissing, and spanking until their pussies are wet from fingering, and they must make love. Lifting her leg onto the banister, Chrissy exposes her pussy for Amy to lick, starting a hot oral session full of facesitting and 69-ing that leaves both women shaking with orgasm.

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Sex Art – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Repeat
Released: June 28, 2017

There’s no mistaking what sexy blonde Chrissy Fox wants, as “Repeat” opens with her blowing Thomas Lee, bobbing her head up and down on his stiff cock. She jerks him off over her perky little breasts, getting him to cum within moments, hot sperm splattering her nipples. As Chrissy showers, Thomas joins her, ready for more. She kneels, jerking and sucking him until he’s rock hard again, then turns around so he can thrust into her hot shaved pussy from behind. Thomas holds still as Chrissy slides up and down on his pole, hands braced against the shower wall, slamming back to take him deep. She turns to face her man, leg over his shoulder so he can slide back into her even deeper, long slow strokes making her gasp. The room echoes with the sound of wet flesh slapping on flesh as Thomas fucks the pretty blonde vigorously. Down on the floor, Chrissy straddles Thomas, perfect ass rising and falling and tits jiggling as she rides him until she orgasms explosively and he fills her with his hot load. Of course, now they need to shower again…

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Fister Twister – Chrissy Fox & Miky Love

Chrissy Fox & Miky Love – Magical Fist
Released: June 8, 2017

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Fister Twister – Chrissy Fox & Debora

Chrissy Fox & Debora – Stretching That Pussy
Released: June 1, 2017

Today’s scene on Fister Twister we have gorgeous strawberry blonde, Chrissy Fox and blonde babe Debora who wants to take on the lesbian fisting challenge. Chrissy gapes apart Debora’s pussy with her fingers and inserts a couple into her eager hole. Letting her taste her juices, Chrissy is ready to take things a little further and uses black kitchen tongs to spread apart Debora’s pussy even more. Using a big black dildo, Chrissy gets Debora to ride it, filling her pussy and making it nice and wet before Chrissy treats her to some fisting fun. Chrissy slides her whole hand up inside Debora’s pussy and fist fucks her while she positions herself in doggystyle. Debora turns over and laying upside down we get an immense view of her pussy being brutally fisted by Chrissy until she finishes and forces Debora to lick her hands clean!

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Dane Jones – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Freckled Redhead Office Secretary
Released: May 30, 2017

Maybe it’s the thigh-high stockings that peek out from her skirt, or the stilettos, or the tight pencil skirt, but Max Dyor finds himself hard whenever his new secretary Chrissy Fox is in the room. And today, after she takes dictation for a letter, the hung businessman is so struck by the freckled babe’s outfit, he decides to make a move. Walking up behind her, Max runs his hands through her thick strawberry blonde hair, then meets her lips in a kiss. He slowly peels off the beauty’s work suit, revealing sexy black lingerie underneath, then Crissy drops to her knees to please his cock. Max has always dreamed of fucking Chrissy’s perfect tanned body over his desk, and he’s happy to discover that reality is just as tantalizing as what he fantasized!

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Quest For Orgasm – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Gorgeous Slovak Chrissy Fox masturbates her soft shaved pussy to orgasm
Released: May 22, 2017

Beautiful blondie Chrissy Fox is in for an intimate masturbation session, reaching intense orgasms with the help of her fingers and sex toys.

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Sex Art – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Either Or
Released: May 3, 2017

Sexy babe Chrissy Fox is in a teasing mood at the start of Andrej Lupin’s sizzling tribute to unequivocal lust, “Either Or.” She locks her lover Nick Ross outside when he goes to retrieve beers he has chilling in the snow, and flashes her beautiful big breasts, taunting him with the decision between beer or sex. Naturally he chooses sex, so she lets him back inside. They kiss avidly, and horny Chrissy immediately drops to her knees and wraps her mouth around Nick’s rapidly stiffening cock, sucking it ravenously. Now she wants hers, and pushes his head down to her pretty shaved pussy. He eats her skillfully, making her knees weak, and she turns around for him to thrust his cock into her from behind. Nick pumps into her forcefully, and Chrissy rocks back to meet his thrusts, gasping with arousal. Nick drops back onto the bed with Chrissy still impaled on his erection in reverse cowgirl, and she gets in the driving seat, bobbing on and off his cock energetically and grinding deep, still balancing herself with a hand on the glass doors. She spins around into cowgirl, jumping up on Nick’s long dick and riding to her climax, trembling with excitement. The rhythm of her humping synchronizes with Nick’s hard thrusts, her shrieks of pleasure reaching a crescendo as they climax simultaneously. Chrissy collapses on top of Nick and, as she shows her appreciation by showering him with kisses, the camera goes in for an extreme close-up of his cock slipping out of her pussy, leaving a trail of spunk to dribble out of her twitching honey hole. Be sure to watch right through to the end…

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Nubile Films – Chrissy Fox & Vinna Reed

Chrissy Fox & Vinna Reed – Foxy As Fuck
Released: April 1, 2017

It’s playtime for Vinna Reed and Chrissy Fox, two hot Europeans with a deep attraction for one another. They take turns brushing out each other’s hair, but it’s not long before they become distracted by more sensual attractions. Soon Chrissy and Vinna are lip locked and taking turns peeling off each other’s bras to nip at and fondle one another’s breasts. As soon as she has managed to get Vinna out of her panties, Chrissie presses her girlfriend down onto the bed so that she can admire the delicacy of Vinna’s landing strip pussy. She leans forward slowly, leading the way with her tongue as she laps away at her lover’s sweet nectar. Finding it delicious, Chrissy dives in for an all-out feast. Once Vinna’s snatch is nice and wet, Chrissy pulls back a little bit and replaces her tongue with her fingers. This spicy redhead knows just what to do with her hands to bring Vinna right to the edge of cumming. Only when VInna has arched her back off the bed and filled the room with her moans does Chrissy finally give her just what she needs to get off. Switching spots with her love, Vinna helps Chrissy onto her hands and knees. That position makes it easy for the blonde to slide Chrissy’s thong to the side and work her tongue all over her girlfriend’s most tender parts. Once she has finished teasing Chrissy mercilessly, Vinna slips her love’s thong off and really gets down to business. Using her tongue as both a stiff probe and a velvet caress, she wrings every bit of ecstasy from Chrissy that she can. Each girl has had one climax, but neither is fully sated. Chrissy once again goes back to work pleasuring Vinna’s cream filled twat. She licks and sucks but it is her fingers that bring Vinna off a second time with a climax that is nearly as body shaking as the first. Vinna is still laying on the bed reveling in the delight of her own climax when Chrissy climbs on top of her, planting her pussy in her lover’s face. Knowing just what to do, Vinna wraps one arm around Chrissy’s thigh to fondle her girlfriend’s clit. At the same time, she leans forward and laves her tongue all over Chrissy’s bald fuck hole. That gets the redhead right to the edge of cumming, and Vinna finally achieves her goal when she brings her second hand up for a pussy fingering that has the desired result.

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Fister Twister – Jessica Bell & Chrissy Fox

Jessica Bell & Chrissy Fox – Fister Twister
Released: March 23, 2017

Jessica Bell and Chrissy Fox are todays gorgeous girls taking part in Fister Twister and Chrissy wants to be the dominant one in this match-up! She kisses Jessica then lays her on the sofa before fingering her pussy and gaping apart Jessica’s XXL pussy lips! This turns on Jessica so she starts to rub her pussy too. Chrissy gets her fingers soaked in Jessica’s juices then slides her hands into Jessica’s mouth so she can taste herself. Using a metal speculum, Chrissy gapes Jessica even wider apart and inserts ger fingers even deeper. We zoom in close on the action as Jessica reaches deep inside looking for the g-spot! These horny pair move onto a black inflatable sex toy which is inserted into Jessica’s pussy as she bends over doggystyle and Chrissy inflates it while deep inside. Next, Chrissy is ready to start fisting Jessica so she slides her hand inside and shoves it as deep as she can. Trying a multitude of positions, Jessica’s pussy gets plenty of action and finally she rubs her clit at the same time to get off in a big way!

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Fucked In Traffic – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Naughty Czech babe Chrissy Fox craves a good fuck in the car
Released: January 28, 2017

Check out this sexy red-haired babe, Chrissy Fox spreading her legs nice and wide in the backseat of the car for her horny chauffeur Matt Ice after a shopping session at the mall.

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VIPissy – Chrissy Fox

Chrissy Fox – Mission Possible
Released: January 2, 2017

Gorgeous blonde Chrissy Fox features on ViPissy in quite an unusual scene where our guy wears black from head to toe and as pretty Chrissy is laying on a glass table, she gets sprayed with golden showers! Her outfit gets splashed with piss and this gorgeous blonde leans over the table and licks up our guys golden pee. She starts to suck his cock before getting undressed and once naked, Chrissy spreads her legs and pees all over the tip of her stud’s dick. Getting onto her knees, Chrissy continues his blowjob and works both his shaft and balls with her mouth. He face fucks her and rams his cock as deep into her throat as she can take it then decides to give her some pleasure by licking her pussy. He starts to finger her and she sprinkles him with her pee. Soon, Chrissy gets her pussy filled with rock hard cock then she gets showered some more with our guys piss and it nearly fires her in her mouth too! Bending over, Chrissy catches her golden pee in a giant goblet then gets her collected juices poured over her pretty little face! After some more cock sucking and hardcore fucking, Chrissy takes a sticky load of cum over her mouth and all over her tongue!

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