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Met Art X – Candice Luka

Candice Luka – Uncontrollable Touch
Released: January 26, 2017

Captivating Candice Luka almost moves in slow motion in her en-suite shower, as the soothing water cascades over her and she caresses and soaps up every inch of her stunning body. Once she’s squeaky clean, the gorgeous Czech brunette lies naked on the bed with her lovely long legs spread wide to expose her meaty lipped, shaven pussy. While one hand massages her breasts the other moves down over her flat tummy and rotates repeatedly over her parted labia. Her eyes close and her mouth parts as she slips a finger inside her eager-for-pleasuring pussy, then rolls over, juts out her delicious peach and resumes frigging herself, her body undulating uncontrollably with every thrust.

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Sex Art – Candice Luka

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Candice Luka – Running Free
Released: May 21, 2014

After working up a sweat on a fast-paced mid-day run, Candice Luka returns home and cools down with a bottle of chilled spring water. But in Alis Locanta’s “Running Free,” it doesn’t take long before this cool-down session begins to heat up. Alone in the kitchen, the lithe, lean brunette begins to caress her svelte body. Off comes her tank top, revealing a sheer white bra. Off come her running shorts, revealing a matching white thong. Clad only in her lingerie, Candice now fully devotes her energy to pleasuring herself. The bra and panties are eventually dispensed with as Luka’s masturbation increases in intensity. Soon her probing, sliding fingers have worked her into a state in which standing is no longer an option. She takes a seat in the corner of the stainless steel counter top and spreads her long legs. Two fingers rhythmically penetrate her pussy while fingers of her other hand work skillfully on her clitoris. When orgasm arrives it is sweet, extended, and powerful. “Running Free” captures a spontaneous erotic interlude that is both intimate and intense.

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Sex Art – Candice Luca

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Candice Luca – Io Ballo Da Sola
Released: October 4, 2013

“Io Ballo Da Sola,” I dance alone. The language is Italian, but the concept is universal and instantly understandable. A woman, by herself, indulging her urge for self-induced sexual satisfaction. In Alis Locanta’s latest SexArt film, the woman enjoying this most intimate of experiences is Candice Luca. Dark hair, lean, svelte, shapely of body, and only 20 years of age. She’s caused quite a stir with her six SexArt still photo galleries — and she’s also been a hit with her nine pictorials at MetArt. But now it’s time for this impressive, evocative beauty to transition to moving pictures. And “Io Ballo Da Sola” is particularly moving. It starts out in a casual, impromptu mood. Candice is alone, listening to music on headphones, and taking a couple of casual selfies. But then her mood changes. Off come the headphones, and her imagination and fingers go to work. Candice knows what she wants and she doesn’t waste any time getting it — hands wander, lingerie is pulled aside and stripped off, fingers stroke, probe, and plunge. Candice Luca dances alone, and in “Io Ballo Da Sola,” her dance is exquisitely beautiful.

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