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Gina Killmer & Barra Brass – Gina’s Gel Treatment
Released: April 18, 2013

Gina Killmer is the proud owner of a massage and salon center, and when she gets a super sexy customer like Barra Brass she forgets all about being professional and just wants to get some sensual satisfaction! Once Barra is lying down on the masseuse table and they’re able to get nice and cozy with each other, Gina feels the need to step things up a messy notch or two and bust out the gel, which she hornily rubs all over Barra’s pants right at her crotch! Before they know it both of these Eurobabes are completely slopped up in gel and Gina is happily licking her fully clothed, gel soaked partner, and her slimy tits are coming out for some hot, sensual lesbo mess play! These gel freaks are covered from head to toe and making out like the mess lovers they are, and you’ll definitely want to get a big eyefull of this sloppy heat!

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