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Euro Girls On Girls – Ava Austen & Tiffany Doll

Ava Austen & Tiffany Doll – Fetish Fuck Buddies: Brunette Babes get Kinky
Released: May 21, 2017

Sometimes, what the lady of the house needs is to be dominated to relieve her from her normal role of being the one in control and keeping things orderly. In today’s Euro Girls on Girls lesbian porn scene Tiffany Doll comes to the rescue for Ava Austen, and gets her out of her head and into the bed! Tiffany might be younger than her client, but that’s all a part of the appeal in this fetish porn scene; a young college girl dominating her milfy customer. As soon as Tiffany rings the door and is let inside her whip comes out and so does Ava’s curvy ass from underneath her skirt for a smack from the switch, and her natural tits pop out for some fondling of her nips. Pussy licking and a little love slapping ensues all around the livingroom as well as some probing satisfaction using their fingers and other toys to titillate their senses and satisfy their desires. Get ready for a raging hard-on watching these French and British girlfriends play games!

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Female Fake Taxi – Alessa Savage & Ava Austen

Alessa Savage & Ava Austen – Sexy Fare Fulfils Drivers Fantasy
Released: April 23, 2017

Alessa Savage got in my cab today and started complimenting me on my good looks–while she slipped her knickers off in the backseat! The little tart didn’t think I saw her, but when I called her out, she had to confess: her cabbie fuck buddy had left her with a massive creampie, and the cum was dripping onto her panties! Now, Alessa didn’t know that I have a fantasy of going down on a gal after she’s been creampied, but when I asked if she’d make my wish come true, she said yes! After the pretty spinner asked me to…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Stacey Saran

Ava Austen & Stacey Saran – Busty Welsh MILF Licked to Orgasm
Released: April 9, 2017

John was tied up with errands this morning, so he sent me to pick up his friend Stacey. He had met the stunning MILF in his taxi and made a deal that if she fucked him, he’d be her private driver for a month! Stacey was quite horny and was looking forward to getting some lovin’ from John, so I assured her his deal would work with me too! She had the most beautiful lacy panties and bra, and the sexiest tattoos. And she had the most amazingly massive fake tits! She licked my pussy, then we sat back and watched each other…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Vickie Powell

Ava Austen & Vickie Powell – Dating Busty Babe Gets Better Offer
Released: April 2, 2017

Vickie jumped into my taxi today with her amazing tits just popping out of her shirt! Apparently her date asked her to dress this way, but she was on her way to meet him at a family pub, in the middle of the day. Poor Vickie was worried he was trying to wind her up, so I told her to text the saucy bloke and tell him she had a better offer–from her hot female cabbie! Vickie cancelled her date and I got in the back to play with her incredible tatas. I untied her pink panties to get a good look at her arse, then let my…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen

Ava Austen – Big Black Cock Fucks Horny Driver
Released: March 26, 2017

I was just about to pull off and have a wank, when this gorgeous black man got into my taxi, looking for a ride to see friends in Sutton. We were chatting and I let it slip that I wondered if it was true what they said about black men! Sensi asked me a couple of times to repeat myself, then said he would show me, if I didn’t charge him for the taxi. I suggested if I saw him completely naked, I might accidentally fall and slip on his massive cock! I found us a place to park and hopped into the back to try to deepthroat…

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Fake Taxi – Ava Austen

Ava Austen – Backseat Thrills for Taxi Drivers
Released: March 16, 2017

I picked Ava up today to give her the car for her shift, and told her about my run-in with the Sutton reporter. People will do anything for a story! Before I left her the taxi, I asked Ava if she was after cock or pussy today, and she said, “definitely cock!” That Ava. Something about the way she said it turned me on, so I suggested we have a little romp in the backseat ourselves, taxi driver and taxi driver, to get her day started right! Ava was looking forward to getting a taste of that reporter’s pussy off my cock…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Misha Mayfair

Ava Austen & Misha Mayfair – Squirting Lesbian Orgasms in Taxi
Released: March 12, 2017

I was giving blonde fashionista Misha a ride to the mall, when she found a pair of red lace knickers in the backseat! I confessed that I’d been up to some naughty business earlier and had shagged a really slutty chick in the car. And to my shock, Misha asked if I’d like to shag another slutty chick! Misha pulled up her skirt to show me her lovely full bush, then I hopped in the back and we both wiggled out of our lingerie. Misha stuck her tongue straight in my arse like a true slut, then warned me she was a squirter…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Holly Kiss

Ava Austen & Holly Kiss –
Released: February 26, 2017

Local barmaid Holly wanted a lift to the pub to start her shift, but the pretty blonde had left her money at home! Since she was wearing heels and a tight dress that barely covered her massive tits, I couldn’t drop her off in the middle of nowhere, so I suggested a deal: maybe if we could slip into the backseat for a romp, I could get her to the pub for free! Holly was such a fun, posh lady–we had a great chat while I ate her pussy! She told me about her breakup and her collection of vibrators, then I introduced her…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Danielle Maye

Ava Austen & Danielle Maye – Curvy Stunning Blonde With Big Tits
Released: February 16, 2017

Danielle hopped in my taxi today and asked for a ride to a pub, and any pub would do! Her boyfriend had just broken up with her because she was too nice, and he preferred a dirty pornstar. The poor thing said she was just saving the filthy stuff for later, but fuck it now! She was ready to fuck someone in the toilet at the pub, just to get over the asshole. When I suggested the best revenge would be to fuck me and send her ex the pictures, Danielle got a little shy, but I could tell she was excited. We found a nice…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Jentina Small

Ava Austen & Jentina Small – Steamy taxi sex with bisexual babes
Released: January 29, 2017

When a cheeky Dutch babe got into my cab, I knew my Sunday afternoon was going to get a lot luckier. I’ve no clue what they put into the Netherlands’ water, but their ladies are always wet, wild, and down-to-fuck! So, when Jentina Small confided that she’d left her boyfriend at home in Holland, I asked if she wanted to pull over for some riské roadside sex. After driving deep into the woods, I dove deep into her juicy twat for a good pussy-licking and finger-banging. When she was spent from orgasming, I rode that saucy…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Chloe Carter

Ava Austen & Chloe Carter – Innocent USA Pornstar Eats UK Pussy
Released: January 15, 2017

Hear ye, hear ye: today, there was an actual pornstar in my taxi! I picked up American teen Chloe Carter this morning, but it took me a few minutes to realize I was in the presence of a true professional fucktoy. I worked up my courage and asked if it would be possible, in exchange for a free ride, for me to fuck an actual pornstar? Once I promised I would make the gorgeous spinner cum, Chloe was giggling and pulling off her hot pink panties in my backseat. I licked and fingered that tight little pussy to orgasm, feeling…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen

Ava Austen – Horny Driver Enjoys a Sticky Facial
Released: January 12, 2017

Tony hopped in my car today, nervous about a blind date. He was worried he was going to get catfished, and I could tell he wasn’t really sure about going. Since he was so handsome, I made a suggestion: he could take a chance on his blind date and have a potentially awful evening, or he could stay with me and have some guaranteed fun! To show him I was serious, I flashed my tits to him in the rearview. The poor fellow wasn’t sure what to do at first! Such a gentleman, he took time to caress me and kiss me and admire…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen

Ava Austen – Lucky Guy Fucks Hot Chick on Bonnet
Released: January 1, 2017

Marcus said it was his first time riding with a female cab driver, so really I’d just busted his cherry. The handsome Brit was visiting home, and was astounded to see a hot woman driving a taxi! Since he hadn’t had British pussy in about 15 years, I offered the stud a little sample of mine. He said he’d never had sex in a car before, so this was truly a cherry-busting experience I could be proud of! I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a man so excited. He took his big dick out of his pants to entice me while I found a place…

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Female Fake Taxi – Ava Austen & Rebecca More

Ava Austen & Rebecca More – Sexy cabbies get hot and horny
Released: December 22, 2016

When Ava Austen finished her taxi shift, I offered to give her a ride home. I didn’t expect this British babe to be so horny! Before I even turned on the ignition, Ava flashed me her small perky tits. This got me so wet, I took us to a secluded spot, climbed through the partition, and started licking her tight wet pussy. Trying to prove that she was the bigger slut, this brunette bombshell stuck her butt in the air, and let me tonguefuck her tight asshole. Miss Austen showed no signs of slowing down, so we took our…

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Female Fake Taxi – Angel Long & Ava Austen

Angel Long & Ava Austen – Female Cabbies Get Downright Dirty
Released: December 11, 2016

Horny cabbie Ava shows up to work, but it’s sexpot Angel’s day behind the wheel. When the lusty drivers settle into the backseat to swap slutty work stories, Angel realizes she hasn’t had the pleasure of fucking her delicious blonde coworker. Stripping off her polka-dot panties, Angel puts her head through the slut hatch and opens her legs wide so Ava can eat her out. Once she is properly aroused, Angel rips off Ava’s stockings to get to her tight pussy, licking and fisting her until she’s dripping wet. The drivers…

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