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Daily Sex Dose – Ashley Bulgari

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Ashley Bulgari – Pussy & Mojito
Released: March 11, 2014

What could be better for a warm day than a good mojito and a juicy pussy? Ashley Bulgari can provide both from the same place as she teases or senses with some exciting solo play. So gentlemen, drink it up all!

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Hot Legs and Feet – Danielle Maye & Ashley Bulgari


Danielle Maye & Ashley Bulgari – Making Pantyhose Disappear!
Released: November 13, 2012

Ashley Bulgari and Danielle Maye not only have their hot legs and feet to play with, but sexy shoes and pantyhose too. Ashley admires Danielle’s silver and lavender platform pumps, and Miss Maye returns the favor by sniffing Miss Bulgari’s strappy black heels and then kissing and sucking her size 8.5 toes through her black pantyhose. After kissing Danielle’s silvery heels, Ashley then worships her friend’s size 9 soles through her beige tights. Our DDF cameras come in tight to watch Ashley lathing her tongue along Danielle’s feet. Then Ashley squeezes Danielle’s 34D knockers between her silky-sheathed peds, and rubs her pussy with those nyl…

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House Of Taboo – Ashley Bulgari & Danielle Maye


Ashley Bulgari & Danielle Maye – Samurai Gals on High Heels!
Released: November 1, 2012

Ashley Bulgari wields a Japanese sword and Danielle Maye a wooden stick as these two fierce gals play at being samurai warriors for our amusement and arousal. They meet on the field of battle, brandishing their weapons and clashing playfully as they perch on their high heels. But it’s not like they’re dueling to the death for some stern shogun; instead, they’re just two hot chicks at heart, and as soon as an opportunity to kiss comes up, they seize it. They continue to skirmish a bit for our erotic edification, their coats falling open and revealing their taut bodies; but soon enough they’re both on their knees on the grass, kissing boobs, swap…

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Hot Legs and Feet – Ashley Bulgari


Ashley Bulgari – Hot Legs and Feet
Released: October 18, 2012

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Euro Girls On Girls – Ashley Bulgari & Danielle Maye


Ashley Bulgari & Danielle Maye – Licking for Treasures!
Released: October 13, 2012

What do you get when two hot blonde babes play a game of billiards? Well, when it’s Czech hottie Ashley Bulgari and busty beauty Danielle Maye from the UK, you get a lesbian pussy licking fest! They both look like sex goddesses in their matching dresses, Ashley in pale yellow and Danielle in electric blue, and it’s not long before they start running their hands along each other’s bodies. Their tits come out to greet each other and a sensual makeout session ensues. Ashley’s tanned body upon Danielle’s milky skin is truly a sight to behold! They take turns at tonguing each other’s slits while rubbing themselves with Danielle in doggy, Ashley squatting he…

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House of Taboo – Shannon Reid & Ashley Bulgari


Shannon Reid & Ashley Bulgari – Clumsy Maid Gets Correction Part 2
Released: August 30, 2012

The punishment of incompetent housemaid Shannon Reid by her stern employer Ashley Bulgari continues from last week’s chapter, and takes an even more sexual turn when Mistress Ashley decides that since Shannon can’t perform her household duties properly, she might instead function more interestingly and usefully as a sexual plaything, kept in a bedroom and toyed with at the whim of her domme. Bound and spread-eagled on the bed, Shannon is at the mercy of the ruthless blonde as Ashley squeezes and bites her pierced nipples, and then uses an erotic wand to stimulate Shannon into uncontrollable spasms of climax. Shannon would rather cum in private, but A…

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House Of Taboo – Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid


Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid – Clumsy Maid Gets Correction Pt 1
Released: August 23, 2012

It’s lovely roleplay time as two of our hottest models enact a classic scenario, “The Mistress and The Clumsy Maid”…poor Shannon Reid! When she took a job as a maid to Ashley Bulgari, little did she know what the penalties would be if she didn’t perform up to standard! Ashley does not tolerate even minor mistakes, and soon Shannon finds herself bound at the wrists for punishment! “Do you understand why you are being chastised?” Ashley inquires of the under-performing girl. “Yes, ma’am,” says Shannon, feeling the paddle lifting up her chin so that she will look into her disciplinarian’s eyes. Then the skirt of her uniform is lifted…

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Hot Legs and Feet – Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid


Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid – Indulging Their Foot Addictions!
Released: July 10, 2012

Shannon Reid and Ashley Bulgari meet up for some foot fun as they lounge around on a bed. Shannon wears sheer black pantyhose and Ashley sports red footless tights, and after a little preliminary vanilla lovemaking as they kiss and lick their titties and pantyhose crotches, their focus shifts to each other’s toes. Shannon really goes for the gusto on Ashley’s tan, French-pedicured, and tattooed size 8.5 peds, running her tongue over the toes and between them. Ashley crams both her big toes in Shannon’s mouth, then she takes over and licks Shannon’s size 6.5 feet through the sheer hosiery, as well as her pussy. The ladies really feast, and our D…

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House Of Taboo – Ashley Bulgari


Ashley Bulgari – Samurai In Crotchless Panties!
Released: July 3, 2012

Too bad the great wandering samurai Sanjuro, played by Toshiro Mifune in the great 1962 Japanese movie of the same title, never crossed paths with Ashley Bulgari in her own warrior duds! Even the famously cool Sanjuro would have been hard-pressed to resist Ashley as she displays her deadly sword with its jeweled handle. But he might have been really flummoxed when she opens her coat to reveal her crotchless panties! Licking the shaft of her sword, she quickly settles down with the elaborately carved handle, licking it while she plays with her snatch. Even the wily Sanjuro would become befuddled at the sight of this blonde assassin as she crams the hand…

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Euro Girls On Girls – Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid

Ashley Bulgari & Shannon Reid – Pussy Penetrating Massage Therapy
Released: June 30, 2012

Irish beauty Shannon Reid and Czech sexpot Ashley Bulgari are back on Euro Girls on Girls, this time as sultry blondes and heating up the screen together in every man’s girl-girl massage fantasy come true! Shannon as the masseuse is a vision of elegance in her soft, white flowing dress, and milky skin, while Ashley with her tanned skin, piercings, and tattoos is absolutely smoking hot. As Ashley lays back on the massage table, Shannon begins to work her magic. Shannon’s soft but firm hands help Ashley relax, and with a slow increase of pressure, Ashley gets nice and moist between her thighs. Shannon then starts to give Ashley the real massage she,…

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Watch 4 Beauty – Ashley Bulgari


Ashley Bulgari – Wet Shirt
Released: February 26, 2012

Ashley Bulgari is one of our most popular models. You love her and we can see why. She’s gorgeous. And when she’s wearing only a wet white shirt, it’s like your wildest dreams just came true…

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