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Meet Suck And Fuck – Amber Daikiri

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Amber Daikiri – Crazy hook up fucking with a blonde college babe
Released: December 14, 2015

The girl in this one night stand porn video is a very hard-working student. She tries so hard to be an A-grade student, but the problem is, she’s not smart enough. That day she had an assignment in physics, and she really needed some help with that. And here I was, her saviour, the guy who patiently explained the laws of physics to her. She didn’t get it anyway, but I sure deserved some reward for wasting my time on that dumb hottie. I guess she knew that too, for she performed a mind-blowing blowjob even without my asking. Guess what, this sexy stranger turned out to be a real tigress in bed, so I’m ready to help her with her homework any time!

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Hands on Hardcore – Amber Daikiri


Amber Daikiri – Their Customer Gets Raunchy!
Released: March 16, 2013

Money isn’t everything. And based on today’s scene, we would hazard a guess that although the legal, medical, financial or creative professions may offer more dough or chances for fame, it seems clear that carpet cleaners may get more pussy! What they don’t rake in financially, they make up for in pure wall-to-wall lips, vagina, and ass. Don’t believe it? Then watch David Perry and Totti come to pick up a dirty rug from Amber Daikiri. She doesn’t bother to change into something ladylike for these strangers, but greets them instead in her red chemise, garters, stockings, thong, and black mules with marabou puffs on the vamps. While Totti carri…

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Euro Sex Parties – Amber Daikiri


Amber Daikiri – Share This
Released: August 30, 2012

This week we had a real firecracker of a blonde. This one wastes no time at all , she was ready to take on two cocks right away. There is not much discussion at all before she starts feeling around for some cock to stuff her mouth. This freak was happiest when she was getting plugged with both cocks in all her pretty tight holes. She screamed for more through out and got quite the work out by the time she was done draining the guys. Super hot stuff, dont miss out.

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Wake Up N Fuck – Amber Daikiri


Amber Daikiri – E72
Released: July 28, 2012

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School Girl Internal – Amber Daikiri


Amber Daikiri – School Girl Internal
Released: July 19, 2012

Sexy girls off to private school are always trying to become popular quickly. Nobody wants to be the prissy bitch ignored by everyone else. Schoolgirl Internal shows you their first time creampie videos!

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Hands on Hardcore – Amber Daikiri


Amber Daikiri – Stud Delivers Refreshment!
Released: July 19, 2012

Everybody’s been suffering from the outrageous summer heat this year, and Amber Daikiri is no exception. She opens her blouse as she sits in her stifling office, but water is necessary too. Unfortunately the company cooler has run dry, so she calls the water service to deliver a new supply. Mike Angel brings it over, and once he helps her satisfy her craving for H20, Mike shows how he can cut the edge of her other needs as well. He’s got a huge shaft of stud meat in his jeans, and once Amber feels it, her office routine is definitely going to be disrupted for awhile! She immediately gets down on her knees to sample that thick dark organ, which fill…

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Hot Legs and Feet – Beata Undine & Amber Daikiri


Beata Undine & Amber Daikiri – Hot Legs and Feet
Released: July 14, 2012

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