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Kinky Inlaws – Katy Rose & Alexis Crystal

Katy Rose & Alexis Crystal – Czech babe and BFF seduce stepfather in wild fuck
Released: July 19, 2017

Sexy blondie Katy Rose is hanging out with her friend Alexis Crystal. She seduces her stepfather and they take turns riding his nice long cock. They’re in for a hot hard taboo fuck finished with cum on Katy’s sweet ass.

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Massage Rooms – Alexis Crystal & Luna Rival

Alexis Crystal & Luna Rival – Young French Teen’s Lesbian Fuck
Released: July 13, 2017

There’s nothing like a warm-oil, full-body massage to get your juices flowing in the afternoon, and that’s exactly what beautiful teen Luna Rival needs after a long, difficult week. It’s her first visit at the Sexyhub Spa, and while she’s not used to getting her rubdowns fully naked, the shapely brunette has heard masseuse Alexis Crystal has strong hands, and sometimes offers extras to her favorite clientele. It’s exactly as Luna had imagined. After a tension-breaking back rub, Alexis asks her to turn over, then takes her time massaging her nipples. Running her hands down to Luna’s pussy, Alexis massages the lips, then brings focus to the clit, inspiring moans from her sexy young client, before joining her on the table for a sensual lesbian experience.

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Female Agent – Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal – Agent sucks and fucks technician
Released: July 8, 2017

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Nubile Films – Alexis Crystal, Morgan Rodriguez & Aislin

Alexis Crystal, Morgan Rodriguez & Aislin – Passionate Threesome
Released: June 30, 2017

A glass of wine shared between friends is just the start of a sensual evening for Morgan Rodriguez, Aislin, and Alexis Crystal. The three coeds soon take things inside where they can get comfortable on the couch and really indulge in long, lingering kisses. It’s not long before they have all gotten their hands in on the action, caressing one another’s silky soft skin and moving their clothing out of the way. Morgan is the first to have her thong peeled off and her miniskirt flipped up, but clothes are flying everywhere immediately after. Soon all three girls have removed their clothes so that they can fully indulge in the pleasure that is on offer. Alexis finds herself with Morgan’s hand between her thighs, fingering and rubbing her bare twat. Meanwhile, Aislin drops to her knees so that she can enjoy a mouthful of Morgan’s snatch. As the trio moves on to something a bit more erotic, Alexis lays on her back with her bottom cradled on Morgan’s boobs. That puts her slit in perfect pussy licking position while freeing her up to go to town on Aislin’s fuck hole. Aislin can even lean over to join Morgan in pleasuring Alexis for a double delight of excitement. One final shake up ensures that all three girls get every bit of pleasure that they deserve. Morgan finds herself kneeling on the couch with her slit hovering over Aislin’s talented mouth. Meanwhile, Alexis is on her knees below the couch so that she can use her fingers and soft tongue to drive AIslin wild. Their lesbian threesome only ends when all three girls are satisfied. With a final exchange of sweet kisses, they return to the couch to cuddle and enjoy the afterglow of great sex.

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Golden Shower Power – Alexis Crystal & Kitie Sky

Alexis Crystal & Kitie Sky – The Golden Girls of Rock! Hella Hardcore Jam Session Puts These Ladies To The Test!
Released: June 27, 2017

Alexis Crystal and Kitie Sky have come to have a jam session with their beefy drummer, but instead of rockin’ those guitars they’re gonna rock some cock! This lucky drummer is busting for a piss, and the best way to see how these ladies do at the “mic” is to shoot some piss right into their mouths! With that test passed, it’s totally on, and the golden shower fun begins, with these freaks going all out deepthroat and getting face fucked while soaked in piss! It’s wet, messy, nasty, and everything watersports is supposed to be! Check out this trio in piss heat!

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Sex Art – Alexis Crystal & Lady Bug

Alexis Crystal & Lady Bug – Crazy Day
Released: June 23, 2017

Gorgeous Alexis Crystal and her darling girlfriend Lady Bug enjoy a “Crazy Day,” fooling around in the beautiful snowy Czech countryside, in Andrej Lupin’s sizzling Sapphic encounter. The innocent fun turns sexual once they are warming up indoors, playfully practicing their deepthroat technique on a banana. The girls start to kiss avidly, Alexis rubbing and licking Lady Bug’s pussy through her white panties, then tugging them aside and eating her with a skill that has her arching her back and gasping with arousal. Alexis fingers Lady’s wet, shaved pussy hard and deep, making her orgasm so intensely her whole body trembles. Lady slides a hand into Alexis’ panties to stroke her pussy, then peels them off, spreading her girlfriend’s hot pink folds open and lapping at her clit. She uses her tongue and fingers to drive the sexy blonde wild, tipping her headlong into an intense orgasm. Kissing and caressing one another, the girls end their “Crazy Day” of fun and fucking in a tender embrace. Be sure to watch the cute closing credits!

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Lesbea – Alexis Crystal & Danielle Rose

Alexis Crystal & Danielle Rose – Heavenly Pussy Eating Blondes
Released: June 18, 2017

Nothing is more tantalizing than new lovers exploring one other. When beauty blondes Alexis and Danielle cozy up on the bed for a sensual make-out session, things progress quickly to lovemaking. Covering each other with kisses, the lovely lesbians start to remove their clothes. Once Danielle’s lovely natural tits are exposed, Alexis gives them the love they deserve, tenderly squeezing them and licking the nipples. After returning the favor, Danielle fingers Alexis to a soft, wet, moaning orgasm. 69-ing, tribbing, and fingering produce multiple orgasms for these adventurous babes, and when they’re spent from their tryst, sweating and shaking on the bed, they cool down with some loving kissing, all smiles.

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Wow Girls – Alexis Crystal & Lucy Li

Alexis Crystal & Lucy Li – Advanced Lesson
Released: June 1, 2017

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Box Truck Sex – Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal – Box Truck Sex
Released: May 31, 2017

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Female Agent – Alexis Crystal & Laura Dream

Alexis Crystal & Laura Dream – Photo Shoot Ends in Lesbian Orgasms
Released: May 29, 2017

Just out of grammar school at 18 years of age, fresh-faced Czech teen Laura came to my office today, looking to be a swimsuit, underwear, or fashion model. She was such an interesting young woman, a fan of classical music who plays ping pong, swims, and rides horses for fun, and was hoping to find work that would make her independent from her parents. We did a casting where I took some photos of the tiny spinner in her underwear, and when she was too nervous to get naked, I helped her by stripping off myself! I caught Laura glancing at my pussy a few times as I photographed her, so I suspected she was a little horny thing! But it wasn’t until we started masturbating together that I saw that inner devil come out. I helped her orgasm using a toy I keep in my desk, then I taught the nervous newcomer how to pleasure a woman by eating pussy!

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Sex Art – Alexis Crystal & Belle Claire

Alexis Crystal & Belle Claire – Me and Myself Part 2
Released: May 26, 2017

The concluding episode of Andrej Lupin’s stylish and sensual two-parter “Me and Myself” finds sexy Alexis Crystal chatting to her alter ego about her sexual exploits. This time, Alexis recalls a sauna encounter with tattooed Czech beauty Belle Claire. Mirroring the previous episode’s opening, it begins with Belle naked, her eyes closed, as Alexis watches her with an expression that suggests she has seduction in mind. She sidles closer and slips a hand between Belle’s thighs. The gorgeous redhead willingly spreads her legs and responds eagerly to Alexis’s passionate kisses; they press closer, Alexis caressing Belle’s beautiful breasts and sliding a hand down to stroke her pussy with its neat triangle of hair. Alexis squats with legs apart to get eaten, Belle’s flickering tongue and thrusting fingers stimulating her sweet shaved pussy until she’s gasping with excitement. Alexis kisses Belle hungrily, tasting her own cream from her lips, then laps hard and deep at her juicy pussy. She slides two fingers inside Belle as she sucks on her clit, making her arch her back and tremble uncontrollably as she climaxes. They cuddle up close and Belle thrusts her fingers into Alexis again, diddling her to an explosive orgasm. Back at her apartment, Alexis and her alter ego celebrate their sexual conquests by raising a glass to “Me and Myself.”

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Sex Art – Alexis Crystal

Alexis Crystal – Me And Myself Part 1
Released: May 21, 2017

Sexy Alexis Crystal is in the kitchen drinking wine and discussing a recent sexual encounter with her alter ego, as part one of Andrej Lupin’s clever and stylish “Me And Myself” begins. In this reality, Alexis meets Nick Ross in a steam room; staring intently at him, she caresses her beautiful breasts and starts to stroke her shaved pussy. Naughtily, she rubs her foot over Nick’s crotch through his towel. He smiles, and allows her to expose his cock and stroke it to hardness. They kiss, and Alexis runs her tongue over Nick’s stiff shaft, then sucks him enthusiastically. They switch positions, Alexis spreading her legs wide as Nick laps at her honey-filled pussy, making her gasp with pleasure. She turns so he can eat her from behind, his tongue running the length of her slit to her tight, puckered asshole. Nick finally feeds his hard cock into Alexis’s pussy, sliding into her with long, deliberate strokes. She straddles Nick in cowgirl, so he can grab her ass cheeks and bounce her on and off his bone. Alexis throws her head back, her breathing becoming erratic as she rocks her body in perfect rhythm with her lover. She accelerates her thrusts, riding wildly as she climaxes. As she slowly regains her senses, Nick continues sliding her on and off his cock, and she suddenly gets a second wind and they hump with even greater intensity, until Nick shoots his load deep inside her quivering pussy. As Nick’s cock exits Alexis’s pussy, followed by a huge fountain of jizz, we return to the kitchen, where Alexis’s alter ego is telling her about another encounter, this time a tattooed goddess Belle Claire. You’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what happens…

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TMW VR Net – Mary Kalisy & Alexis Crystal

Mary Kalisy & Alexis Crystal – Cuties in candies
Released: May 12, 2017

Two girlfriends share love for sexy outfits, sweets and passionate games. Finally, it is time to unite all those three things into one. Sounds tangled? Agree. So let me start from the very beginning. Sexy chicks put on bikinis made out of candies to make their mutual boyfriend satisfy them at once. How does this sound now?

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Babes – Alexis Crystal & Anie Darling

Alexis Crystal & Anie Darling – In Good Company
Early Release: May 11, 2017

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Lesbea – Alexis Crystal & Alecia Fox

Alexis Crystal & Alecia Fox – Tight young nubile lesbian lovers
Released: May 6, 2017

Alexis Crystal and Alecia Fox are rosy in the throes of new springtime love. As Prague’s landscape blooms and flourishes around them, so does their lesbian passion for each other. Hanging out in Alexis’ front room, the pretty blondes are sunning their supple, lingerie-clad bodies. As warm breezes sail through an open window, they can’t help but fall into a romantic mood. Leaning in to kiss sensually, their bras and panties soon tumble to the floor, as Alexis and Alecia undress for a sexy round of pussy-licking, clit-sucking, and finger-banging. The temperatures couldn’t get any hotter inside Alexis’ house tonight!

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